Experience Quotes (Awakening)

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Character Quote
Chrom A leader must never rest, never surrender, and most of all never stop learning…
Robin (Male Avatar) I reviewed some historical battle texts. One can glean many tactics from the past.
Robin (Female Avatar) I studied up on some practical combat strategies. No one will die on my watch!
Lissa I’m trying to be more ladylike, but I think I might’ve pulled a pinky muscle…
Frederick I took it upon myself to clear away a bit of gravel here. Safety first!
Sully All done polishing the weapons. Can’t fight jack squat without a trusty blade or bow!
Virion See how well I polished my equipment? The bards shall sing of Virion’s legendary shine!
Stahl Sometimes it’s good to stop for a moment, get off your horse, and see things a new way.
Vaike Teach just did 10 sit-ups and didn't even break a sweat. Oh yeah!
Miriel Ah, contentment. I have finally organized my personal library by author and subject.
Sumia You can learn a lot about this world from a pegasus’s back. I see new things every day.
Kellam I've been practicing my war cry to get me noticed. I scared away two birds already!
Donnel I been takin’ me some combat lessons! I gots a lot to learn, but I’m getting’ better.
Lon'qu I... I thought a bit more about how to talk to women. I can do this...
Ricken I tried frying some fish with my Fire tome. Modern men should know how to cook!
Maribelle I managed a quick bit of violin practice. I try to stay abreast of the noble pursuits.
Gaius I don’t care what they say-taking candy from a baby is not very easy at all.
Panne Humans do seem more comfortable around me when I pretend to have buck teeth...
Cordelia I just finished my copy of “Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight.” So embarrassing…
Gregor Gregor take little time-out. Do side job, yes?
Nowi I met a new dragon friend! His name was… Banta? …Banter?! Wait, what was it…?
Libra I've offered up a few prayers for our safety.
Tharja Ah, finally, a perfect voodoo doll. Robin will have eyes only for me…
Anna Who knew you could meet suppliers in a place like this? Dang, I’m good.
Olivia I put together a new, edgier dance routine, but I'm too embarrassed to show anyone!
Cherche I mended everyone’s tattered clothes. They should feel as good as new.
Henry I've seen a man transform into a raven before. Maybe with enough study...
Say'ri I have taken up the study of politics. I must do all I can to help lead my people.
Tiki Ah, it's good to catch up with people. So much of the world has changed!
Flavia Some thugs picked their last fight with me. What kind of strumpet did they take me for?
Basilio I went a couple rounds with the younger sprogs. Gotta keep myself in shape, har!
Lucina I tried out some of Father's sword moves and smashed a hole in the wall. ...Success?
Morgan (Male) I started on some of Mother's tactical guidebooks. I want to help!
Morgan (Female) I started on some of Father's tactical guidebooks. I must learn all I can!
Owain I hereby dub my weapon "Shadowdarkness." Yes...it will be a fitting brand.
Inigo I was just practicing a few dance moves. I hope no one was watching...
Brady I worked out a little melody on the violin. "Noble pursuits," as Ma would say.
Kjelle I polished and oiled my armor. You never know when battle will erupt, after all.
Cynthia "I am Cynthia. Now, die in the name of a Brighter Future!" ...Oh, that's good!
Severa I found this book "Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight." Who reads this stuff?
Gerome I've stitched some holes in our clothes. ...Sewing is a hidden skill of mine.
Yarne Why does everyone look at me funny when I make buck teeth? Mom lied!
Laurent I’ve been organizing our weapons by name and make. Our old system was a farce!
Noire I've done it—a new talisman to protect me from all likely misfortune! Please work...
Nah "Talk my age," my mother says. I may as well practice drooling before a mirror!
Gangrel I did meet a maid the other day that made me think perhaps things aren't all so bad...
Walhart I have no need of rest. Every moment can be another step toward my ultimate victory.
Emmeryn I learn more...about...this place...
Yen'fay ...These are the times that try a man's soul, sure as any forge's flames.
Aversa I'm trying out a new scent... It takes work to keep men wrapped around your finger.
Priam I dispatched a few minor enemies just now—nothing worth mentioning.
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