Side Stories: Barry Goodman

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Side Story title Objectives Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Only You You have to help Barry get a Mamorin charm or he won't help with Tsubasa's lesson. Outside Uzume Lesson Studio 1 playable character Side Story cleared - Chapter 3 Intermission "3D Heaven" skill, "Mamori Maniac" title Script/Walkthrough

Go to Uzume Lesson Studio and talk to Barry to start the Side Story. After dialogue, head over to Hee Ho Mart. When you're there, you learn they're sold out but the salesclerk tells you about the person who bought the last charm. Head over to Fortuna Office to Maiko. After the event and reading the new Topic from Barry, talk to Barry outside Uzume Lesson Studio to finish the Side Story.

Troublesome Duo You have to help Barry train Eleonora and Tsubasa to do an idol duo. Outside Uzume Lesson Studio Chapter 4 Intermission "One More Mastery" skill, Dream Catcher "Drill Sergeant" title Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level : 30 - After the dialogue at Uzume Lesson Studio, go to Daitou TV Station Idolasphere and kill a number of enemies to get 10 Sessions. After that, return to Uzume Studio and talk to Barry outside to continue the Side Story.

Barry Forever Barry wants to make a comeback at being a Mirage Master because Mamori doesn't call him cool anymore and instead always talks about Itsuki. Then he runs off to the Idolasphere to become stronger than Itsuki to win back Mamori's compliments. Bloom Palace Chapter 5 Intermission "Ninja's Escape" skill, The Tunnel Home "Shredding Again" title Script/Walkthrough

Recommended level : 49 - Speak to Tiki to start the Side Story. After the events, go to Daiba Studio's Idolasphere. Inside the Idolasphere and receiving the Topics, go to the door on the left from the entrance. Use the Mysterious Note (located in Key Items of Items menu) from earlier main story to get to Barry. After the battle, return to Uzume Lesson Studio to finish the Side Story.