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C Support

Asugi: All right, now I just beat the eggs into the batter aaaaand...

(Asugi leaves)

Ignatius: ...

(Ignatius leaves)

Asugi: Hm? I sense a presence! HEY! Show yourself, villain!

Ignatius: GWAAH! It's just me! Ignatius! No need to get the pointy things out.

Asugi: Ignatius? Oh, it's just you, Fraidycat. Don't scare me like that, yeah? So, ah, what can I do for ya?

Ignatius: Nothing.

Asugi: ... Well, then, off with you. I've got cookies to bake.

Ignatius: Er...but...

Asugi: Ahhh, I gotcha. The cookies are why you're here, right? Well not to worry! I'm always happy to share my creations. They'll be ready soon. Just, like, wait over there or something.

Ignatius: I'm not here to eat cookies.

Asugi: You're not? Then did you need some ingredients or something?

Ignatius: No.

Asugi: OK, then what ARE you doing here?! Is there any reason you have to stand there and stare at me like that?

Ignatius: I guess not. Sorry for bothering you.

(Ignatius leaves)

Asugi: Hm. He definitely had his eyes on my cookies... What's his angle?

B Support

Asugi: There we go! Dough's all ready. These cookies are gonna be a-mazing! Now where's my cookie cutter? Hm?

Ignatius: Hi.

Asugi: Back again, huh? You know I don't appreciate being ogled while I work.

Ignatius: Yeah. I know. ...

Asugi: Oh, come on, not this again! If you want a cookie, just ask for one. I'm not going to laugh at you for wanting them. I like 'em too. In fact, I'm always happy to make friends with a taste for the finer things in life.

Ignatius: No thank you. I don't want a cookie.

Asugi: You say that, but you keep staring at them. So what's up? I can't concentrate with you standing there like an evil golem thing.

Ignatius: Truthfully? I like looking at your cookies because of the way they're shaped.

Asugi: The way they're shaped?

Ignatius: Yes. You know. The little animal shapes. They're adorable. Especially that little moo-cow.

Asugi: I see. Well, you're in luck, then. I was just about to make some rabbit cookies.

Ignatius: Oh, gods. That bunny cutter is so damn cute. I want to hug it and cuddle it.

Asugi: You like it? Here, have a closer look. Heh. If this is what you wanted, you should have said so ages ago.

Ignatius: But...I thought you might tease me if I said I liked cute things.

Asugi: Huh? Why would I do that? Nothing wrong with liking cute stuff. I mean, you've seen my belt, right?

Ignatius: I thought you wore that ironically...

Asugi: Don't be silly. I love cute stuff! Now, let's get on with these cookies. But first, I'll need my cutter back.

Ignatius: Oh, sorry. Here you are. Oh boy, I can't wait!

A Support

Ignatius: ...

Asugi: Hey, ah, Fraidycat? I know I said you could watch me bake, but this is a little absurd.

Ignatius: Oh. Did you want me to leave?

Asugi: No, no, it's OK. I'm just surprised you're not bored, I guess.

Ignatius: How could I be? You have so many different cookie cutters, and all of them are so cute. If anything, I can't get enough of this.

Asugi: And you're sure you don't want to eat any? You know that's what they're for, right? You'll never truly know how incredible they are until you taste one.

Ignatius: Really? You think so?

Asugi: Yes! Of course! You've got to try at least one. Don't tell me you think they'd taste terrible. I'm a great baker! Promise!

Ignatius: No, it's not that.

Asugi: Huh? Then what?

Ignatius: I just can't bring myself to eat cute things.

Asugi: What?

Ignatius: How am I supposed to bite the head off of a little doughy kitty? Or a bunny? And then there's that awful crunch. It just seems so cruel.

Asugi: You know they're not alive, right? It's just flour and sugar.

Ignatius: Of course I know that. But I still can't.

Asugi: Hmph. Fine. Then I'll just have to force one down your throat myself!

Ignatius: What?!

Asugi: There's no point in baking cookies if people aren't going to eat them! Now, eat it! Eat the kitty cat!

Ignatius: Glaaaa! Ki-kiddy's in mah mawph!

Asugi: Now chew it!

Ignatius: Awwnngrphlkrrnch! Hm? *munch munch* What divine sweetness... This is what your cookies are like?

Asugi: Yep! So? Good, huh?

Ignatius: It's delicious. I don't have the words to describe it. I still feel sorry for the kitty, though. I didn't mean to crush the life out of him...

Asugi: Awww. I know, buddy. I know. You know something, Fraidycat? You're all right.

Ignatius: Thanks. You too.