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Lucina: Cordelia, is something the matter? You're looking at me a little funny...

Cordelia: Oh, I am? Sorry, it's just that your movements are so similar to Chrom's. It's kind of mesmerizing.

Lucina: Heh, really? In what ways are they similar?

Cordelia: Well, for example, you sheathe your swords exactly the same way.

Lucina: That's quite specific. Is there anything else?

Cordelia: Hmm... The way you use your finger to turn the pages of a book... And how you both slice meat to such a deliberate thickness... The number of times you blink, and... OH! The way your hair twists into cowlicks!

Lucina: I had no idea you were watching my father or me so closely! I suppose I should be grateful... I never notice little details like that. So if not for you, all those...quirks we have in common would've escaped me.

Cordelia: How funny! Every time I look at you, I can't help but see traces of your father.

Lucina: Do you...do you think that means one day I could be as amazing as he is?

Cordelia: You're already amazing! Like I said, you two have a lot in common.

Lucina: I understand that we have a lot of the same habits, but... He's a man of character and an amazing swordsman... I'm eons behind him!

Cordelia: You have nothing to worry about, Lucina. Greatness is in your blood.

Lucina: I don't know... We're technically the same age and look at him. He's perfect!

Cordelia: Your father's anything but perfect. Even he'd admit that. Besides, you shouldn't obsess over being perfect. I learned that from Chrom. Everyone has their shortcomings! That's why we need and must support our allies.

Lucina: Yes, that makes sense... And it takes some of the pressure off. I do always try my best to be a sufficient and reliable ally.

Cordelia: You are! Our friendship has already been a source of strength for me.

Lucina: Really? That's so good to hear!

Cordelia: Lucina... you're young, smart, beautiful... Keep working hard and you'll be fine.

Lucina: Beautiful? That means a lot coming from you! You're the most beautiful woman I know! I'm sure my father feels the same way.

Cordelia: Y-you think so? Not that I care or anything... I-I guess it's nice, uh, to get that confidence boost.

Lucina: I can't imagine you needing a boost of confidence! But if you ever do, I hope you know I'm always happy to sing your praises.

Cordelia: Thank you, Lucina. I think we both have plenty to be confident about.

Lucina: You know what? I believe you're right.