TMS♯FE Clear Bonus

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Clear Bonus

Upon completion of the game, the following becomes unlocked:

  • Lunatic Difficulty
  • Season 2

Season 2

Upon loading your game clear data, you will start Season 2, a new playthrough of the story. Season 2 allows you to carry over data from your cleared save into a new playthrough. There are two types of data that can be carried over, Optional Data and Automatic Data. Optional Data will allow you to select if each option gets carried over, while Automatic Data is always carried over into a Season 2 playthrough.

Optional Data

  • Level
  • Carnage Crafted (Skills and Mastery will be reset)
  • Skills/Stage Rank (Not all skills will be retained)
  • Map Completion Data
  • Money and Items (Money, consumables, accessories, melmarks, and some key items)

Automatic Data

  • Play Records and Awards
  • Items Available for Sale
  • Costumes
  • Artwork
  • Analysis Information
  • Urahara Arena Titles

Note: Optional Data cannot be selected on Lunatic difficulty, only Automatic Data can be carried over

The following is unlocked upon starting the game in Season 2:

  • "Emblem Form" costume for Itsuki
  • "The President" costume for Itsuki if the game has been cleared with the best ending
  • Tiki costume (???)
  • Arena difficulty (???)