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We regret to inform that Intelligent Systems has decided to discontinue FECipher after the release of Booster Series 22 on 1st October 2020. They will continue with events through the rest of this year and will support the game until March 2021.
For more details, click here for the official announcement in Japanese or see the English translated message on the Discord server's #bulletin-board pinned messages.

Series 22 Pre-Release Livestream
September 26th @ 8pm JST (GMT+9)
This is the pre-release livestream for Series 22. They'll be showcasing the remaining unrevealed cards and more info on any events. This may be the final livestream, but that has not been confirmed as of yet. There are 3 guests this time: Ike's VA - Michihiko Hagi, Azura's VA - Lynn, and Illustrator - Yusuke Kozaki (FE13-14, Heroes, & Cipher). You can watch it live on Youtube or Nico Nico.

Booster Series 22 Releases
October 1st
The release of Series 22: The Heroes’ Paean featuring characters from ALL the games including TMS #FE, Warriors, and Heroes.

Japan Nationwide Events
October thru November
All major Cipher events during October and November have been postponed for the time being due to the corona virus pandemic.