Nasir (Cipher)

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Nasir - Series 9

Nasir: Eternal Wanderer
Class Dragon Tribe (Fixed) Cost 2
Symbol Medallion None Affinities Male Fang Dragon None None
Attack 50 Support 20 Range 1
Quote "When your journey is over, how will you be changed? I pray that your conviction is not lost to despair."
Skill Desirer of Coexistance AUTO When you deploy this unit, choose 1 other Medallion ally. Choose 1 card with the same Unit Name as that ally from your Retreat Area, then stack it under that ally to Growth them. (A Growthed unit is treated as if it is Leveled Up. If they possess a CCS.png, they are able to use it.)
Card Code B09-084HN Illustrator Miyuki Asajima