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C Support

Laslow: Hey there, Beruka!

Beruka: Laslow... Why are you here?

Laslow: I was just out for a nice walk around town. Why are you standing in the shadow of this building? Just killing time? If you've got nothing going on, there is a nice tea shop I've been meaning to try...

Beruka: Shut up, Laslow. Get out of here.

Laslow: Shut up? That's not nice at all... I just wanted to chat with you—I bet I can get you to crack a smile!

Beruka: What part of "shut up" didn't make sense?

Laslow: Jeez! Do you really dislike me that much? I'm sure you've got the wrong idea about me! Let's go have that tea, and I'll prove it!

Beruka: Damn it—she noticed me...

Laslow: Hrm? Who noticed you? Why are you staring intently over there... Oh hey, that woman looks familiar! Is that who you're looking at?

Beruka: Gah, there she goes... This is your fault.

Laslow: I didn't do anything!

Beruka: She saw you looking, so she ran away. It is absolutely your fault. Quick, we have to get after her.

(Beruka leaves)

Laslow: We do? Hey, wait up!

B Support

Laslow: There you are, Beruka!

Beruka: Hm? Oh, Laslow...

Laslow: What was going on the other day between you and that woman you were following? Why would she run away when she noticed you and me?

Beruka: Because she is an assassin for hire.

Laslow: An assassin?!

Beruka: She's been hired to kill members of royalty. I've been tracking her for weeks and finally found her... But you scared her off.

Laslow: I...I didn't realize what you were doing. I'm sorry! Hang on—you've been following her, but what will you do when you catch her?

Beruka: I'll kill her, of course. My job is to protect Lady Camilla. And to kill her enemies. And I can't do that if you give me away. If that assassin succeeds, it will be your fault.

Laslow: My fault?! I don't want to be the cause of that!

Beruka: Then stop following me. You are interfering with my work.

(Beruka leaves)

Laslow: Wait, Beruka! Killing royals... This is really bad. Maybe I can help somehow... I'm sure I've seen Beruka's mystery woman somewhere before. But where...? No way—could she be...? Of course! Last week, she and I had tea in the park!

A Support

Beruka: Laslow.

Laslow: Oh, hello, Beruka. What's with that look on your face?

Beruka: I was wrong about you. I did not think you would be able to catch the assassin I was after.

Laslow: Oh, that? It was nothing, really.

Beruka: It wasn't nothing. She was able to lose me every time I tried to follow her. And yet, you were able to catch her so easily... What kind of techniques did you use? Are you secretly an assassin, too?

Laslow: Me, an assassin?! Ha, no way! All I did was remember that I'd had tea with that woman a while back.

Beruka: You spent an afternoon having tea with an assassin?

Laslow: That's right. I didn't know she was an assassin the first time I asked her out. Once you told me who she was, I asked her out again. We had a great time just chatting and enjoying ourselves. Once she had her guard down, that's when I caught her!

Beruka: I see. And she agreed to tea so easily?

Laslow: Of course! Tea is a great way to get to know someone. All the women I've had tea with have seemed to enjoy it!

Beruka: All the women? You get tea fairly often, then?

Laslow: Not every day, but often enough! Wow, I wonder if I've had tea with any other assassins. It's possible...

Beruka: Laslow... I've decided that we should have tea.

Laslow: Excuse me?! Are you asking to go out on a date with me, Beruka?

Beruka: No. I'm asking you to come with me and share information. We will raise no suspicion if we appear to just be having tea.

Laslow: I...guess I accept? I know I asked you out before, but this isn't how I imagined it.

Beruka: It will be fine. Let's go right now.

Laslow: R-right now?! OK! Telling me to come instead of go... What a breath of fresh air from you!

S Support

Laslow: Hi there, Beruka.

Beruka: Laslow. Do you need something?

Laslow: I've enjoyed going on these tea dates with you, Beruka. I'm usually the one doing the inviting, but it's actually nice to change things up.

Beruka: They are not tea dates, Laslow. We're just sharing information.

Laslow: But...you are enjoying yourself, aren't you? I ask because...well... I was hoping we could officially make these into dates.

Beruka: I...don't understand.

Laslow: I think I'm in love with you, Beruka. I'd really like for us to be something more.

Beruka: Why?

Laslow: What do you mean, "why"?

Beruka: There are so many women you could choose from. Why me?

Laslow: You mean...so many women that I've had tea with? Hahah, that's something of a misunderstanding, really. It's true that I approach a lot of girls, but honestly... I get harshly rejected more often than not.

Beruka: Hrm. Those women are surprisingly foolish. They must have poor taste in men.

Laslow: Thank you, Beruka! You're one of few to sympathize with me. And that is why I think I love you. When I first met you, I thought that you were just a coldhearted person... But looking at you now, I can see warmth hiding behind your eyes. It really makes you incredibly appealing to me.

Beruka: Laslow...

Laslow: I know that if we were together, I would love you for the rest of my life. What do you say?

Beruka: Yes. But on one condition...

Laslow: Yay! You've made me so happy! But...what is the condition?

Beruka: I realized that whenever I've gone out... everyone in the restaurant is smiling. They all look like they're having such a good time—I've never let myself have that. I'd like to have that with you. I'd like for us to do all the...coupley things.

Laslow: Oh, Beruka, of course! We'll go on so many dates that we may run out of ideas!