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C Support

Forrest: Mother! You have wonderful timing!

Beruka: What do you need, Forrest?

Forrest: I wanted to give you something.

Beruka: You got me a present?

Forrest: I did. It's a very special dress!

Beruka: It's pretty. The fabric is so soft, and it's just my size.

Forrest: I'm glad you like it. And a little relieved. I was worried it wouldn't appeal to you.

Beruka: Why did you make me this dress?

Forrest: How could you tell?

Beruka: It's obvious. The detailed embroidery is clearly your handiwork.

Forrest: Aww, thank you, Mother! Your kindness means the world to me.

Beruka: Your choice of color is very striking. I could wear this dress every day.

Forrest: Don't do that! Besides, why would you want to always wear the same thing? How about I make you a nice array of outfits instead?

Beruka: That would be wonderful. Thank you, Forrest.

B Support

Forrest: *sigh*

Beruka: Forrest, what happened? You look unhappy.

Forrest: Is it that obvious?

Beruka: To me it is. I'm your mother, after all.

Forrest: I see... Well, I went into town to pick up supplies today and ran into the worst people. There was an elderly man who had gotten lost, and no one would help him. A few townsfolk were mocking him! I was disheartened to see people be so cruel.

Beruka: Hmm, I see. What did you do?

Forrest: I helped him get home, of course! The poor dear was so confused. I don't understand. It's one thing to stand by idly, but they were laughing at him!

Beruka: That is terrible.

Forrest: I know I shouldn't be surprised. People can be incredibly unkind. Sometimes I wish I could shut myself up in my room...forever!

Beruka: You should be proud that you did the right thing. You cannot let a few fools scare you into hiding who you are.

Forrest: Mother, you're right. I must find my courage again.

Beruka: Good. People will always find an excuse to be mean. But that's no reason to stop being true to yourself.

Forrest: Thanks, Mother. It would hurt even more to change myself just to avoid their cruelty.

Beruka: Don't listen to those stupid jerks. When things get tough, come to me. I'll always be here for you. Even if you just want to talk.

Forrest: I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you, Mother.

A Support

Beruka: Heehee...

Forrest: Hello, Mother! You look happy today. Did something good happen?

Beruka: Yes, indeed. Something surprising, actually. I wore the dress you made into town this morning. Everyone I passed commented on the gorgeous design.

Forrest: Wow, really? That's amazing.

Beruka: Heehee. I love hearing people compliment your work, Forrest. It makes me very happy. Granted, I know they were just praising the dress, but still... After so many comments, it felt like they were calling me beautiful too. I'm sorry. I don't usually get carried away. It's been a strange day.

Forrest: What do you mean? Mother, you are beautiful! The dress simply drew attention to your lovely face.

Beruka: Please, don't flatter me, Forrest. Besides, it wasn't the dress that made me happy.

Forrest: It wasn't?

Beruka: No. A woman told me how proud I should be of raising such a wonderful daughter. She saw you help that old man, and she was impressed.

Forrest: I just realized something. I cannot let the laughter of cruel people stop me from being who I am. Long ago, I decided I wouldn't let them change the way I dress... and I certainly won't let them stop me from being compassionate toward others.

Beruka: That's good to hear.

Forrest: Thank you, Mother. I'll follow your advice from earlier and keep being myself. I think I'll start by making you another dress to wear around town. I'm sure you'll love it!

Beruka: I would like that very much. Thank you, Forrest.