Rajaion (Cipher)

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Rajaion - Series 12

Rajaion: Prince-Turned-Mad Wyrm
Class Feral One (Fixed) Cost 4
Symbol Medallion None Affinities Male Fang Flier Dragon None
Attack 70 Support 20 Range 1
Quote ``"--------!!!!!!"``
Skill 1 Twisted Body CONT If you have no allied "Ashnard", this unit cannot evade.
Skill 2 Black Roar CONT Allied "Ashnard" in the same Area as this unit gains +20 attack.
Skill 3 Mad King's Wyrm Steed ACT Once Per Turn Move your allied "Ashnard". If you do, move this unit to the same Area as your allied "Ashnard".
Card Code B12-045HN Illustrator Cherokee
Rajaion: High Prince of Goldoa
Class Dragon Tribe (Fixed) Cost 1
Symbol Medallion None Affinities Male Fang Dragon None None
Attack 40 Support 20 Range 1
Quote "Ena... We'll always be together, from this day forth."
Skill 1 Level Skill 2 Black Dragon Prince CONT This unit gains +20 attack. ( Level Skill 2 comes into effect if a total of 2 or more cards are stacked with this unit.)
Skill 2 Oath to a Fiancée CONT If you have an allied "Ena", this unit gains +10 attack.
Support Skill Attack Support Fate Emblem Support If the attacking unit is Medallion, draw 1 card. Then choose 1 card from your hand and place it on top of your Deck.
Card Code B12-046N Illustrator Cherokee