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C Support

Rhajat: You there. Hold on a minute.

Dwyer: Pardon me? Did you need something?

Rhajat: *pluck*

Dwyer: Gah! My hair! What are you doing?!

Rhajat: You looked gloomy.

Dwyer: And you thought yanking a tuft of hair out of my head would help?

Rhajat: Well, I suppose it won't help you. But it will help me. I'm working on a potion that calls for the "hair of a gloomy person." I figured you'd do.

Dwyer: I see.

Rhajat: Great. See ya.

Dwyer: One question, though. Why didn't you just use some of your own hair?

Rhajat: Because I'm not gloomy. I'm downright gleeful.

Dwyer: Riiight. At least you can tell a joke.

Rhajat: Um...I'm not joking. Nothing makes me happier than working on a new potion.

Dwyer: Well...good luck with that, I guess.

Rhajat: Thanks. Muhahaha...

(Rhajat leaves)

Dwyer: Um...wait a second. What exactly does this potion do?

Rhajat: Oh. I thought it was obvious. It will help me animate an evil doll with your personality. Bwahaha! It's going to be sooooo evil!

Dwyer: Um...can I get that hair back after all?

B Support

Rhajat: Ah! This is good timing.

Dwyer: You... Good timing for what, exactly? Some kind of evil spell?

Rhajat: No, but we can do one of those, too. Maybe I can cast one that will make you less anxious all the time. Shall we begin? What troubles you?

Dwyer: Believe it or not, I'm content.

Rhajat: Ugh, boring. How about a wish? What do you desire? Anything will do.

Dwyer: Well, if you insist... There's a particular tea set used by the royal family. I must admit...I covet it desperately. But, of course, it's under lock and key...

Rhajat: Understood. Leave it to me.

Dwyer: What are you going to do? You can't just STEAL it!

Rhajat: Sure I could. But that's not what I'm going to do. Heh heh...

Dwyer: I'm not sure about this...

Rhajat: Muhahah! Heehee!

Dwyer: Well, at least one of us is having fun.

Rhajat: Indeed, I am! Now, to complete this spell, I'll need both of your eyeballs. No, wait. That's crazy. I can get by with one eyeball. I guarantee a 10 percent chance of success. So...make with the eyeball.

Dwyer: Heh. Now I know you're pulling my leg.

Rhajat: No. Hopefully, I'm pulling your eyeball. Clean out of the socket. If we offer the tongue too, I believe we could have a 30 percent chance of success.

Dwyer: I'm sure you're joking around...but no thank you.

Rhajat: Ugh, you're so boring.

Dwyer: Uh, I'm sorry? No, wait...I'm not. But thanks for totally weirding me out.

Rhajat: Oh, you're welcome. If you ever want something that seems impossible, just let me know. I love a good challenge...

Dwyer: I'll keep that in mind...

A Support

Dwyer: Hello, Rhajat. What's that you're working on?

Rhajat: Oh, just a little research for another spell.

Dwyer: You sure are...prolific...with those spells. You're not doing anything too wild, are you? It's not good to play gods...

Rhajat: Play gods? What do you mean?

Dwyer: You know... Messing with people's lives, or creating a new type of animal... Stuff like that.

Rhajat: ...Oh. I suppose I'll have to be discreet.

Dwyer: Right. Well, I'll leave you to it.

Rhajat: Hmph.

Dwyer: What's wrong?

Rhajat: Do I creep you out?

Dwyer: Well...

Rhajat: I knew it. You're just like everyone else.

Dwyer: Hey! You didn't give me a chance to answer you. I was going to say that I find you fascinating, if a little quirky.

Rhajat: Oh? That's rare.

Dwyer: What do you mean?

Rhajat: Most people just dismiss me. But that's fine, I suppose. Makes it easier to concentrate on my spells. But you seem to show a genuine interest in me. I wonder why...

Dwyer: Maybe it's because I see you as a fellow gloomy person.

Rhajat: I already told you—I'm cheerful.

Dwyer: Right. Anyway, I should probably mind my own business.

Rhajat: No, I could actually use some help. Are you up for it?

Dwyer: Well...it depends. What do you need?

Rhajat: Excellent. What I need is for you to source some ingredients for me. First, I need 50 stinkworms. You can tell them apart from regular worms by the way they smell. Also, they bite. And I could really use some fresh mandrake root. The best parts of the root are about eight feet underwater and as strong as steel. Any questions?

Dwyer: Yes. Will you just kill me now and save me the trouble?

S Support

Dwyer: Hey, Rhajat. Remember how I got you all those ingredients for your spells? I was wondering if you could do something for me.

Rhajat: Yeah. I already told you I could get you anything you wanted, didn't I? Just name it.

Dwyer: Great. So...is there any such thing as a matchmaking spell?

Rhajat: Matchmaking? You mean, like, with another person?

Dwyer: Yeah, I guess that's what I mean. Is it possible?

Rhajat: ...No.

Dwyer: Really? Damn. I thought for sure...

Rhajat: Well, there might be a spell like that... But who exactly are you hoping to be matched with? I'll curse you for eternity if you don't tell me!

Dwyer: Yeesh! When you put it like that, I guess I'll tell you. It's you, Rhajat.

Rhajat: Me?! Are you serious?

Dwyer: Yeah... Is that weird?

Rhajat: I don't know yet. What is it you like about me, exactly?

Dwyer: Gah! How am I supposed to answer a question like that? I just like you, OK? I like that you're a little bit mysterious and dangerous.

Rhajat: Oh, man... This is a problem.

Dwyer: Damn. I figured as much.

Rhajat: No, you don't get it. The problem is that I don't even need a matchmaking spell. Because I like you too.

Dwyer: Really?

Rhajat: Well, if I had to choose between hate and like...the slight edge goes to like.

Dwyer: That's not good enough. I like you a LOT.

Rhajat: All right, you want the truth? The truth is that I didn't want to do a matchmaking spell for you... because I didn't want to see you matched up to anyone else. I really like you. Like, a lot. I've been getting kind of obsessed. Muhahaha...

Dwyer: Wow, this is awkward.

Rhajat: Well, you started it! As punishment, I'm going to stick with you until one or both of us are dead! It may not be as long as you think!

Dwyer: Heh. I'm OK with this.