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Cordelia: Hya! Ya! Er…ya!

Ryoma: Still waiting for your partner, Cordelia? Or are you on your own today?

Cordelia: It’s just me, Lord Ryoma. I’ve never had much luck in finding sparring partners.

Ryoma: Hmm… I would imagine people would line up to train with a genius like you.

Cordelia: Genius? I don’t know about that… Actually, I think it might be that kind of reputation that keeps people away… Since I started as a knight, people have avoided me for fear I’d embarrass them. Apparently I have a habit of winning…So now I mostly train alone.

Ryoma: I see…

Cordelia: It’s better than not training at all! There are so many people depending on me… I have to be ready in case I’m needed. I refuse to let my allies down. It doesn’t matter if people think I’m a genius if I can’t protect those in need.

Ryoma: You really are a model warrior, Cordelia. Serious, smart, focused…I’m reminded of my retainers back at home, Saizo and Kagero–ninjas.

Cordelia: What’s a ninja?

Ryoma: A master of many skills. Kagero is an inspector, a protector, a strategist…And Saizo completes any task–no matter how unpleasant–with no complaint. Sometimes I worry that they don’t feel their work is appreciated…

Cordelia: I wouldn’t worry about that, Ryoma! Anyone would be honored to be working for you. I mean, I don’t have a liege myself, but I’m sure you’d be a good one. I bet Saizo and Kagero love working for you.

Ryoma: Isn’t that funny! For a second there, you sounded just like Saizo. He once told me there was no greater joy than serving a liege you respect. And that was all the reward he needed. I even think Kagero said something similar once…

Cordelia: Ha! They sound like happy retainers to me. Just like I said, you have nothing to worry about–they’re glad to serve you!

Ryoma: Yes… I can only hope they know how proud I am to be their liege. Cordelia…how would you feel about training with me every now and again? Perhaps I could break you of your pesky habit of winning all the time!

Cordelia: Of course, Lord Ryoma! I’d be happy to spar with you.

Ryoma: Excellent. There’s just something very… familiar about you. I enjoy your company. You have the same spirit as my retainers!

Cordelia: It’s really sweet how much you care about them. I wonder what else I’ll learn about you in these training sessions…

Ryoma: I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. I don’t have many secrets.

Cordelia: We’ll see! In all seriousness, I’m happy I’ll have the chance to get to know you better.

Ryoma: The feeling’s mutual.