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C Support

Dwyer: Mother, I made you some coffee.

Beruka: Oh, thank you. Wow, it's excellent. You have a true talent for making coffee.

Dwyer: Really? I'm happy you like it.

Beruka: I do. So rich and full bodied. Honestly, it might be even better than your father's coffee.

Dwyer: Wow, that's high praise. I should probably keep that to myself. He might get mad.

Beruka: Why do you say that? Ehhh, wait. He can be pretty jealous from time to time.

Dwyer: That sounds even worse.

Beruka: Heh. It's a good thing your father didn't overhear us talking. He'd probably make me drink cup after cup of his brew. At least until I agreed that his coffee tasted better.

Dwyer: Heh... Yeah, I can imagine that. I still have more in the carafe. Let me know if you'd like another cup later.

Beruka: Thanks.

B Support

Dwyer: Hmm.

Beruka: Something on your mind?

Dwyer: Hello, Mother. No, nothing in particular.

Beruka: Dwyer, I'm your mother. It's obvious to me when you're lying.

Dwyer: Oh, sorry.

Beruka: Why don't you just talk to me? I'd really like to help. If I can, of course.

Dwyer: Well... I don't think I'm suited for the battlefield.

Beruka: Why would you say that?

Dwyer: You know why. I hate getting into fights. All I would do is weigh everyone else down in the heat of battle.

Beruka: Dwyer, I don't believe that.

Dwyer: Maybe I should just leave the army and be a butler or something.

Beruka: No. You can't do that.

Dwyer: Huh?

Beruka: You belong here. I know it.

Dwyer: Why?

Beruka: Because you're a kind boy.

Dwyer: No, I'm not.

Beruka: You are. Like how you tried to hide your concerns to keep me from worrying.

Dwyer: All the more proof that I have no business on the battlefield. There's no place for kindness there.

Beruka: You're wrong, Dwyer. I think your kind nature is needed on the battlefield most of all. Compassion gives you the strength to help others, regardless of danger. That's a strength I don't possess. It's why I want to keep fighting by your side.

Dwyer: ... Thank you, Mother. I'll do what I can to help my friends.

Beruka: I'm glad to hear that, dear. Don't worry. I'll always be here to watch out for you.

A Support

Beruka: *sigh*

Dwyer: Mother? Is something wrong?

Beruka: Oh, hello, Dwyer. No, nothing's wrong. I think I'm just tired. It doesn't have anything to do with you, dear.

Dwyer: I'm your son. You know I can see through your lies, right?

Beruka: Heh. Fair enough. I suppose that makes sense.

Dwyer: I might not be able to help, but I can at least lend you an ear.

Beruka: That's very kind. Thank you.

Dwyer: So? What's up?

Beruka: I just... I feel like a terrible mother.

Dwyer: Don't say that. It's not true at all.

Beruka: But I told you... that you belong on the battlefield. In war.

Dwyer: You mean when I was worried the other day?

Beruka: Yes, exactly. A mother's foremost concern should always be their child's safety. Yet I asked you to fight by my side. I have no business calling myself a mother.

Dwyer: That's simply not true.

Beruka: What?

Dwyer: You may have suggested that I stand and fight, but it was my choice to stay. Not yours.

Beruka: Oh.

Dwyer: More importantly, I needed your wisdom. I feel like I might have put my friends in danger without your encouragement.

Beruka: Dwyer, really?

Dwyer: Yes. I promise, you're not a failure. You're the best mother anyone could ever hope for.

Beruka: R-really? Thank you.

Dwyer: Now, why don't I make some fresh coffee so you can relax and unwind.

Beruka: You're such a thoughtful son. I'm very lucky.