Side Stories: Tsubasa Oribe

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Side Story title Objective Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Meet-and-Greet Pressure Tsubasa just debuted as an idol but she's still nervous when she's in front of people. Itsuki is to help Tsubasa overcome her social anxiety and suggests to hand out free samples in Shibuya which would promote the meet-and-greet session. Outside Cafe Seiren in Shibuya Stage Rank 5 - Chapter 2 Intermission Door of Connection, Debut Smile Script/Walkthrough

Head to Shibuya to the cafe and talk to Tsubasa to initiate the Side Story. Head to the crosswalk in Shibuya Station.

Opening Your Heart Tsubasa has a gig for a commercial called Amrita Girl but the director told her that she lacks devilish charm. Touma tells her about "suggestive behavior" and mentions cat-like charms and Tsubasa thinks of a stray cat in Shibuya that acts that way. Itsuki has to help Tsubasa find the cat and learn how to have devilish charm for the commercial. Outside Cafe Seiren in Shibuya Stage Rank 7 - Chapter 2 Intermission Door of Allure, Tsubasa's Kiss, "Amrita Girl" title Script/Walkthrough

Head to outside the main entrance of the cafe in Shibuya and talk to Tsubasa to initiate the Side Story. When outside, go to Shibuya Station to receive a new Topic from Tsubasa. Talk to an NPC around Shibuya Station and then head to the area around Hee Ho Mart and walk further down to talk to a Cat Aficionado to learn where the cat is. Then head over to a nearby alleyway and approach at an angle until the game prompts the cat's location and the option to call Tsubasa. Call her to finish the Side Story.

A Wind Colored Tsubasa Maiko wants Tsubasa to do her first solo concert and wants a famous composer to write her song. When they meet the composer, he wants to decline the offer and it seems he's bewitched by a Mirage. Itsuki and the others have to go to Daitou TV Station's Idolasphere to rescue him. Fortuna Office Stage Rank 9 - Chapter 3 Intermission Door of the Skies, Fly: You're My Wind, Falling Star*, "Sacred Idol" title, Master Seal Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level : 47 - Head to Fortuna Office. After event, head to Daitou TV Studio's Idolasphere. Warp to Film Set B (1F) and head over to the boss room. Return to Bloom Palace and talk to Tiki to perform a Radiant Unity for Tsubasa to finish the Side Story.

  • Falling Star : only if Itsuki has positive affinity with Tsubasa