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C Support

Arthur: Mmm, do you smell that, Avatar? It's the sweet smell of justice!

Avatar: I take it from your...exuberance that you just returned from a mission? Of justice?

Arthur: I received word that a group of ne'er-do-wells was on the attack. I've just disbanded their society of injustice and rescued the town they were terrorizing.

Avatar: Ne'er-do-wells, you say? Interesting. Was it a difficult battle?

Arthur: Not in the least! Whenever I stare evil in the eye, evil always blinks first.

Avatar: Haha, that's great! Right? It sounds great. Just what I'd expect from the hero of Nohr. I really admire how you've devoted yourself to helping the helpless.

Arthur: You're too kind, my lady! But truly, it was no trouble at all.

Avatar: But your pants are covered in mud! They didn't hurt you, did they?

Arthur: Oh...that's actually unrelated. I was hit by a couple of carriages on the way back.

Avatar: Huh?! You mean to say that two different carriages hit you in one day?

Arthur: And after that, the town's self-defense force mistook me for a thief. They chased after me for a good... oh, I don't know, 10 miles?

Avatar: Gods, that's awful. You must have been born under a truly unlucky star.

Arthur: So they say. Oh! I'm sorry, but I must take my leave now. I promised to deliver some much-needed medicine for the village elderly today. Thank you for the chat, Avatar!

(Arthur leaves)

Avatar: What a character. I do hope he makes it through his delivery in one piece...

B Support

Arthur: Another day in the service of justice has been completed. Ahh, feels great!

Avatar: Hello, Arthur! May I ask what heroic deeds you performed to help people today?

Arthur: Today I was asked to help a charitable organization prepare for a banquet. I just got back, actually. It went swimmingly!

Avatar: That's wonderful! Good work, as always.

Arthur: Thank you! It was a new experience for me. I was asked to be a taste tester. The food I tried was unfortunately past its prime... My stomach feels pretty terrible. However, the dishes the other testers tried were fine. The banquet was a big success! And no one but myself has to endure this terrible stomach trauma, so I'm very happy.

Avatar: *sigh* Poor Arthur. Why am I not surprised?

Arthur: Life is full of lemons, my lady. So long as they're not spoiled to the point of being deadly, one must make lemonade! HAHAHAHAHA!

Avatar: Haha, I guess you're right. Um, do let me know if that stomachache gets worse, OK?

Arthur: As you wish! Now let's see... What's next on my justice agenda...? Hm, I'm actually done for the day! Perhaps I'll turn in early to prepare for tomorrow.

Avatar: What are you doing tomorrow?

Arthur: I volunteered to help a nearby village with its fire drill!

Avatar: F-fire drill?!

Arthur: Yep! I'll be teaching them how to put out a wildfire. Should be fun!

Avatar: W-wildfire?! ... Um, Arthur... Could you do me a favor?

Arthur: Certainly! Your wish is my command!

Avatar: Before you do the fire drill, douse yourself in water from head to toe. Got it?

Arthur: Um...come again?

Avatar: I want you to completely soak yourself in water before you light any fires. Promise me you'll do that, OK? You won't forget?

Arthur: I must admit I find your request a little strange, but you have my word!

A Support

Avatar: Hello, Arthur! How did the fire drill go?

Arthur: Lady Avatar! Just the person I was hoping to run into. As promised, I drenched myself in water before the drill. It was a huge success!

Avatar: Ah, thank goodness. I had a bad feeling something might happen with the wildfire. I'm so glad I said something.

Arthur: The wildfire? Whatever do you mean? This has nothing to do with the fire...

Avatar: No? Then why was soaking yourself in water a success?

Arthur: Well, we conducted our drill by the river. Safety first, as I always say! Remembering your advice, I went to the river's edge to jump in before we started... That's when I slipped on some mud and fell face-first into the water.

Avatar: ... I really shouldn't be surprised. But I'm still confused... How was the day a success?

Arthur: Allow me to finish! The river I fell into had some remarkably swift rapids. I pride myself on being the best swimmer in town, but it was too much for even me.

Avatar: Good grief. Go on...

Arthur: Well, unfortunately for me, I wasn't the only thing fighting the rapids that day. It rained heavily the night before, so the river was full of rocks and broken branches. Every stroke was accompanied by searing pain. It really pushed my limits. However, I didn't lose heart! It's important to keep your cool in emergency situations. With the fury of a thousand sharks pulsing in my veins, I fought with all my might! Through sheer grit and determination, I somehow made it safely back to shore. All of the villagers gave a huge round of applause when I surfaced. They said it was even more exciting than a wildfire—best show they'd seen in years!

Avatar: *sigh*

Arthur: It's a mad world, Lady Avatar! One must always be vigilant. Without your advice, I would have never had the chance to test the waters, if you will. I value any chance to grow, so I will surely be coming to you for advice more often. I'm quite certain this marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Avatar: Happy to help, Arthur... I guess. I'm just glad you're OK.

Arthur: I'm more than OK. I'm on top of the world! You really are my lucky star.

Avatar: Thanks... I think...

S Support

Avatar: Hello, Arthur!

Arthur: Ah, Lady Avatar! Thank you for meeting me here tonight.

Avatar: No problem at all, but is something wrong? It's pretty late for a chat...

Arthur: I apologize for the late hour, milady. You'll understand when you see...

Avatar: See what?

Arthur: Here, follow me and I'll show you. ARGH!

(Arthur leaves)

Avatar: Arthur?! Are you OK?

Arthur: I-I'm fine. Thank you. Why would someone dig a hole here? It's...rude. Very rude. In any case, if you'll just give me a moment. Good gods, it's slippery in here... N-never fear, milady! I've never met a hole so deep I couldn't brute force my way out. It takes more than that to foil a proven force of justice like myself... HMPH!

Arthur: See! It was nothing.

Avatar: Thank goodness. For a moment I thought I might have to go in after you!

Arthur: Ehem, in any case... Here we are! Just around this corner here is the most breathtaking view you'll ever see. It will fill you with wonder and a sense of hope. It is quite simply divine! It's my... ...

Avatar: ...

Arthur: ...

Avatar: It's a bit foggy, isn't it?

Arthur: Indeed it is. I was told we'd have crystal- clear skies tonight. Well, nothing can be done. At least we still have the stars above to...

Avatar: ...

Arthur: ...

Avatar: It's a rather cloudy night, isn't it? Cloudiest I've seen in ages.

Arthur: So it is, milady. It would seem Mother Nature is a mischievous lass. Well, nothing can be done. Suffice to say, the view would have been unforgettable. Ehem... Um... Lady Avatar... The truth is, there's a special reason I asked you here tonight. I was hoping...praying and hoping that you might consent to join your life with mine!

Avatar: Arthur...

Arthur: Please, let me finish! You inspire my heart even more than the quest for justice. Truly! I was hoping you would be my sidekick. Nay, my wife! My partner in this life...

Avatar: This is so sudden. I don't know what to say...

Arthur: Oh, wait a moment! I have a ring and everything. Here, open this box.

Avatar: Uh, Arthur? There's nothing in here...

Arthur: Wha?! The shopkeeper must have forgotten to put it back in after he polished it... I should have double-checked. Of all the times for my luck to plague me, why now?! *sigh* I can take a hint, life. If you'll excuse me, I have some gentle sobbing to do...

Avatar: Heeheeheee! HAHAHAHA!

Arthur: Lady Avatar... I'm sorry, but I fail to see the humor in this.

Avatar: Don't worry, Arthur. I don't need a ring or a pretty view to know what you're saying. I feel the same way. You're so kind and heroic, so intent on helping the helpless. Somewhere along the way... I kind of fell in love with you.

Arthur: Lady... I mean, Avatar! Do you really mean it?!

Avatar: Heehee, I do! And yes, I would be delighted to be your wife. Besides...

Arthur: Yes, darling?

Avatar: Well, if we're always together, I can keep an eye on you. Make sure you stay safe.

Arthur: Keep an eye on me? Whatever for? Do you think...I'm incompetent?

Avatar: What? No! Of course not! It's because... You know, because you're so handsome! You and that stylish "H" belt, heehee.

Arthur: ... The "H" stands for "hero." It reminds me to always act humbly and heroically. Thank you, darling Avatar. I can't wait to walk down the honorable road of justice with you at my side!

Avatar: I can't wait either!

(Confession Scene)

Arthur: Your love is as sweet as the sweet, sweet smell of justice! I love you more than anything. But don't tell justice I said so.