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C Support

Sakura: Um, Rhajat? We need to talk...

Rhajat: Hello, Mother. Why are you making that scary face? Did I do something?

Sakura: Well, there's something I have to ask you. It's pretty important.

Rhajat: O-OK... What is it?

Sakura: I heard a rumor that you cast some sort of spell on a handful of villagers recently. Is that true?

Rhajat: They wanted me to perform a good-luck ritual for their upcoming harvest. I didn't really want to, but they were so insistent that I gave in eventually.

Sakura: Unfortunately, some of them came here to complain about you.

Rhajat: Why would they complain about me? I just complied with their request...

Sakura: A strange illness has been spreading among them... They've never seen anything like it before.

Rhajat: I don't know why that would be. But sometimes even benign magic can have unintended side effects...

Sakura: Rumors have been spreading... The villagers are blaming your spell for their sickness. I don't believe them at all. I know you'd never do something to hurt anybody. But can't you tell me about the enchantment you used? Maybe together, we can find a way to help them get better. I don't want anyone to be scared of you.

Rhajat: Those villagers will be wary of me regardless of what I do. Maybe it doesn't really matter...

Sakura: Wh-what does that mean?

Rhajat: It's just complicated, Mother. You shouldn't involve yourself in this. No good will come of it.

(Rhajat leaves)

Sakura: R-Rhajat! Wait, don't go!

B Support

Sakura: Whew... This is so tiring. But I need to keep going. Looks like I have everything. Time to go!

Rhajat: Greetings, Mother...

Sakura: Aah! R-Rhajat! You scared me!

Rhajat: That bag is awfully large. What have you been getting up to?

Sakura: U-um, well, I-I'm... I-I'm j-just g-going shopping! Yeah, that's it!

Rhajat: I know everything has been crazy lately, but you look exhausted. Why don't you rest? I'd be more than happy to go to the market for you.

Sakura: I-I'm perfectly all right. Don't worry about me...

Rhajat: Is this supposed shopping trip just a ruse? You're only now leaving the house, and yet that bag is filled to the brim. You were planning to assist those sick villagers, weren't you?

Sakura: How did you—

Rhajat: I have a keen awareness of events unfolding around me. Do you feel obliged to come to their aid because they blame me?

Sakura: No, it's nothing like that...

Rhajat: Then what is driving you to help them?

Sakura: It's my calling to assist those in need. I can't stand to watch people suffer around me. Don't worry, Rhajat. It doesn't have anything to do with you.

Rhajat: You didn't have to sneak around behind my back though...

Sakura: I'm really sorry. Listen, I must be going. The villagers need me to deliver these supplies. I hope you can forgive me.

Rhajat: Wait... I know that I'm not responsible for this illness. I'll be able to explain everything soon. But I need a little more time.

Sakura: O-OK... I trust you. Just come and find me when you want to talk.

Rhajat: Thank you for understanding, Mother.

A Support

Rhajat: Here, Mother. I wanted to show you what I've been working on.

Sakura: Wait... Is this some sort of medicinal herb? I've never seen it before. Do you think it can cure the villagers?

Rhajat: Yes. It took longer than I would have liked to mature. I even had to use a bit of light magic to encourage the herb's growth. If I could have brought it to you sooner, I would have. I just needed to make sure it worked first. I'm sorry...

Sakura: How did you come across this cure?

Rhajat: It took some time. When the villagers asked me to cast a spell for them, I noticed something strange... There were several people who were coughing profusely. A few of them also looked quite pale.

Sakura: So the villagers were already sick when you cast that spell!

Rhajat: Precisely. I had heard that there was a rare herb that naturally fights illness. I managed to track down some seeds and got to sprouting them right away.

Sakura: Why didn't you try to warn the villagers? No one would have been suspicious if you'd just said something!

Rhajat: My sole concern wasn't their perception of me. It was their health. The most important thing was to find a cure before the sickness got out of control. All I really cared about was you trusting me.

Sakura: You are so foolish!

Rhajat: Um, why are you hugging me? We need to get this herb to the villagers right away.

Sakura: I'm just so proud of you!

Rhajat: Let me go already. It hurts when you squeeze me so tightly! Listen, you should help me turn this herb into a tea. That way we can distribute it quickly.

Sakura: Good idea. Let's go cure the villagers!