Temporary Boost Quotes (Awakening)

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Character Quote
Chrom Where is all this strength coming from? I feel like I could topple a mountain!
Robin (M/F) I'm in top form today!
Lissa I'm doing great today! I wonder why...? I guess I'll just go with it.
Frederick What’s gotten into me today? I feel as if I could protect the realm single-handed!
Sully Hot damn! I am cooking with fire today! Watch me tear up the field!
Virion What is this boost of excellence I sense within my noble self? Even I am amazed!
Stahl That extra help at dinner kicked in. I feel great today!
Vaike The Vaike never has an off day, but today he's definitely having an "onner" day.
Miriel What a commendable day. Every item is precisely where it's supposed to be.
Sumia I haven’t tripped in at least an hour! …That’s amazing. Was it something I ate?
Kellam Is it just me, or do I have more presence today?
Donnel Dang if I ain’t outdoin’ m’self today! Might be I can even keep up with the others.
Lon'qu ...I feel more nimble than usual.
Ricken I’m on fire today! I feel like I could run across the world and back!
Maribelle I declare, I am in fine form! Perhaps only natural for a woman of my breeding.
Gaius A little sugar has really got my brain spinning again, and I got energy to spare!
Panne Ha, yes! I haven't felt this good since the old days with the warren.
Cordelia I'm really outdoing myself today. I wonder if he's noticed...
Gregor Gregor is running the circle around everyone today! Is match for ANYONE!
Nowi I am just BURSTING with energy today! Maybe I'll transform into a bigger dragon!
Libra Gods be praised, I feel wonderful today!
Tharja I feel ickier than usual today... Splendid! Oh, the curses I could hex up now...
Olivia This has been a fantastic day for me. I feel like I'm dancing on air!
Cherche Is there something in the air today? I feel so invigorated!
Henry Wow! My blood's pumping so hard today, I think my thumbs might explode!
Anna Holy smokes! Is this my lucky day? My performance AND my profits are up!
Say'ri The fates favor me, it seems. Today I feel ready to cut down the fiercest enemies.
Tiki Look at me go! I could not ask for a better day.
Flavia Whew! I feel as though the gods' very breath is in me. I can do anything!
Basilio What a day I'm having. I could level an entire army!
Lucina Something agrees with me today. I must have at least twice my normal strength!
Morgan (M/F) I'm in fantastic form today! I just hope I can put it to good use.
Owain The blood of heroes courses through me! Today I will mete out great justice!
Inigo Today is a fine day-I can smell it. Watch me sweep the ladies off their feet!
Brady What a day! I've been scatterin' foes with a single glance from my mean mug!
Kjelle I feel as though I could conquer anything today! Has my training finally paid off?
Cynthia What a killer day I'm having! The forces of evil will stay home if they're smart.
Severa I must have slept well or something. My skin feels so supple. And my hair? Perfect!
Gerome Something about today makes me feel that I will do great things.
Yarne Wow! What is it about today? I never felt this good in the future.
Laurent What a remarkable day I'm having. If only I always felt this formidable!
Noire Today has been remarkable. I bet I could withstand ANY of Mother's curses!
Nah The way today's been going, I feel like I could transform into a superdragon!
Gangrel Gya ha ha! What is in the water? I feel like I could stamp out armies like anthills today!
Walhart I am always in top form, but today I have shattered even my high expectations!
Emmeryn Today...I feel...strong...
Yen'fay The day has proven to favor me. My blade sings songs I feared forgotten.
Aversa Now this is my kind of day! It's like the whole world dances in the palm of my hand.
Priam I feel on top of the world today. Let any enemy challenge me—they will fail!