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|I have no need of rest. Every moment can be another step toward my ultimate victory.

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Character Quote
Chrom A leader must never rest, never surrender, and most of all never stop learning…
Robin (Male Avatar) I reviewed some historical battle texts. One can glean many tactics from the past.
Robin (Female Avatar) I studied up on some practical combat strategies. No one will die on my watch!
Lissa I’m trying to be more ladylike, but I think I might’ve pulled a pinky muscle…
Frederick I took it upon myself to clear away a bit of gravel here. Safety first!
Sully All done polishing the weapons. Can’t fight jack squat without a trusty blade or bow!
Virion See how well I polished my equipment? The bards shall sing of Virion’s legendary shine!
Stahl Sometimes it’s good to stop for a moment, get off your horse, and see things a new way.
Vaike Teach just did 10 sit-ups and didn't even break a sweat. Oh yeah!
Miriel Ah, contentment. I have finally organized my personal library by author and subject.
Sumia You can learn a lot about this world from a pegasus’s back. I see new things every day.
Kellam I've been practicing my war cry to get me noticed. I scared away two birds already!
Donnel I been takin’ me some combat lessons! I gots a lot to learn, but I’m getting’ better.
Lon'qu I... I thought a bit more about how to talk to women. I can do this...
Ricken I tried frying some fish with my Fire tome. Modern men should know how to cook!
Maribelle I managed a quick bit of violin practice. I try to stay abreast of the noble pursuits.
Gaius I don’t care what they say-taking candy from a baby is not very easy at all.
Panne Humans do seem more comfortable around me when I pretend to have buck teeth...
Cordelia I just finished my copy of “Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight.” So embarrassing…
Gregor Gregor take little time-out. Do side job, yes?
Nowi I met a new dragon friend! His name was… Banta? …Banter?! Wait, what was it…?
Tharja Ah, finally, a perfect voodoo doll. Robin will have eyes only for me…
Anna Who knew you could meet suppliers in a place like this? Dang, I’m good.
Olivia I put together a new, edgier dance routine, but I'm too embarrassed to show anyone!
Cherche I mended everyone’s tattered clothes. They should feel as good as new.
Henry I've seen a man transform into a raven before. Maybe with enough study...
Say'ri I have tekn up the study of politics. I must do all I can to help my people.
Tiki Ah, it's good to catch up with people. So much of the world has changed!
Basilio I went a couple rounds with the younger sprogs. Gotta keep myself in shape, har!
Lucina I tried out some of Father's sword moves and smashed a hole in the wall. ...Success?
Morgan (Male)
Morgan (Female) I started on some of Father's tactical guidebooks. I must learn all I can!
Owain I hereby dub my weapon "Shadowdarkness." Yes...It will be a fitting brand.
Inigo I was just practicing a few dance moves. I hope no one was watching...
Brady I worked out a little melody on the violin. "Noble pursuits," as Ma would say.
Kjelle I polished and oiled my armor. You never know when battle will erupt, after all.
Cynthia "I am Cynthia. Now, die in the name of a Brighter Future!" ...Oh, that's good!
Severa I found this book "Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight." Who reads this stuff?
Gerome I've stitched some holes in our clothes. ...Sewing is a hidden skill of mine.
Laurent I’ve been organizing our weapons by name and make. Our old system was a farce!
Nah "Talk my age," my mother says. I may as well practice drooling before a mirror!
Gangrel I did meet a maid the other day that made me think perhaps things aren't all so bad...
Walhart I have no need of rest. Every moment can be another step toward my ultimate victory.
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