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Cordelia: Lady Sakura! Are these the herbs you were looking for?

Sakura: Th-they are! I couldn't find any when I went looking earlier. I hope you didn't go to too much trouble...

Cordelia: Not at all! I just happened upon them. And I'm always happy to do you a favor, Lady Sakura.

Sakura: How sweet of you to say! You remind me a lot of my retainer, Subaki.

Cordelia: Really? How so?

Sakura: Well, you do kind of look similar, but it's more than that... It's more like...your auras! That's it. You're both so p-positive. And everyone always talks about what a perfectionist he is. Just like you!

Cordelia: I...I don't know if I'd use the word "perfectionist" to describe myself...

Sakura: Then there's the fact that he's such a hard worker. I don't think I've ever seen him sit idle. It's a little worrying sometimes, the way he pushes himself...

Cordelia: It sounds like he holds himself to very high standards. I suppose I can sympathize with that impulse.

Sakura: See? You're not so different. Oh, but...that means I have to worry about you too, doesn't it? N-not that it's not a good thing to want to be perfect all the time. I-it's just...it's just, if you push yourself too far, you could hurt yourself... And the last thing I want is for you to get hurt, Cordelia. You and Subaki both mean so much to me...

Cordelia: Lady Sakura! Don't get yourself so worked up! I know my own limits... Come to think of it, I had a similar conversation not too long ago... Someone told me that I could learn to ask others for help a bit more often. Of course, being me, I immediately set out to get better at asking for help. But now, thinking back on it, I'm starting to wonder if I kind of missed the point...

Sakura: Maybe a little... I'm sure your friend didn't want you to feel like you had to try even harder. The reason I...a-and perhaps your friend, want you to reach out to others...is not because you need to be perfect. You're perfect the way you are!

Cordelia: Oh, Lady Sakura...thank you. You've cleared a few things up for me. Good thing I found those herbs, huh? Hey, next time you see Subaki, you should say the same thing to him.

Sakura: Good idea! I do want him to know how important he is to me...

Cordelia: Since he can't be here, I hope you'll consider me a suitable replacement.

Sakura: I have no doubt that you are! B-but don't overwork yourself, OK? Not on my account!

Cordelia: Yes, Lady Sakura. I promise to ask for help if I need it. Happy?

Sakura: Yes! I'll look forward to it!