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C Support

Jakob: Lady Sakura, are you feeling ill? You look less radiant than usual.

Sakura: ...Do I? I'm sorry.

Jakob: Were you out taking care of the wounded again, milady?

Sakura: Yes, h-how did you know?

Jakob: No one has a kinder heart than you... But if you tend to everyone but yourself, you'll only wear yourself out.

Sakura: Jakob, these people are hurting...because of us!

Jakob: Even if that's the case, you cannot solve everything on your own.

Sakura: If I don't do something...th-then who will?! *gasp* I'm sorry...that was very rude of me!

Jakob: No, I was the one who spoke out of turn.

Sakura: You know...I think you're right. I am feeling a little tired, after all. Excuse me...

B Support

Jakob: Lady Sakura, were you out tending to the wounded again?

Sakura: Yes, I was...

Jakob: You are a gifted healer with a tender heart, but—

Sakura: I know wh-what you're about to say...

Jakob: It will be a waste of your skills if you wear yourself out and ignore your own health.

Sakura: B-but...as a p-princess...it is my duty to look after our people.

Jakob: Milady, please forgive me for what I am about to say... But you cannot heal everyone no matter how hard you try.

Sakura: I-I know... Even if I heal them, I can't save them.

Jakob: I am glad you realize that.

Sakura: The truth is...I'm just selfish! I feel guilty every time I see someone in pain. I pretend I'm doing all this for the people, but I'm just trying to ease my guilt.

Jakob: You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

Sakura: If you'd excuse me...I'd like to be alone.

A Support

Jakob: Did I find you studying, milady?

Sakura: O-oh, it got late, didn't it? I've been poring over these books... Jakob, I have to find a way to get stronger!

Jakob: Stronger?

Sakura: As the war stretches on, the casualties keep rising... I must help them!

Jakob: Who are you trying to help—your siblings, the soldiers, every last citizen of Hoshido?

Sakura: I want to help everyone! I know it will be difficult...but I can't bear all this suffering!

Jakob: Milady, even a skilled healer like yourself cannot save everyone. If you continue to try—studying around the clock—you'll only work yourself to death. Help some. Help as many as you can, but stop trying to help everyone.

Sakura: B-but it has to be everyone! How could I pick and choose?

Jakob: I should have chosen my words more carefully. I'm sorry I upset you.

Sakura: No, forgive me. I shouldn't have yelled like that.

Jakob: You care about helping people. You shouldn't apologize. We need that passion. You are walking a difficult road, but I am on your side. If there is anything I can do, please tell me. I would do anything for you.

Sakura: Thank you, Jakob...

S Support

Jakob: I was hoping to steal a moment of your time, but you're studying. Later, perhaps?

Sakura: No, Jakob. That's all right. I need a break anyway. What did you need?

Jakob: Lady Sakura, I cannot stop thinking about your kindness and compassion. I confess... You've stolen my heart.

Sakura: J-Jakob, what are you saying?

Jakob: I can't imagine my life without you anymore. Please, do me the honor of being my wife.

Sakura: B-but, Jakob, you know that my mission is to heal the hurting. I can't give up now. I don't know if that feeling is ever going to change. I w-won't drag you into this!

Jakob: Lady Sakura, I would never ask you to give up your ambition. You face a difficult path. Still, I hope you'll accept this ring. Let us walk that path side by side.

Sakura: B-but if we get married...I worry that I will only cause you pain...

Jakob: The only pain you'll cause me is if you say no. I am not as skilled as you, but I have some training as a healer. Let me help. We shall walk this hard but noble path together as husband and wife.

Sakura: Jakob, you would d-do that? Are you sure?

Jakob: Without a doubt.

Sakura: I don't know wh-what to say. I'm so touched!

Jakob: Then, you'll marry me?

Sakura: Yes...I will!