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This is a list of characters that were implied in the games.

Dark Dragon and Sword of Light/Mystery of the Emblem (Book 1)/Shadow Dragon

  • Cornelius is the father of Marth and Elice and the previous king of Altea. He was killed during in the War of Shadows.

He appeared

He was mentioned in ? in Dark Dragon and Sword of Light and by Elice during in the Prologue I's ending of Shadow Dragon.

  • Anri was the Hero that fought Medeus sometime 100 years ago before in War of Shadows.

He was mentioned in ?.

  • Artemis was the first princess of Archanea. And the former lover of Anri.

She was mentioned in ?.

  • Cartas was the Duke and the leader of liberation army to fight against the Dolhr empire and later married Artemis.

He was mentioned in ?.

  • Naga (Narga in Genealogy of the Holy War) is the father/mother of Tiki. She later appears in Genealogy of the Holy War in the opening and inside of the Tome in Generation II and appears again in Fire Emblem Awakening as her true form.

She was mentioned in ?.

  • Ludwick (Louie in the Japanese version) is the king of Grust during in the War of Shadows and the father of Yumina and Yubello.

He was mentioned in ?.

  • Miloah (Miroa in the Japanese version) is the father of Linde, one of the best students of Gotoh, and was killed by Gharnef.
  • Castor's Mother is the mother of Castor that lived in Talys that Castor saids that she is sick.

In the manga adaption of Dark Dragon and Sword of Light, that in Volume 8 that Ogma remembers the last time that he heard that she was spose to be the healthest woman around in Talys and she has a Daughter that she was been taken care while Castor was looking for money to buy Medicine and in the BS Archanea Saga, she has an another son that was also taken care while Castor was away.

She was mentioned in Castor's conversation with Caeda in Chapter 2 and his death quote.

  • Liza is the mother of Marth and Elice and the queen of Altea. She was killed by Morzas.

She was mentioned in Chapter 17.

  • Sheena is the daughter of Jiol and the princess of Gra. And then, she later appears in Book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem and Heroes of Light and Shadow.

She was only mentioned in Jiol's death quote on Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 only.

  • Ursula is the late wife of Etzel.

She was only mentioned from Etzel in Chapter 16x and his death quote in Shadow Dragon and his death quote and base conversation with Avatar in Heroes of Light and Shadow.

Fire Emblem Gaiden

  • Mila is the sister of Doma and a God.

She was mentioned in ?. And also, her name also appeared in the Sound Track of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and also keeped her name the same from the Japanese version.

Mystery of the Emblem (Book 2)/Heroes of Light and Shadow

  • Maclir is the grandfather of Chris (the Avatar/My Unit in Heroes of Light and Shadow) that Chris first mentioned during in the beginning of Heroes of Light and Shadow. His name was mentioned in the base conversation in Prologue VI with Jagen that he is a former Altean Knight from the front on the lines due to his injury, but his loyalty to Altea was unmatched and an old friend of Jagen. Maclir was the one taught Chris how to fight sometime before the beginning of the story and Chris was able to join the Altea Knight for his grandfather during in the beginning.

Genealogy of the Holy War

  • Victor is the father of Arvis' and Azel's. Note: His name wasn't mentioned in Genealogy of the Holy War, but his name was mentioned in Treasure.
  • Kurth is the father of Deirdre and wife of Cigyun.
  • Ethnia is the mother of Amid and Linda and she takes Tailto's role if she didn't have a husband. And she dies in Hilda's .

Binding Blade

  • Ogier's Sister is the sister of Ogier that was mentioned in the support conversation from Lalum and Ogier's.

The Blazing Blade

  • Juge, Iris, and Kai are the memebers of Nino's family, Juge is the real father, Iris is the real mother, and Kai is the real brother of . They were killed by the Black Fang during sometime before in The Blazing Blade.

The Sacred Stones

  • Mia is the younger sister of Kyle. She also shared her named from the playable character from the Tellius Series. She was mentioned in Support Conversation in Kyle and Forde's.
  • Melina is the mother of Amelia. She was mentioned in the Support Conversation from Amelia.
  • Monica is the deceased wife of Orson's and appeared as a Corpse in Chapter 16 to trick Orson for believing that she is still alive.
  • Eirika's Daughter is the daughter that she was born sometime after the War of Stones. She was mentioned in the ending if Eirika was with Saleh.
  • Amelia's Child is the daughter or son that was born sometime after the War of Stones, the daughter was mentioned if Amelia was paired with Franz or Ewan or the son was mentioned if Amelia was paired with Ross. That the son had became a great Warrior and did gained the skills and strenght from Ross years later after the ending of War of Stones. The child was mentioned in the ending.

Path of Radiance

  • Lyre and Kyza is Ranalf's comrades and Lyre is the sister of Lethe . Both of them later appeared in the sequel of Radiant Dawn in Part III. But Kyza had his name as Kysha in Path of Radiance and it was changed to Kyza and have his name as Kysha in the European version of Radiant Dawn.

They were both mentioned in Support Conversation in Ranalf's and Lethe's.

Radiant Dawn

  • ?

Fire Emblem Awakening

  • Ke'ri is a childhood friend of Lon'qu from Chon'sin and she was killed by Bandits. She And her parents were angry at Lon'qu and made Lon'qu leave and they read her dairy that made them forgive Lon'qu about their daughter, she is mentioned in Lon'qu's support conversations with Cherche's and Tharja's. Note: Her name was only mentioned in Cherche's support conversation.
  • Gregor is the brother of Gregor's that was killed by bandits and Gregor used his brother's name for his tributal for his memory and he blamed himself for his brother's death and then, he asked Tharja that he wanted to bring back his brother back, but she couldn't do it, but she can use a spell to contact his brother for speaking with Gregor and he managed to tell Gregor that Gregor shouldn't blame himself for his brother's death, he is mentioned in Gregor's support conversations with Tharja's.