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C Support

Camilla: *sigh*

Arthur: Lady Camilla? What's the matter? No, wait, don't tell me. You're upset! About...something.

Camilla: Gee, how'd you know?

Arthur: Oh ho! I can detect even the most subtle emotional cues. Now then, what troubles you, milady? And how may I be of assistance?

Camilla: It's Avatar, if you must know.

Arthur: Your brother/sister, Lord/Lady Avatar? Aren't you two rather close?

Camilla: That's just it. I am overflowing with love for Avatar.

Arthur: Ah. A medical condition. Fear not, I'll rush a message to the local apothecary...

Camilla: No, Arthur, you don't understand. I constantly remind Avatar how much I love him/her, but it's still not enough.

Arthur: Hmm. This is a tricky situation, but I believe I can help.

Camilla: At this point, I'm willing to try anything.

Arthur: Very well! I'm off to proclaim your love to Lord/Lady Avatar!

Camilla: Hold it! This is a delicate situation... You'll have to choose your words carefully. Or rather, I'll have to choose them carefully...

Arthur: Splendid. Consider me a sweet-nothing delivery system—at your service!

Camilla: Excellent! So, here's what I'd like you to say to him/her...

B Support

Arthur: Good day, Lady Camilla. I have terrific news to report.

Camilla: Oh? Did you relay my message to Avatar? What did he/she say?

Arthur: Indeed. And I'm afraid I have bad news.

Camilla: But I thought you just said you had terrific news?!

Arthur: Oh ho! I can see how that would be confusing. The good news was that I completed the mission! The bad news is that I failed miserably.

Camilla: Ugh. Fine, let me hear it.

Arthur: With pleasure! To begin, I decided to relay your message to Lord/Lady Avatar in the evening. So as not to disturb his/her busy daytime schedule, of course. Additionally, I thought it prudent to whisper underneath his/her doorframe.

Camilla: What in Nohr would compel you to deliver my message like that?!

Arthur: Well, I thought it would be considerate to avoid disrupting his/her bedtime routine. In any case, I received a strange and vaguely threatening reply. "STOP IT!"

Camilla: I see...

Arthur: Please don't cry, Lady Camilla. I'm sure Lord/Lady Avatar had a good reason for replying in that manner.

Camilla: Wait a second. If you were simply whispering under a door... Did you actually see Avatar? Because he/she has recently been asked to switch rooms for security reasons.

Arthur: I...I was unaware of this.

Camilla: So there's a chance you were speaking to the wrong person!

Arthur: Oh ho! Based on this new information, I'd estimate close to a 100 percent chance. In fact, thinking back now... I believe I heard someone singing. If my ears are as sharp as my wits, I would have to say it was Lady Azura's voice. I do apologize, milady. It appears I have done you a great disservice.

Camilla: It's OK, Arthur. Everyone makes mistakes. You just make...a LOT of them.

Arthur: Please, allow me to make it up to you. Give me another chance to help.

Camilla: Very well...

Arthur: Thank you very much. I shall redeem myself with gusto.

A Support

Arthur: Lady Camilla...I've completed my mission.

Camilla: I am mildly terrified to hear the results...but please, go on.

Arthur: Certainly. And rest assured, I will be completely unambiguous in my report. I have utterly failed.

Camilla: Ugh. Let's hear the grisly details.

Arthur: As you wish, milady. My first order of business was to clear things up with Lady Azura. Fortune smiled upon me, however, as I found her walking with Lord/Lady Avatar! So, seeking to catch two fish with one worm, as I believe the saying goes... I first approached Lady Azura with a sincere apology. Strangely, she didn't acknowledge our previous encounter in any way. Next, I stood square in front of Lord/Lady Avatar and proclaimed your love! Well, he/she gave me a very strange look indeed...

Camilla: And?

Arthur: And...that's when he/she shouted. "It was you!"

Camilla: And?

Arthur: And...that's when I took the opportunity to run away at full speed.

Camilla: Well, it does sound like you failed, but something about your story doesn't add up.

Arthur: Hmm. I can't imagine why. Did I mention the part where I was struck by a carriage on my way to the encounter?

Camilla: You most certainly did not! Did it strike you in the head, Arthur?

Arthur: Oh, yes! Not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR times!

Camilla: Four times?! How is that even possible? Are you sure it was only one carriage?

Arthur: I'm not sure of anything anymore...

Camilla: My poor Arthur. You may not have failed quite as completely as you think.

Arthur: How so?

Camilla: Don't you see? In your confusion, you must have mistaken Avatar for Lady Azura!

Arthur: Yes, that would explain certain...things. I'm so terribly sorry to have bungled this simple task yet again, Lady Camilla. How can I ever make it up to you?

Camilla: It's all right, Arthur. Don't be too hard on yourself. From what I've heard, you aren't the luckiest fellow in our kingdom. And yet it seems you never back down from a challenge. That's an admirable quality.

Arthur: Lady Camilla, you're too kind. Now, if I might have one more opportunity to redeem myself...

Camilla: Sorry. I'm not THAT kind.

S Support

Arthur: Ah, Lady Camilla. Thank you for meeting with me.

Camilla: Hello, Arthur. I'm happy to meet with you, but if this is about Avatar... You needn't worry.

Arthur: No, this isn't about Lord/Lady Avatar. This is about US, milady.

Camilla: Us? Like, you and me?

Arthur: Yes. Despite my failings, you have treated me with such kindness. I know we are worlds apart, and I would sooner have luck touching the stars... But as they say, something ventured, some other thing gained... Will you marry me?

Camilla: Arthur, did any carriages strike you on the way here today?

Arthur: Pardon me?

Camilla: Take a close look at my face. You are speaking with Lady Camilla. Are you aware of that?

Arthur: Oh ho! But of course! Who else would you be?

Camilla: Sorry, I just had to check.

Arthur: So...I take it that's a no?

Camilla: Oh, no, no. It's a yes!

Arthur: But...you said "no" twice. Um...

Camilla: Yes, yes, yes! It's a yes, Arthur! You have the worst luck of anyone I've ever met, and yet... I'm drawn to your faithfulness and your earnest nature.

Arthur: Oh ho! Terrific! There's just one thing. I had a rather striking ring picked out... But on the way over here—

Camilla: Stop. I don't even want to know about it. I'm just glad you made it here in one piece.