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C Support

Odin: Aha! The dark power overflows! I must channel it into my newest spell! Prepare to unleash the AGONIZING TOMATO!

Odin: Hmm? Felicia? How long have you been standing there?

Felicia: Oh, you know...a while. OK. OK! I've been here the whole time! I'm sorry!

Odin: If anyone should apologize, it should be my magic! It is overpowering! You were mesmerized! How can humble Odin be of service?

Felicia: Oh, don't mind me! I'm just keeping an eye on you.

Odin: Wha?

Felicia: I was told you needed some supervision.

Odin: Huh?! Who said that?

Felicia: Well, it wasn't one specific person.

Odin: Oh, several people then?

Felicia: Uh...no. Actually, it was a lot of people.

Odin: How many people? What are we talking here? A couple of new recruits?

Felicia: ...All the new recruits. I'm sorry! It's just...your behavior is kinda weird. They're a little freaked out!

Odin: I see. So Odin Dark is feared? Did you tell them about my wondrous deeds? ...The dark fates I've overturned? The magic spells I've conjured in my sleep?

Felicia: Uh, no. Not exactly.

Odin: I would be alone now. Excuse me.

(Odin leaves)

Felicia: Odin, wait up!

B Support

Felicia: Odin, are you sitting in this dark tent all by yourself?

Odin: Oh. Hey, Felicia. Leave me alone.

Felicia: Are you OK? I feel terrible about the other day. I didn't realize you'd be so upset!

Odin: I don't need your sympathy! I'll just curl up in a little ball where no one can see me.

Felicia: I've never seen you like this! You're really depressed, huh?

Odin: I didn't realize the pall I'd cast. Now, it threatens to swallow me whole.

Felicia: Please, don't be upset! Here. Let me pour you some tea. A hot cup of tea always makes me feel better! This will cheer you right up!

Felicia: Oh, no!

Odin: Ahhh!

Felicia: Odin! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to pour the tea on your head!

Odin: It's no big deal. A scalding bath for my soul—my flesh singed, but not destroyed! Now I feel as miserable on the outside as I do on the inside.

Felicia: I was just trying to help.

Odin: There's something I still don't get. Am I really THAT weird? This world's full of crazies! Look at Jakob. He has split-personality disorder. The minute Lord/Lady Avatar shows up, he's a celestial being with a heart of gold. With everyone else, he's a jerk. Silas? He's OK, but he's into some strange stuff. Or Arthur? He must have done something terrible to the gods to have such bad luck! All of the ladies are sick and tired of being hit on by Laslow! You know it's true! And Niles?! Seriously?! Is anyone shadier than that character? Why single me out?

Felicia: I don't know. That's a good point.

Odin: You're not supervising any of them, are you?

Felicia: ...No.

Odin: Argh! This is SO unfair! What's wrong with ME?!

A Support

Odin: Felicia, I'm sorry you have to waste all of your time following me around.

Felicia: I don't mind. I just wish I could cheer you up! Do you mind if I give you some advice?

Odin: Go ahead.

Felicia: You're right! There are plenty of oddballs and misfits in this army... It's just that no one has as much flair as you do.

Odin: Are you saying I stick out?

Felicia: Yes! Just like me! I'm not the only clumsy person around here!

Odin: That's true. Lord Leo is always going around with his clothes on backward!

Felicia: Exactly! And I've seen my sister drop stuff loads of times, but no one calls her clumsy! Do you know why? They've labeled me the clumsy one! They should change my name!

Odin: To Scatterwhizzits?!

Felicia: No! To Clumsy!

Odin: I see. No one is more spectacular at knocking stuff over than you are... Therefore, you stand out like a beacon of clumsiness in a dexterous world.

Felicia: Yes! (I think.)

Odin: So you're saying that I'm the weirdest weirdo we have!

Felicia: Yep! See? We have a lot in common!

Odin: Thank you, Felicia. You and I were chosen by fate to carry this burden of hope...

Felicia: Uh, I don't know about that part...

Odin: Pour the hot tea on my head again!

Felicia: What?!

Odin: I must wash myself clean so I can see myself anew! Power returns to Odin Dark!

Felicia: Uh, OK. If you say so...

S Support

Odin: Ah, Scatterwhizzits! Or do you still prefer Felicia? Are you here with more tea?

Felicia: Actually, no. They took me off watch duty.

Odin: What?

Felicia: I told the new recruits they were being unfair and it was really getting to you... If they kept it up, you'd no longer be able to get out of bed, let alone fight! So they had a meeting and called the whole thing off. No more supervision! Plus, they've been in the army long enough, they're used to the weirdness by now.

Odin: Oh.

Felicia: I thought you'd be happy!

Odin: I am. I'm just a little sad you won't be supervising me anymore.

Felicia: You are?

Odin: I really liked having hot tea poured on my head. It was refreshing. You're multitalented, you know?

Felicia: I guess so.

Odin: I know so! Such epic awkwardness! Such heartfelt spewing of encouraging words!

Felicia: Oh, did that help? I tried so hard to make you feel better!

Odin: Yes! Please, Felicia, will you remain my overlord?

Felicia: Well, supervising you was fun...and you're the only person who likes how clumsy I am. You know what? I'd like that too. I'll keep supervising you!

Odin: Oh, thank you, Scatterwhizzits! No one quiets my aching heart as you do. Bring that kettle over here and pour your fiery curse upon Odin Dark!

Felicia: Uh, OK.

Odin: So you accept?! Really?

Felicia: Yes! I'm pretty sure you need me. And the truth is, your weirdness is growing on me.

Odin: Then Odin Dark shall become even weirder! Prepare yourself, my overlord!

Felicia: Oh, dear...

Odin: Bring the hot tea! Scald my soul!