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Notes translated by TheEnd

Super Thracia Patch_20110222 LIN◆LIN/XxX/gw

About this patch

  • I take no responsibility for any physical or mental damage this patch might cause.
  • Since copyright is a grey area in the case, I'm forbidding any alterations.
  • Since I had originally no intent of finishing this but finished it forcibly, the story develops extra-fast.
  • Since I have no sense of humor, there are few jokes inside. Most of the dialogue is unaltered.
  • I've changed the dialogues trying to the keep everyone in character, but one particular young couple wasn't so lucky. Please understand.
  • I didn't playtest, so I adjusted the difficulty by feeling.
  • Since I'm a pseudo-hacker who can't read binary, there are times when I can't fix a bug even though it has been confirmed.
  • I order to ensure emulator and save data compatibility, I haven't expanded the rom.
  • I've taken care to make the mugshots not look odd compared to vanilla Thracia's face graphics, but because of that many characters don't look like themselves.
  • I tried to make the story consistent, but please report if you see typos, incomplete dialogues or contradictory parts.
  • Since I suppose this is going to play via emulator, my aim is to make it beatable in QLQS.

<Credits and list of respective editted mugshots, you should be able to solve this>

System changes

  • Level and stats cap at 40 (Constitution at 25)
  • Class change to 2nd class possible at level 25+
  • Class change to 3rd class possible at level 35+
  • Level doesn't change after class change
  • Promoted mounted units can move inside buildings (mov cost 2)
  • 'Wrath' skill: works like in FE4
  • 'Astra' skill: 3 consecutive attacks, Skl% activation
  • 'Luna' skill: halves defense, Def% activation
  • 'Sol' skill: Mag% activation
  • 'Miracle' skill: Lck% activation
  • 'Pavise' skill: Con% activation
  • Devil Axe's backfire rate: (50 - Lck)%
  • Weapon triangle effect: ±30
  • Minimum damage: 1 (if Atk = Def or Mag, 0)

Known bugs

  • Arena (can't use direct attack weapons, no opponents above Lv 20, etc.)
  • Berserked units take too long to act?
  • Novistador's real animation might be odd.
  • Interference in various magic effects.
  • Purge's magic effect might be odd.
  • Alondite = Polygon Flash.
  • A part of the map's battle graphics disappears (since I couldn't keep the map data intact, I had to do this).
  • Map, chapter title screen and dialogues' palettes change midway.
  • You can get the item at the end of chapter 18 even if you kill the Lenster soldiers.
  • Asbel keeps doing his job as strategist even if he dies or gets captured.
  • Harsh difficulty.
  • Pixel art is rough.