Vestaria Saga 1 Base Inventory

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Note: Units that temporarily cannot be deployed for the upcoming chapter leave their entire inventory content in the Stockpile, except for PRF weapons, which stay in their inventory. Note that there is one particularly risky edge case: placing the Doyenne (personal to Rubina, Yaeri, Aslanne and Ma'aya) on Aslanne's inventory then finishing Chapter 5 will have it stay in her inventory until she returns in Chapter 20 instead of being sent to the Stockpile.

Name Starting Inventory
Zade Edelstern☆, Short Sword
Athol Healing Staff, Herbs
Troy Longsword
Bonacel Phalanx Lance, Singlespear
Prody Short Spear, Pilum
Alysia Staff of Beatitude☆
Dune Hunting Bow, Elder Cornelius☆
Jean Woodcutter's Axe
Ash Hurlbat
Merida (Early) Dandelion☆
Theodel Raecryst, Healing Ring
Cezar Main Gauche
Zayid Hatchet
Haldyn Altium Sword, Herbs
Rubina Estoc
Yaeri Doyenne
Aslanne (Ch5) Pilum +2; (Ch20) Divine Sword, Dreadblade
Nina Healing Staff
Lilia Healing Staff, Herbs
Accorte Nashorne☆
Hoelun (Ch8) Rambling Rose, Hunting Bow, Herbs; (Ch9) Rambling Rose, Royal Jelly; (Ch10) Rambling Rose; (Ch12) Ariadne☆ (if retrieved in Ch10)
Aynellia Alcyone☆
Cyltan Am Solim☆, Herbs, Hunting Bow
Urven (Ch10) Pilum, Spear, Herbs; (Ch12) Cavalry Lance, Stun Pilum
Merida (Late)
Ma'aya Doyenne
Lyttia Ripwippe☆
Helme Zweihänder
Lianka Lianka's Claw☆
Hilda Justitia☆
Siegfried Formalinthe☆, Halidole☆
Neira Rambling Rose, Far-Healing Staff, Tisane
Jamulan Poleaxe, Warpick
Slayne Arbalest, Hunting Bow
Eddard (Ch17) Dragon Lance☆, Tisane; (Ch20) Dragon Lance☆ (same copy), Merc Sword
Rastelle (R) Estoc, Royal Jelly, Siurian Thaumite
Cromwell (R) Iron Duke, Imperial Brand, Octavo Herbs