Story Script (Three Hopes)

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Note: This section is a work-in-progress. If you'd like to help out, please check this topic.

A current template for the script. Probably can be ported over for the Story Guide. -tipperthescales

Ch. 0 Crossed Roads Ch. 1 A Chance Encounter
Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire
Ch. 2 Three Houses Ch. 2 Three Houses Ch. 2 Three Houses
Ch. 3 The Shadows of Adrestia Ch. 3 Crisis in Fhirdiad Ch. 3 The Battle for the Locket
Part 1
Ch. 4 The Struggle Commences Ch. 4 To War! Ch. 4 To War!
Ch. 5 TBA Ch. 5 Skirmish in the Fog Ch. 5 The Golden Guardian
Ch. 6 TBA Ch. 6 Conspiracy in the Air Ch. 6 The Leader's Stratagem
Ch. 7 TBA Ch. 7 The King Awakens Ch. 7 A Contest of Beasts
Ch. 8 TBA Ch. 8 The Blood-Stained Lance Ch. 8 What Makes a King