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C Support

Felicia: *siiiigh*

Arthur: Felicia! Speak candidly, my friend. What's troubling you?

Felicia: Oh... Hello, Arthur. I don't want to bother you with my silly problems.

Arthur: Nonsense! It is my duty and purpose in life to help the downtrodden. If I can't even help a companion in her time of need, what good am I?

Felicia: Oh! I didn't think of it that way! I suppose I have no choice but to accept your help. So... The thing is... I enjoy being a maid. I love it, in fact. But... Oh, Arthur, I'm just awful at it! I'm so clumsy and forgetful! Sometimes I wonder if I'm not cut out to be a maid. *sigh*

Arthur: That's ridiculous. I'm certain you're overreacting.

Felicia: No, I'm really not. For instance, just the other day... I noticed Lord/Lady Avatar seemed a little down, so I made him/her some tea. But then...I tripped as I was carrying it over and poured it all over his/her lap! Lord/Lady Avatar is very kind, so he/she did his/her best to laugh it off... But I've been in agony ever since. And that's just one of many similar examples. It seems every time I try to do something good, my own clumsiness gets in the way!

Arthur: ... It's as though...you're reciting my most private of thoughts...

Felicia: Hm? What was that, Arthur?

Arthur: Ah! Nothing. It was nothing! Hmm...

B Support

Arthur: Felicia! Might I ask what you're doing?

Felicia: Hello, Arthur! I'm glad you came by for a chat. I'd like to thank you. It was awfully sweet of you to listen to me drone on and on the other day. I really— EEEK!!

Arthur: Felicia! Are you all right?!

Felicia: I...I'm fine. Sorry. I just tripped a little. And got water everywhere. Ugh. I know I'll always be clumsy, so I've been practicing tripping without spilling. It's not going so well...

Arthur: I see. I think I understand the exercise. May I help you train?

Felicia: Oh, are you sure you don't mind?

Arthur: Of course not! I will not rest until you have mastered your aim!

Felicia: Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it.

Arthur: It's all in the mind, my friend. If you believe you're going to spill, you undoubtedly will. It's best to be as carefree as possible and deal with obstacles as they arise. I've spilled an uncountable number of times, and tripped even more. I'm something of an expert by now!

Felicia: You? Really? I never would have guessed. You look so burly and capable. I mean...! Um, I just mean you don't look like the spilling type.

Arthur: Ha! Thank you, but looks can be deceiving. Now then, let me show you an example of mind over matter. I will now take this water to the other side of the room without fail. Here I go... ...

Felicia: Oh, Arthur! Watch out for that banana peel on the ground! Where did that even come from?

Arthur: Not to worry, I spotted it too. See? Successfully avoided! Really, though... I don't think we even have any bananas in our food stock... If I didn't know better, I'd chalk its appearance up to my awful luck.

Felicia: Oh! Oh my! There's a swarm of mosquitoes swarming around your head now!

Arthur: Ah, indeed there is. I was certain mosquitoes can't even thrive in this region, yet there they are. This is...a prime opportunity to show you what I mean! I'm covered in bites, and I very badly want to set down this water to scratch... But I will not give in! See? My strength of will is all I need to carry on. I'll be...just...fine. There! I m-made it.

Felicia: Wow! You really are something else, Arthur. Here, let me try...

A Support

Arthur: Hello, Felicia!

Felicia: Hi, Arthur! Thank you again for your help the other day.

Arthur: Oh, no need to thank me for something like that. It was my pleasure!

Felicia: You really are amazing, Arthur. The way you handle yourself even though... How can I explain it...? It's as if the entire world is out to get you, but you never back down!

Arthur: The whole world, eh? I've, um, never thought of it that way before...

Felicia: Oh, but it's true! You're my hero! After witnessing the strength of your spirit in the face of adversity, I was inspired. I felt like I could take on the world too! ...That lasted about five minutes, until my next major spill. *sigh* It seems being inspired hasn't helped me fix my own faults. As much as it pains me, I think I'll be like this for the foreseeable future. I'm afraid I'll never be the caliber of maid Lord/Lady Avatar deserves.

Arthur: That's the wrong way to look at it, my friend. As long as you keep striving with all your heart, that is all you can ask of yourself.

Felicia: Thank you, but I'm not so sure...

Arthur: May I tell you a little story? Yesterday, I saw someone being swept away by a raging river. Naturally, I dove in after them. However, as luck would have it, a small boat passed by at that same moment.

Felicia: I'm not sure where you're going with this...

Arthur: Instead of gracefully landing in the water, I smacked my head on the boat. I was out cold for a solid minute, unable to help the person I was trying to save.

Felicia: Oh no! What happened to the drowning person?

Arthur: The gentleman in the boat saved him.

Felicia: Poor Arthur... It really is hard to be you, isn't it? Doesn't it discourage you when something like that happens?

Arthur: I was mortified at first, but then the person I was trying to save told me something... He said, "You're our hero, mister! Don't worry about a few mishaps here and there." "Just knowing you're around here looking after us all makes us all feel safer!"

Felicia: Did he really say that? Wow...

Arthur: He did. And now I'm saying the same thing to you, minus the "mister" part. Don't worry about a few mishaps here and there, Felicia. Just having you around makes us all feel so much better about things.

Felicia: Oh, Arthur... Do you really mean it?

Arthur: I would not lead you astray. It would be unjust! You're the kind of person who brings a sense of calm to those around you. This war weighs heavily on us all... I don't know what we'd do without you here to cheer us on. I'm certain Lord/Lady Avatar feels the same.

Felicia: Arthur... Thank you so much! From now on, I promise to try my best. I won't let myself get discouraged!

Arthur: That's the spirit! And for my part, I'll be here to help in any way I can. If you ever need to talk, or to train, I'm here for you.

Felicia: Ha ha, great! I'm here for you too!

S Support

Felicia: Arthur! Is there, um, any specific reason you wanted me to meet you out here?

Arthur: Felicia! Hello!

Felicia: Oh my! Your face is bright red! Do you have a fever? Poor dear... Let me just check your forehead with my wrist real quick... AHH!!

Arthur: Felicia! Are you OK?!

Felicia: I'm OK! I'm sorry, I just tripped again. I'm so darn clumsy.

Arthur: Here... Grab hold of my hand.

Felicia: Thank you. Sorry about—

Arthur: WHOA!

Felicia: EEK!!

Arthur: Ugh... Why in the world is there a pitfall here?!

Felicia: And why in the world did both of us have to fall in like that? This is bad...

Arthur: I'm so sorry, my friend. This is all because I offered my hand to you. I dragged you into this mess. It should only be me in this pit right now!

Felicia: Oh, no! Please don't say that! We had no way of knowing. We do seem to be good and stuck, though. We'll probably be here awhile...

Arthur: Indeed. Well... I guess I have no choice. I wanted to take you somewhere special, but I can't wait any longer to tell you.

Felicia: Tell me what?

Arthur: The reason why I called you here today... is to ask for your hand in marriage.

Felicia: ... !! M-m-marriage?!

Arthur: Yes, Felicia. It would be my great honor if you would join me on my quest for justice!

Felicia: Oh! That's... OH NO!!

Arthur: Wh-what just happened? It's suddenly freezing cold in here. ?! F-Felicia?! Unless I'm mistaken, you seem to be producing a frosty mist!

Felicia: Sorry! I'm so sorry! It's because I'm a child of the Ice Tribe. Whenever we become overwhelmed by emotion, we lose control of our powers...

Arthur: Overwhelmed by emotion? Does that mean...you feel the same as I? Though your chill threatens to take the warmth from my heart... do you intend the very opposite?

Felicia: Yes! It's just as you say! Nothing would make me happier than to be your wife, Arthur. My answer is yes!

Arthur: Th-that's...that's amazing! Thank you, F-Felicia! Here... This is for y-you.

Felicia: What's that?

Arthur: It's a ring. I'm trying to get it out of my p-pocket here... It's just a little difficult because my fingers are nearly f-frozen... But I won't give up! Even if my whole body is frozen s-solid, I WILL place this ring on your finger!

Felicia: Oh, Arthur! It's lovely!

Arthur: Th-there now... I did it... Evidence of m-my love...for you...is on...your finger!

Felicia: Thank you so much! But, um... Are you going to be OK?

Arthur: I've n-n-never felt better! The b-burning heat of eternal love... is c-coursing through my heart! Now, let us...start our life t-together... as s-s-soon as possible! We'll start...by j-jointly praying for someone to...c-come save us!

Felicia: Sure thing! I'm so happy! ...Stay strong, Arthur!