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Cordelia: Lady Caeda, I've finished polishing your equipment. I also took care of the fitting.

Caeda: Oh! Why, thank you, Cordelia! I hope you know that you don't really need to do all that for me.

Cordelia: I do, but...I can't help it. You're my idol! You're Lady Caeda, the legendary Pegasus Knight!

Caeda: “Legendary”? That's...that's a little... excessive. The only legend I've ever associated myself with is that of Prince Marth.

Cordelia: Don't be so modest. You soar with perfect grace! Your shadow alone inspires fear in your foes below! And your kindness has swayed even the hearts of your enemies, they say!

Caeda: Now you're exaggerating... Though I appreciate the compliment. You command a great deal of respect as well, Cordelia. I'd love to possess your bravery, skill in scouting, organizational abilities...

Cordelia: Really?! It's an honor to hear you say that! W-would you mind if I asked you something, Lady Caeda?

Caeda: Of course not. What would you like to know?

Cordelia: I heard this legend... It was about three Pegasus Knights. Sisters. It's said that they could join forces and perform a powerful special attack. Would you happen to know of them, by chance? I believe they lived in your time...

Caeda: Are you speaking of the Whitewings of Macedon's Pegasus Knights?

Cordelia: So they do exist! I've wanted to learn their technique ever since I heard the legends.

Caeda: I've seen them use the maneuver you're talking about. But I'm sorry to tell you I never learned it myself.

Cordelia: Oh. So you probably wouldn't be able to teach it to me then. Unless... Well, you have seen it, right? Maybe you could re-create it!

Caeda: Maybe. However, you need three people to perform the move, like the sisters.

Cordelia: You, Lady Hinoka, and I are all Pegasus Knights. We could do it! We'd simply need to learn how to harmonize our movements. Don't you think it would be worthwhile to at least give it a try? ­

Caeda: I...I suppose. I guess I never really considered it before... ...But why not? I think our bonds are strong enough to make it work! I must say, your passion is infectious, Cordelia. Let's find Lady Hinoka and get started right away!

Cordelia: Really?! Ha! I can't believe that I get to learn this move alongside my idol! If we do manage to pull it off, it'll be like achieving two lifelong dreams at once.