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C Support

Nina: Heehee! Oh, look at those two, plotting strategy or tactics over that map... Yes, that's it...reach across and point to something...let your fingers graze his arm... Oh, my. The one with the mustache is getting angry. That's it—let your emotions boil over. This could be quite a delicious argument...

Siegbert: I agree, neither man seems ready to yield. Of course, sound strategy is often born from heated debate among tacticians. We may be up against a pair of formidable opponents.

Nina: Siegbert? When did you get here?

Siegbert: Hello, Nina. I noticed that you were following those soldiers... So I began following you—to see if I could be of assistance in any way.

Nina: Oh. Well, that's quite all right. I'll, er, manage just fine by myself—

Siegbert: Nina, it's OK. We're on the same team. You don't need to hide anything from me. You've uncovered something nefarious, have you not? These men are plotting something!

Nina: Um...

Siegbert: You've been after them for a while now, haven't you? I didn't realize you were such a cunning strategist. But then again, I suppose one at your level would WANT to be seen as airheaded...

Nina: Now, wait a second...

Siegbert: Of course, talented though you may be, you can't expect to take on this mission alone. So, what do you say? May I be of assistance after all?

Nina: No! I was doing just fine all by myself. You, uh, wouldn't understand the sort of high-level reconnaissance I'm doing. So just leave me alone already!

Siegbert: I see. You're pushing me away to protect me. So noble, and selfless... But unnecessary! I can take care of myself, you know. The two of us must unite to stop this evil plot before it threatens us all!

Nina: OK. I give up. You're in, Siegbert.

B Support

Nina: Well, what have we here? My two young coconspirators are on the move... Their relationship must be growing deeper. Could clandestine love be in the cards?

Siegbert: Ho, Nina. It appears we must adjust our position if we wish to continue observing.

Nina: Gah! Siegbert! You followed me again?

Siegbert: Well, of course. We're a team, aren't we?

Nina: I was just humoring you. I really don't need any help.

Siegbert: Never mind that. Look, they're going into the ruins up ahead.

Nina: Hmm, you're right. What a tantalizing development...

Siegbert: Well, that's it. I can't allow them to use historic ruins to further their evil plot. Leave this to me.

Nina: What are you going to do?

Siegbert: Isn't it obvious? I'm going to go into those ruins and stop them. Wait here. If I require assistance, I'll shout a key word at the top of my lungs. Something short and memorable. Let's see... Justice! Or maybe...valor! Which do you prefer?

Nina: How about something more lighthearted, like... Trousers! Wait, what am I saying? Don't go in there, Siegbert! This is all a mistake—

Siegbert: I'll be fine, Nina. But I cannot stand idly by while evil men plot their next move. Ho, evildoers! Prepare yourselves to face Siegbert the Lionhearted of Nohr!

(Siegbert leaves)

Nina: This ought to be good...

A Support

Siegbert: Nina. I have something to confess.

Nina: Siegbert? What is it?

Siegbert: Those two gentlemen you have been following... They're construction workers. They were actually intent on restoring those ruins the other day.

Nina: Well, I could have told you that.

Siegbert: Is that so? Well then why, in the name of my father, DID YOU NOT?

Nina: Ugh. I tried, Siegbert! You hardly let me get a word in edgewise. And then you tromped off in pursuit of glory and ruined everything.

Siegbert: I... You're right. Forgive me, Nina. I admit that, at times, I am a bit anxious to perform heroic deeds. Please understand that I feel a great deal of pressure as heir to the kingdom.

Nina: Oh, forget it already. I did. It's really not a big deal. I probably could have stopped you, but I was annoyed. So, sorry about that.

Siegbert: No, please don't apologize, Nina. I should have acted with more care...

Nina: It's really nothing. I mean, you're going to be king someday! I think having an overactive instinct to protect is probably a good thing.

Siegbert: Nina... Thank you.

Nina: Aw, I haven't done anything worth your gratitude.

Siegbert: There's just one thing I don't understand. Since we have established that those men were merely construction workers... Why in the world were you spending so much time following them?

Nina: FORGIVENESS RESCINDED. You do NOT get to ask me about that.

S Support

Nina: Nina, today is your lucky day. How do you keep finding the CUTEST guys to spy on?

Siegbert: Nina? Is this another stakeout?

Nina: You again? I thought I told you not to interfere with my...hobby.

Siegbert: I know, I know. I'll leave you be, fascinated though I might be by your activities...

Nina: What am I, some kind of freak show? I'm not the only one around here with secrets!

Siegbert: No, of course not! Nina, if anything, I find your mysterious ways appealing.

Nina: Oh, come on. Really?

Siegbert: It's true. And I have my own secret to confess: I'm in love with you.

Nina: I...I don't believe you. You barely know anything about me!

Siegbert: It may be true that I don't know everything about you, Nina. But I do know that you're kind to everyone. You're calm on the battlefield. And you have that mysterious SOMETHING that has gotten under my skin.

Nina: Well, thank you. But I think if you knew exactly what the SOMETHING was... You'd run the other direction.

Siegbert: I disagree.

Nina: All right, then. Let's say—hypothetically, of course—that I love spying on men. And not just any men. Men in close relationships. Men who are best friends. Weirded out yet?

Siegbert: No, that doesn't concern me. I, too, am fascinated by espionage and surveillance.

Nina: I'm not sure you quite understand, but thank you for saying that.

Siegbert: Truly, I don't care what secrets you hold. I want to get to know the real you.

Nina: Siegbert...

Siegbert: Nina, will you accept this ring?

Nina: I...I will. I hope you know what you're getting into, Siegbert.

Siegbert: I don't! But that's precisely what makes it so appealing. Regardless, I promise to protect you for the rest of our lives.

Nina: Heehee! Thank you, Siegbert.