Prologue: Crumbling Peace (Story)

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Rowan: No way am I sitting on the throne! Let Lianna take it instead. I'm gonna be Aytolis's most powerful knight!

Lianna: Well, I don't want it either! You can be a knight and a king.

Rowan: You know I don't want to be both!

Lianna: I'm not taking the crown. (...)

Yelena: And again with the bickering. You two stand at the cusp of adulthood. What would he think of it... if your father saw you acting like this?

Solider: Prince Darios of Gristonne has arrived!

Rowan: Darios is here?! All right! I just know I'll beat him today!

Lianna: Hey, wait! Rowan! No sparring today! He already promised he'd help me with my studies! Are you listening?! Yelena: (sigh)

Rowan: Just you wait! You're gonna lose to me again!

Darios: Whenever you;re ready, Rowan!

Lianna: You say you'll beat him again, but... Darios has never lost to you to begin with.

(to Rowan) Are you all right?

Darios Now then... Let's see what Lianna can do. If you meant to sit and watch, then you are very much mistaken.

Lianna: I don't normally wield a sword when I'm so outmatched. But if it means that I'll get better then, I'm happy to oblige.

Darios: You know what is ideal. Strength and wisdom, alike. Both in equal measure.

Lianna: The sky!

Rowan: What the heck...?!

Soldier A: We're under attack! Sound the alarm!

Soldier B: Wh-what are those things?!

Lianna They're goig for...

Rowan: ...The throne room!

Lianna: If she's up there, then...

Rowan: Mother's in danger!

Start of chapter

Lianna: Mother!

Darios: You two must keep going Leave your mother's safety to me!

Lianna: But...

Rowan: No! I'm coming with you!

Darios: You can't! The enemy is already inside the castle. If you're captured--

Aytolisian Soldier A: Prince Rowan! Princess Lianna! We've been looking everywhere! It isn't safe here--we have to get you to the secret passage at once!

Darios: What are you talking about?

Aytolisian Soldier A: An emergency escape route, milord. The queen is already on her way there!

Darios: All right, then. Let's hurry to join her!

Rowan: We're coming Mother!


Darios: Focus, both of you, and make for the exit. She's probably on her way there.

Remember your training. Cut through them like so many blades of grass!

(if playing as Rowan)

Rowan: I'll take them all on! Watch and learn!

(if playing as Lianna)


Darios: He looks formidable. Be on your guard!

Watch it closely and look for any sort of opening. Then take it down!

End of Chapter

Rowan: We're here to save you, Mother!

Lianna: Please be safe, Mother...

Rowan: Mother, are you OK?!

Yelena Yes! I'm so glad to see you are safe as well... Thank you, Prince Darios!

Darios: Don't relax just yet. Looks like we've got company closing in!


Rowan: Mother! Are you okay?

Yelena: Yes... But I can't make it through. The two of you must go on without me.

Lianna: No, we can't!

Yelena: Take this shield... and hurry to the temple.

Lianna: Mother, we can't just leave you behind!

Yelena: There isn't time to argue about this! Prince Darios, please watch over my children.

Darios: You have my word. Come on, we have to go.

Rowan: No way! Mother! You're coming with us!

Darios: This while passage is coming down around us! We have to go!

Yelena: I'm sure we'll find another way out of the castle. Now... get going.

Darios: Come on!

Yelena: Aaaaaaaaaah!!

Rowan & Lianna: Mother, nooooooooo!