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C Support

Asugi: Hey there, Sunshine. Had a question for you.

Rhajat: Call me Sunshine again, and I will pull your brains out through your eyes. Slowly. Now, what do you want? I'm busy. Stalking someone is hard work.

Asugi: Well, that's sort of what I wanted to talk to you about. I heard that you're a master at tailing people.

Rhajat: And?

Asugi: And I'm a ninja. A lot of the work I take on includes spying. Which means following people around and not being caught. THAT I can do. What I can't do is keep it up for days or weeks at a time, like you. So, tell me. What's your secret?

Rhajat: I do not have a secret. I suppose my skills arose naturally, having studied my target for months in advance. Heeheehee.

Asugi: Months?! I couldn't wait that long, even if my missions allowed it. That's some willpower you've got there.

Rhajat: No, it's not that. I wouldn't be able to do it were the target not extremely special. Very few people are worth this kind of dedication.

Asugi: Ah. So you can only spy on people you've got that whole creepy crush thing on. Not a whole lot of ways I can use that in my line of work, I guess. Oh well. Thanks.

Rhajat: Cr-creepy crush thing...? I'll show you who's creepy, you—

Asugi: Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with a stack of snickerdoodles. See ya!

(Asugi leaves)

Rhajat: C-curses. He's gone. Now where was I? Oh, yes, the nail clippings...

B Support

Rhajat: Asugi, do you recall how you asked me about how to...ah...follow people? Well, I thought of something that might help you out.

Asugi: Really? That'd be swell. So then, what's your secret?

Rhajat: It's more of a curse than a secret. You understand.

Asugi: A curse? Well, can't hurt to hear it. What've you got for me?

Rhajat: It's a curse which renders your target unable to detect you.

Asugi: N-no way! Could that really be possible? You've got to teach me, Rhajat!

Rhajat: Heh. I suppose I can do that. But there's something I should mention first. The caster must have a special connection to the target for the curse to succeed.

Asugi: A special connection?

Rhajat: Yes. A friendship would do, or perhaps being siblings. Or...other connections. So long as you are close, it should work.

Asugi: I have to make friends with them?! How am I supposed to do that when I'm spying?

Rhajat: Ah. Yes. That is a fair point. Drat.

Asugi: Hey, don't get frustrated. It was nice of you to share. Although it IS kind of a bizarrely specific curse. You must be the only lady on the planet to use it.

Rhajat: What is that supposed to mean...? Are you calling me creepy again? I'm afraid I cannot let such a comment go... unpunished.

Asugi: N-no! I didn't mean it like that!

Rhajat: Oh? Hehehe. Very well. I will let you off the hook. This time. But I WILL still need to teach you a lesson. Just...watch your back. Hee. Heeheehee...heeheeheehee!

(Rhajat leaves)

Asugi: Criminy. I need a cinnamon roll...

A Support

Asugi: Hey, wait a minute! Who's there?!

Rhajat: Heeheehee. So you finally noticed.

Asugi: How long have you been following me?

Rhajat: Hmmm. Well, let's see... I started before you returned to your tent... And your little snooze on the riverbank... And when you bought those new tools... And definitely before breakfast. You ate four sweet rolls, a bonbon, 12 cookies, and...a grilled fish? That can't be right. Is that right? Anyways, I've been watching you since before that.

Asugi: Th-that whole time?!

Rhajat: Yep. And you didn't even notice until now. How shameful. Especially for a ninja. Just think. If I were an enemy, you could have died a hundred times by now.

Asugi: There's no way! Nobody's ever gotten the drop on me before...unless... Did you—

Rhajat: Indeed I did. How does it feel to have been cursed? Is it tingly? Does it sting? My magic can dull even the keenest of senses. This was child's play. So! Have you learned to watch what you say around me?

Asugi: Y-yeah, I guess. But crickets. I didn't think your curse would be that effective. Are you sure there's no way I could find a way to use this sort of thing?

Rhajat: Not unless you were spying on old friends or lovers. Or perhaps targets of a secret monomaniacal obsession. But even in that case, the target must have some fellow feeling for the caster.

Asugi: Yeah, I don't exactly have any enemies I'm mono...er...obsessed with. Wait, so does the fact that the curse worked mean that we're...ah...close?

Rhajat: I...I suppose so. I guess this means we are...friends?

Asugi: Heh. Sure. And I'm honored to have a friend as bone-chillingly creepy as you.

Rhajat: Well, you don't have to be such a pig about it.

Asugi: Hey, I was just joking! I'm sorry. I joke when I'm embarrassed. I just thought it was cute, about that curse. Means you're not as cold as I thought. It's OK. I think you're pretty great too. Heh.

Rhajat: Don't go getting a swollen head about it. Unless you want me to make your head literally swell. Because I can arrange that.

Asugi: Haha. Fine. And I'm sorry for calling you creepy. That was wrong of me. Pals?

Rhajat: Very well. If you insist. ...Heeheehee.

S Support

Rhajat: Asuuuuuugiiiiii!

Asugi: Hng?! That sounds like Rhajat! Don't tell me... Hey! Have you been following me around all day again?

Rhajat: Oh, something like that. But I swear, it's for your safety. If I weren't here, an enemy might have snuck up on you. I just wanted to look out for my dear friend Asugi.

Asugi: Yeah, I'm not super convinced. What's the real reason you're here?

Rhajat: I made some adjustments to that curse I was telling you about. The one that prevents your target from noticing you.

Asugi: Oh. Is that all? OK. What kind of improvements we talking about?

Rhajat: Well, the last curse required a semireciprocal bond between two people. Of course, that's not much use for reconnaissance work. So I thought the problem might be solved if the caster could just think of the target.

Asugi: You mean you've gotten it to work like that? That's incredible.

Rhajat: Yes. I have successfully managed to cast it. But...it appears that the caster must still have strong feelings toward the target...

Asugi: Strong how? Like, murderous feelings? Hateful feelings?

Rhajat: No...like...feelings of love.

Asugi: Love?

Rhajat: Yes. ...

Asugi: Agh! It's even more useless than before!

Rhajat: O-oh.

Asugi: I mean, how am I supposed to fall in love with a person I don't even know? And that aside, I spend most of my time tailing other men... I mean, I'm open minded and all, but—

Rhajat: I am sorry to have wasted your time. I will take my leave now.

(Rhajat leaves)

Asugi: H-hey! Hang on a minute.

Rhajat: Yes?

Asugi: ...Did you use that curse on me?

Rhajat: Wh-what kind of ridiculous, absurd, stupid question is that?

Asugi: Well, you have to have tried it on someone; otherwise you wouldn't know it worked. And you said you were following me around, but I still didn't notice you... so it stands to reason I'm the one you tested it on. Am I right? I'm right, aren't I?

Rhajat: Y-you must be pretty full of yourself to think I'd...I'd...

Asugi: Oh? Haha. I'm sorry. I guess for some reason I thought you might... Bah. Never mind.

Rhajat: You thought...

Asugi: Ah, well...I think I love you. So it would have been nice if you had cursed me.

Rhajat: I see...

Asugi: ANYWAYS. Sorry to dump all that on ya. I'd better go now.

Rhajat: ...Wait.

Asugi: Criminy. Should I start saying my prayers?

Rhajat: No...you were right. I did test the curse on you. And it worked. So I guess that's that.

Asugi: Heh. I see.

Rhajat: What do we do now?

Asugi: I don't know. I just know I'm really very happy to hear you say that. Maybe now that we're together...

Rhajat: Watch it, ninja. I didn't say we were together just yet.

Asugi: Heh. All right, all right. But...well, I don't know. We can do whatever we want. If you want to, you can even keep casting that curse on me and following me around. Whatever it takes to make you happy. That's all I want. For us to be happy.

Rhajat: Hm...perhaps I could get used to this whole "relationship" phenomenon...