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C Support

Arthur: I am coming, Lady Elise! Your loyal Arthur rides to the rescue! Stay your fearful heart! *pant* *pant* A thousand apologies, milady. I did not mean to keep you waiting. To think, if you had been accosted by thugs and it took me so long to reach you...

Elise: Oh, no! Don't worry, Arthur. It's nothing like that. I just had a question I wanted to ask you.

Arthur: Ah. Well, I am a man of little learning, but if I can help, please, ask away.

Elise: You're a man of justice, right, Arthur? So I was wondering... Is there anything you wouldn't do to help someone in trouble?

Arthur: No! I would stop at nothing to save even a single person from harm, milady. If a milk lady lost a child, I'd scour the entire globe for that li'l babe! If an old man could no longer walk, I myself would serve as his legs as long as need be!

Elise: Wow! So cool...

Arthur: If someone sobbed a single sob, I would tickle them until they smiled! If I saw a fight, I would break it up, but not before I brought their hands together. This time in the loving clasp of friendship, rather than a deadly grapple of war! Er...I suppose I needn't go on. You get the idea. I am who I've always been: Destroyer of Evil, Champion of the Weak! I am Arthur! The Hero of Justice!

Elise: Wow! You sound so gallant! Is there anything you can't do?

Arthur: Not a thing in the world, milady!

Elise: Jeez, Arthur, you're amazing! You're not just a hero! You're like an-an... ultrahero!

Arthur: Oh ho! You flatter me too much, my liege. Now, why did you ask me all this? Is there something that ails you? If anything troubles you, I vow right now to vanquish it for you, right in its evil face!

Elise: Really? Well, Arthur, actually...I... ... I...um...never mind.

Arthur: What? Lady Elise, I beg of you, if there is anything at all, you must tell me. I have sworn to aid you in all things. You know this.

Elise: Haha. Yeah, I know. Sorry. Pretend you didn't hear anything. There are some things even an ultrahero of justice stuff can't do... So...ah...um... See ya!

(Elise leaves)

Arthur: By my leather loin-protector, that girl can be a mystery sometimes...

B Support

Arthur: Greetings!

Elise: Hey, Arthur. What's eating you?

Arthur: It's about the last time we talked. Would it be all right if I asked you what you were going to say? I am your loyal servant, milady. I would jump into a raging grease fire if you wished it. In fact, I would sit and roll around in one for you! Nay, I'd throw myself off a cliff, wailing and bare as a darling babe, into one for you! My oiled skin glistening in the aestival air as I plunged into the fiery pit below—

Elise: Ah! That won't be necessary! I promise! That will never, ever be necessary. But...what I was thinking of when I said that...it might be hard, even for you.

Arthur: I suspected as much; you've been acting very strangely these days. But I have come prepared. Please, anything you need, I shall perform.

Elise: Well...OK. You asked for it. What I wanted to ask you... It's about Lord Xander.

Arthur: About Lord Xander?

Elise: Yes. I was hoping you could make Xander...

Arthur: Y...yes?

Elise: I was wondering if you could make him smile!

Arthur: Oh, thank the gods. I thought you were going to say "a corpse!" Ha ha! What a hilarious misunderstanding!

Elise: Huh?

Arthur: Er, n-nothing, my lady. It's not so funny now that I think about it...

Elise: Oh! I get it. You're worried about how you're gonna do it! See? I told ya! I knew it would be tough even for the famous Arthur!

Arthur: N-n-no! Of course not! Ha! Nothing is too tough in my book! Especially not if it means helping someone!

Elise: ...It's OK, Arthur. You don't have to lie for my sake.

Arthur: I-I-I— I'm not lying! I'm going! Right now! To do it! You'll see! ONWARD!

(Arthur leaves)

Elise: Wha— He's going NOW?!

Arthur: Lady Elise! I have returned.

Elise: Arthur! That was...so...quick. How did it go?

Arthur: Splendidly! While I was with Lord Xander, he didn't stop laughing for a second!

Elise: Really?! How did you do it?

Arthur: Well, I found Lord Xander at the top of a hill, so I charged up it as fast as I could! But, wouldn't you know it, I tripped! Right as I reached the crest. Tumbled the whole way down again. Ha-ha! It was quite the sight, I assure you. I don't think I've sever seen the prince laugh so hard in his life!

Elise: Oh. That wasn't quite the kind of smile I was hoping for...

Arthur: I...I suspected as much. But one hopes.

Elise: Oh well. Maybe it's impossible. There are things even a miracle couldn't fix... But thanks anyways, Arthur.

(Elise leaves)

Arthur: Lady Elise...

A Support

Arthur: Milady! I went to Lord Xander—without tripping, this time—and spoke with him.

Elise: Really?!

Arthur: Aye, I did! And I told him, straight out, that it's ill for him to always look so grim. Dourness little profits a king, I said! He must show his people he is human! For the future of Nohr, I suggested he might do well to smile now and then.

Elise: Wow! That's great, Arthur! And he listened? What'd he say?

Arthur: He laughed.

Elise: He what?

Arthur: Well, it was more of a scoff, really.

Elise: ...

Arthur: I guess you could say, if you were so inclined...that he was laughing... *ahem* ...At me.

Elise: ...

Arthur: I-I'd had a sudden urge to...empty my bladder, you see, while we were talking... So I was holding myself and...dancing... a little bit as I spoke. The pain was almost unendurable. But not more so than the thought of giving up. I would never willingly disappoint you, my lady.

Elise: Oh, Arthur. I hope you get well soon. *sigh* I figured something would go wrong. Thanks, though. You did your best. That's all I can ask...

Arthur: Milady—

Elise: It's just...before...Xander used to be so much happier. He enjoyed playing and joking around with me, but since the war began... He still smiles, of course, but it's never like before. That's why I asked for your help... I just want him to be like he was. Happy. I don't want him to worry so much...

Arthur: Lady Elise... ... I understand. Let me handle this.

Elise: No, it's OK. What I want is impossible. Xander is going to be king soon. I'm sure he has so many things to worry about. Things I probably couldn't even imagine.

Arthur: With all due respect, I disagree. It is NOT impossible. I am Arthur, the Hero of Justice! And, I might add, your loyal retainer. I exist to serve you and the throne of Nohr, and that I shall do if it kills me! Perhaps it will take some time, but I will do this thing for you someday. I promise.

Elise: Arthur...thank you. Just hearing you say that makes me feel OK again. I knew I could count on you!

Arthur: My lady... I do not deserve such kindness.

S Support

Arthur: Ah, there you are! I thank you for coming.

Elise: What's wrong? Is it about Xander?

Arthur: No, not exactly...but it's not entirely unrelated either.

Elise: Oh? 'Cause I wanted to tell you not to worry about the favor I asked you for. You know, the thing about getting Xander to smile. 'Cause...it's probably just my fault anyway.

Arthur: What? Don't say such things! You could never make Lord Xander sad!

Elise: Not like that, Arthur. I don't mean I'm the reason he never smiles. I just mean that I might have been hoping for something silly. I always thought of him as my own personal hero. You know, like how some girls think of their dads. Except I never felt that way about ours since he's...well, our father. When things got rough, though, I could always rely on Xander. And, it's true, he always smiled then, and he used to laugh so much. But sometimes people have to change to become who they're destined to be. He's had to shoulder so much...there's no way he could stay the boy he was. And if he did, he wouldn't be the man we needed to lead us.

Arthur: Lady Elise...

Elise: I think I was just feeling nostalgic. I was only sad because I couldn't play with him like I used to anymore. It's my problem. Not his. He's not just MY hero now. He's everyone's.

Arthur: A hero, eh? So what would your ideal personal hero look like?

Elise: Huh?

Arthur: When you imagine the perfect hero, what is he like?

Elise: The perfect hero? Huh. That's hard... Well, I guess they'd be a lot like you, Arthur.

Arthur: Wha?

Elise: You're a kind and loyal person. AND you're a Hero of Justice, right? Plus I bet you'd make a great father! I can see it now! With kids crawling up and down ya, and your wife hugging your side. It's perfect! Whoever you marry, Arthur...she'll be a very lucky woman. I'm sure of it.

Arthur: Oh, Lady Elise...

Elise: Wh-what's wrong?

Arthur: Nothing. I'm just so happy you said that. Because I came here to tell you something. Something very related to what you just said.

Elise: Huh?

Arthur: My lady, you are the most easygoing and carefree woman I have ever met. Just seeing you unburdens my heart of all its troubles. You are truly one of a kind. And it is this unique quality of yours that compels me to protect you. Not duty or justice, but only that I could not bear to live in a world without you. So, please, if you think I am worthy...will you accept this ring?

Elise: WH-WHAT?

Arthur: Will you marry me, Lady Elise?

Elise: I-I don't know what to say.

Arthur: ...I understand. It makes sense that you would be hesitant to accept. Even if you do love me, I am not your peer. A princess should marry a prince, no? Otherwise...the nobility will get to talking. It could cause a scandal. So, please, think on it, and take your time. Only do this if it is truly what you want.

Elise: Oh, Arthur. I love you. But it's not the nobles I'm worried about. It's Xander... I feel like he's not going to be too happy about this.

Arthur: You need not worry, milady. I will tell Lord Xander the news myself. And I will work hard every day until he smiles to think of our marriage. A real smile this time! Not his normal laughing-at-Arthur smile!

Elise: Well when you put it like that, I guess I have to say yes! Teehee. So, here goes. Arthur... I do!