Side Stories: Yashiro Tsurugi

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Side Story title Objectives Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
The Hungry Man Finding Yashiro collapsed by Cafe Seiran in Shibuya and trying different food in the cafe for Yashiro. Fortuna Office Stage Rank 6 - Chapter 4 Intermission Door of Hunger, The Hungry Man Script/Walkthrough

Itsuki finds Yashiro in a hunger state in the office and mentions going to a cafe for hunger. After dialogue, Itsuki gets a Topic from Mamori about Yashiro collapsing outside the cafe. Itsuki has to go to Shibuya outside Cafe Seiran where Mamori is standing by.

Dangerous Relations Having to resolve the conflict between Yashiro and Eleonora to work together for an upcoming drama. In front of Uzume Lesson Studio in Shibuya Stage Rank 9 - Chapter 4 Intermission Door of Possibility, Mysterious Transfert Student Script/Walkthrough

Yashiro and Eleonora aren't cooperating well together to train for a drama they're both starring in. After the event, Itsuki will have to head to Daiba Studio Idolasphere. When inside, teleport to LCD Panels: 2 and head inside for boss/training.

Final Act Outside of Cafe Seiren in Shibuya Stage Rank 12 - Chapter 6 after entering Illusory Dolhr Door of Denouement, Operation, Last Rampage*, "Best of the Best" title, Master Seal Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level : 57

  • Last Rampage : requires Touma Side Story 3 cleared too

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