Side Stories: Mamori Minamoto

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Side Story title Objectives Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Steel Heart Help Mamori gain the confidence to speak her heart. Daitama Observatory Stage Rank 3 - Chapter 3 Intermission Door of Courage, Microwavin' Heart Script/Walkthrough

Level recommended : 34 - Mamori wants to have the confidence to speak her heart to Barry but doesn't know how to. Draug tells Mamori and Itsuki about his mentor Lorenz but unfortunately Lorenz is under their enemy's hands. They go to Daitou TV Station Idolasphere and defeats Lorenz. With Itsuki's support, Mamori manages to restore Lorenz's sanity and gains the confidence to speak up for herself.

Fortuna Family's Sisters Mamori needs help on how to practice being a younger sister because she's an only child. Daitama Observatory Stage Rank 6 - Chapter 3 Intermission Door of Family, Microwavin' Soul, Love for You* Script/Walkthrough

When Itsuku suggests asking the other girls at the agency for help to practice being a sister, suggest Ellie/Eleonora. Then go to Uzume Lesson Studio in Shibuya and talk to Mamori outside. Inside studio as skit practice, first prompt: take her along, second prompt: beg her for snacks, third prompt: be extremely happy.

  • Love for You : requires Tiki Side Story 2 cleared too
Golden Child/Monster Mamori is distressed about her show, which is requiring her to do actual cooking. Itsuki encourages her to learn but her Mirage Draug disapproves and requests Mamori and Itsuki to go to Bloom Palace. Daitama Observatory Stage Rank 10 - Chapter 5 Intermission Door of Dreams, Raindrop Memories, "Ballad Empress" title Script/Walkthrough

At Bloom Palace, Draug is worried about the hazards of actual cooking and wants Mamori to have a safety measure before doing so. Tiki will recommend Gaius's Paring Knife, in which Draug approves to be used by Mamori. Tiki can make the item with an ore in the Idolasphere in Daitou TV Station. The ore is called Illusory Obsidian and it's found in set B, 1F (indoors). To get to the ore, go through the door and turn to immediate right to another door on the right near the sairs.