Fates Supports/Felicia Soleil(PC)

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C Support

Soleil: Hey, Mom! How's the laundry going?

Felicia: Oh, just fine, Soleil. The weather is gorgeous, so the wash is drying quickly.

Soleil: Wow, that's a lucky break...

Felicia: I-is something wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?

Soleil: Shh, be quiet. I need to take in this moment so I can remember it forever. My perfect mother, stringing up garments in the glimmering sun... Her hair swaying gently in the breeze... Heehee! This is just too adorable! What a cute scene!

Felicia: You're too much, heehee... It's not very nice to tease your mother like that.

Soleil: I'd never tease you, Mom! Seriously! You're always so humble about everything. I had no idea how much elegance and grace was required to hang laundry. I can't handle it! Everything is so crazy adorable with you! We have to run into town and grab some tea together. I need to know how you became such a world-class cutie.

Felicia: Sorry, but I still have a ton of work to do. You'll have to excuse me.

(Felicia leaves)

Soleil: Wait a minute, Mom! Don't go!

B Support

Soleil: Strong hands running through pure, golden feed... With a quick flick of the wrist, she scatters the food deftly on the ground... Sweet, fluffy critters line up just to bask in her presence... Heehee...

Felicia: Soleil, can you stop talking? It's really hard to get my chores done while you're distracting me.

Soleil: I can't help it! What am I supposed to do? You're the one who decided to do your chores in such an adorable way! If you don't want me to be distracted, then quit being so cute already!

Felicia: I told you to quit it! You're really starting to make me angry!

Soleil: Aww, you're even cuter when you get really upset at me!

Felicia: Oh, for goodness sake. You sound just like your father. *sigh* Please, let me pass. I need to keep working on my chores.

Soleil: But you've been at it all morning! Can't you take a break? I got this wonderful blanket from the fair the other day. We should go have a picnic! It would be such a cute, idyllic scene, don't you think?

Felicia: That sounds nice, but there's way too much left to do around here. If I take a break, then I won't be able to finish up my chores before nightfall.

Soleil: You work this hard every day?

Felicia: Of course. Isn't that pretty normal?

Soleil: Umm, I have no idea. It seems like a whole lot of work.

Felicia: Maybe you're right. Either way, I need to go check in on the horses.

Soleil: Wait a second. Can't I help? There must be some way to make myself useful.

Felicia: You'd really pitch in? I guess you can cut up that pile of carrots over there. Slice them in half, just like this, OK? The horses just love to gobble them up.

Soleil: Leave it to me! Oh my gosh, has anyone ever looked cuter than us right now? This is so much fun, heehee!

Felicia: Good grief, you're at it again...

A Support

Felicia: I'd better start organizing these rations. Whoops! *sigh* I dropped the rice. If only I wasn't so clumsy.

Soleil: Moooom! There you are! Hi!

Felicia: Soleil, I'm really busy right now. I don't have time to play around with you.

Soleil: I didn't come here to harp on how cute you look counting these sacks of rice. I mean, it is delightful. Heehee... Sorry, I got distracted. I came here to tell you something important. I've learned so much by watching you work the last few days... I feel like I appreciate all your efforts more than ever. I had no idea how much work it takes to get everything done around here. It's very impressive.

Felicia: That's very sweet of you to say. But you don't need to trouble yourself. I'm used to doing all of this alone.

Soleil: It's super cute when you act really selfless, but I want to pitch in! Can't I do something? Please!

Felicia: Fine, if you insist, I'll take you up on your offer.

Soleil: Really? That's so exciting! Thanks, Mom. I promise I'll work super hard! You can count on me.

Felicia: I just have one request. Please, stop saying all these embarrassing things to me. It's impossible to concentrate when you're acting so silly.

Soleil: Hahaha! You're the silly one. Obviously, that's impossible. We're a total dream team! Watch out, world! These two cuties are gonna knock out some chores!

Felicia: *sigh* Soleil, you sure are a strange one...