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Starting from Chapter 1, you can visit the Wall of Fame at the Fortuna Office, which hosts a history of your efforts.


Awards serve as milestones of your deeds as you play through the game, and are presented by acquiring specific Play Records. When you receive an Award, an on-screen notification for it briefly appears (by default, but this may be turned off via Settings), and you may check the Wall of Fame to admire its unique Trophy.

Awards have no bearing on the story or gameplay, and do not unlock anything other than their related Trophy for display.

Your Awards, including specific progress towards them, will always be carried over into a new playthrough started from game clear data. If you wish to start over, choose the "Debut" option from the title screen and begin a new playthrough from there.


  • As Awards are tied directly to Play Records, the game must be completed more than once and at least one time on Lunatic difficulty to obtain every Award.

Award Deed Details
Excellence in Storytelling Experienced the full story Obtain all "Story" Play Records.
Best Actor: Itsuki Mastered Itsuki Obtain all of Itsuki's "Cast" Play Records.
Best Actress: Tsubasa Mastered Tsubasa Obtain all of Tsubasa's "Cast" Play Records.
Best Actor: Touma Mastered Touma Obtain all of Touma's "Cast" Play Records.
Best Actress: Kiria Mastered Kiria Obtain all of Kiria's "Cast" Play Records.
Best Actress: Eleonora Mastered Eleonora Obtain all of Ellie's "Cast" Play Records.
Best Actress: Mamori Mastered Mamori Obtain all of Mamori's "Cast" Play Records.
Best Actor: Yashiro Mastered Yashiro Obtain all of Yashiro's "Cast" Play Records.
Supporting Role: Maiko Mastered Maiko Obtain all of Maiko's "Cast" Play Records.
Supporting Role: Tiki Mastered Tiki Obtain all of Tiki's "Cast" Play Records.
Supporting Role: Barry Mastered Barry Obtain all of Barry's "Cast" Play Records.
Best Mirage Actor: Chrom Mastered Chrom Obtain all of Chrom's "Mirage" Play Records.
Best Mirage Actress: Caeda Mastered Caeda Obtain all of Caeda's "Mirage" Play Records.
Best Mirage Actor: Cain Mastered Cain Obtain all of Cain's "Mirage" Play Records.
Best Mirage Actress: Tharja Mastered Tharja Obtain all of Tharja's "Mirage" Play Records.
Best Mirage Actor: Virion Mastered Virion Obtain all of Virion's "Mirage" Play Records.
Best Mirage Actor: Draug Mastered Draug Obtain all of Draug's "Mirage" Play Records.
Best Mirage Actor: Navarre Mastered Navarre Obtain all of Navarre's "Mirage" Play Records.
Tokyo Walkathon Explored Tokyo Obtain all Welcome "Field" Play Records.
Documentary: Illusory Subject Mastered the Idolasphere Obtain all Invaded, Charted, and Looted "Field" Play Records.
Outstanding in the Field Mastered all field actions Obtain all other "Field" Play Records.
Best Fight Choreography Mastered the combat stage Obtain all "Combat" Play Records from Combat Novice to Duo Ensemble.
Best VFX in Battle Performed in combat Obtain all "Combat" Play Records from Tactical Retreat to Arena Legend.
Best Costume Design Pursued the finest in combat fashion Obtain all costume "Combat" Play Records.
Merchandise Award Mastered shops and money Obtain all "Money" Play Records.
Ultimate Challenge Award Completed many challenges Obtain all "Misc." Play Records up to Second Season / Third Season.
Lifetime of Freedom Award Displayed a relaxed lifestyle Obtain all other "Misc." Play Records.
Best Debut Performance Acquired 5% of Play Records
Courageous Performance Acquired 50% of Play Records
Hall of Fame Mastered TMS #FE! Obtain all Play Records.