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Hinoka: Ha! ...Urrgh! You're not gettin' away with that! Hyaa!

Cordelia: Arggh! OK, OK...you win. That was amazing, Lady Hinoka.

Hinoka: Eh, it was close.

Coredlia: No, it really wasn't. I've never met a Pegasus Knight of your ability before. Are you up for sparring again tomorrow? This is good training.

Hinoka: I was just going to ask you the same thing.

Cordelia: Then it's a plan! Well, I'd better get back to work.

Hinoka: Again?! C'mon, Cordelia. How much work could you possibly have to do?

Cordelia: I need to organize equipment, inventory weapons, look over the accounts--

Hinoka: OK, stop. That sounds so boring... Can't you get someone else to do it?

Cordelia: It's my duty to do these things. I can't just hand them off to someone else! Anyway, I'd better be on my way. See you tomorrow!

Hinoka: Wait a sec! Cordelia! Training isn't over quite yet.

Cordelia: But I thought... I mean, you beat me.

Hinoka: Right, but now I believe you need to train yourself to rest!

Cordelia: People are counting on me, Lady Hinoka.

Hinoka: Yes! They're counting on you to fight! What good are you if you're exhausted? Even just now you were having trouble with your lance. How do you think I won?

Cordelia: Are you sure you didn't win simply because I haven't trained hard enough? I can train AND do my work too. In fact, it's my responsibility to do both!

Hinoka: Hah! This might be the first time I've met a warrior who works TOO hard. Listen, I'm just worried about you, Cordelia. Can't I help somehow?

Cordelia: I appreciate your concern, but... delegating is one skill I've not mastered.

Hinoka: Fair enough! I'll delegate for you. First things first, I'll do all your work today.

Cordelia: Lady Hinoka! There are too few hours in the day! You'll never finish in time...

Hinoka: Uh, then how were you going to do it? Never mind, don't answer that. Just leave it to me. I do this kind of stuff all the time in Hoshido. Seriously. My retainers are completely useless.

Cordelia: I can't let you--

Hinoka: You're not letting me! I'm doing it! Now...just laze around for a bit.

Cordelia: Laze around? Hah! I'm not sure I know how to do that, but if you insist, I'll try. ...Thank you, Hinoka. You may have a tough exterior, but you're very generous.

Hinoka: Oh, stop with the waterworks! Anyone would suggest the same thing. And after today, you'll split all your duties with me. OK? We work together. We rest together. That's that.

Cordelia: By your command... In the meantime, I guess I better go figure out how to laze.