Level Up Quotes (Awakening)

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These are the level up and class change quotes.

  • For the 0 to 1 Capped quote to appear, the character must have four stats capped.
  • If you get a two stat gain on a level up, it is only counted as one stat for the characters lines.

Name Stats Gained Quote
Avatar(M/F) 0 to 1 Hmm, I don't feel very different…
2 to 3 I can tell I've gotten stronger.
4 to 5 Now that's what I call progress!
6+ Wow… Sometimes I surprise even myself!
0 to 1, capped Maybe I should learn some new skills...
Class Change Time to start building up some experience.
Chrom 0 to 1 Well, that was underwhelming...
2 to 3 My strength comes from diligence.
4 to 5 I can feel a huge difference!
6+ No one can stop me now!
0 to 1, capped I think I've come about as far as any man can.
Class Change Let's see what I'm capable of now.
Lissa 0 to 1 I really have to do better than this...
2 to 3 Hey, look at me go!
4 to 5 I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve!
6+ I think I'm ready for the front lines!
0 to 1, capped I've come so far since meeting Robin.
Class Change Ta-da! Do I look good, or do I look GREAT?!
Frederick 0 to 1 I suppose I need to apply myself more.
2 to 3 No knight fears the slow-but-steady road.
4 to 5 I must admit, I've outdone myself!
6+ I will use this power to protect us all!
0 to 1, capped There's not much more to learn from this class.
Class Change I shall always be a knight at heart.
Sully 0 to 1 Damn, why didn't I train harder?
2 to 3 Not bad, but I've got a hell of a way to go.
4 to 5 Turns out the business end of my sword is ME.
6+ One giant leap over the chasm of greatness.
0 to 1, capped I guess you can only train so much. Damn.
Class Change Ready to smash heads! ...Is that still my job?
Virion 0 to 1 Wh-what astonishing mediocrity...
2 to 3 This is the least of my noble efforts.
4 to 5 Am I not a thing of beauty?
6+ Please! Avert your envious gazes!
0 to 1, capped What majestic heights have I left to attain?
Class Change Before, I got looks... But now I AM the look.
Stahl 0 to 1 Sorry, I'll try to do better...
2 to 3 Yes! Progress!
4 to 5 Just look at me go!
6+ Amazing! I can hardly believe I'm still me!
0 to 1, capped When did I get so... well versed?
Class Change All right. Back to square one.
Vaike 0 to 1 Hmph. Teach just didn't want you all to feel bad.
2 to 3 Anybody want to touch my muscles?
4 to 5 Heh! The Vaike just got a lot Vaiker!
6+ I am invincible!
0 to 1, capped Hot damn! The Vaike can get no stronger!
Class Change Watch Teach take you through the motions.
Miriel 0 to 1 Someone must preserve the status quo.
2 to 3 Propitious growth, if I may say so.
4 to 5 I am a staunch believer in amelioration.
6+ Never sate yourself with middling returns!
0 to 1, capped Alas, I fear the glass ceiling is Miriel-proof.
Class Change What a fascinating way to acquire new trades...
Sumia 0 to 1 I just can't do anything right, can I?
2 to 3 About time I made some progress.
4 to 5 Maybe I can finally make a difference!
6+ If I can come this far, I can do anything!
0 to 1, capped Look at all that you can accomplish if you try!
Class Change I'll give it my best shot.
Kellam 0 to 1 Well, that's no way to get noticed...
2 to 3 Hey, did you see how- Oh, no one's looking.
4 to 5 Well...at least one of us is impressed!
6+ People have to notice me now! ...Right?
0 to 1, capped For once, I've gotten too big for my britches.
Class Change Does this class make me stand out more?
Donnel 0 to 1 Aw, shucks, I'm real sorry. I'll try harder!
2 to 3 I still got a long ways left to go.
4 to 5 This little piggie's learnt some new tricks!
6+ Heh, no more holdin' the others back now!
0 to 1, capped I'm happy as a pig in slop to've got this far!
Class Change Feels funny... Like I'm a whole different fella!
Lon'qu 0 to 1 ...Hmph
2 to 3 ...Acceptable.
4 to 5 ...Better.
6+ This is only the start of what I can do.
0 to 1, capped Most warriors never learn their limits.
Class Change I could get used to this.
Ricken 0 to 1 I've gotta try harder.
2 to 3 Do I look any taller? I hope so.
4 to 5 See? I can hold my own!
6+ Nobody will talk down to me now!
0 to 1, capped Wait... When did I get so ridiculously strong?
Class Change This officially makes me grown up!
Maribelle 0 to 1 This is completely unacceptable.
2 to 3 Anything to set myself apart from the rabble.
4 to 5 I won't be satisfied until I'm the very best!
6+ One step closer and I’ll be forced to maim you.
0 to 1, capped I think I've sufficiently proven my superiority.
Class Change Look at me! Classier than ever!
Gaius 0 to 1 Ugh. That was bland.
2 to 3 Sweet.
4 to 5 A littler sugar in my tank, and watch out!
6+ Someone should reward me for this!
0 to 1, capped I've climbed this ladder to the topmost rung.
Class Change I'll wear any pockets... as long as you line 'em.
Panne 0 to 1 Not my brightest showing, I will admit.
2 to 3 Fine work for a man, and decent for a taguel.
4 to 5 Any taguel would be pleased.
6+ My strength is that of all taguel!
0 to 1, capped This taguel has pushed her body to its limits.
Class Change What strange tools you man-spawn use...
Cordelia 0 to 1 I'll prove myself in time.
2 to 3 There. Now i must do it again.
4 to 5 I hardly knew I had such strength!
6+ I would do all this and more to be with him...
0 to 1, capped I must find my strength within from now on.
Class Change I am yours to mold as you see fit.
Gregor 0 to 1 Oh dear. Gregor not make good impression.
2 to 3 Gregor no run-of-the-miller guy, yes?
4 to 5 What is this? Gregor's biceps tingling!
6+ Who say only young have the growth spurts?
0 to 1, capped Gregor already plenty strong, yes?
Class Change Ha ha! Gregor feel like new and younger man!
Nowi 0 to 1 Aw, I can do better than this…
2 to 3 Yes! Now we're talking!
4 to 5 Yeah! Don't even think of messing with Nowi!
6+ I feel like I could take on a whole army!
0 to 1, capped I'm so strong, I don't have to try anymore!
Class Change Ooh, nice! I feel two hundred years younger!
Libra 0 to 1 Why, gods? Do I not deserve your strength?
2 to 3 Many thanks, O great ones.
4 to 5 My prayers have been answered!
6+ I feel reborn!
0 to 1, capped I suppose I have walked this path to its end.
Class Change May this new experience forge me.
Tharja 0 to 1 You had better not hold this against me.
2 to 3 Hee hee hee...
4 to 5 And this is before I even sharpen my nails.
6+ I can feel the darkness growing ever stronger...
0 to 1, capped My vast powers will win Robin's gaze!
Class Change These new powers give me some wicked ideas...
Anna 0 to 1 I think someone forgot to give me my change.
2 to 3 I wonder just how much I can branch out.
4 to 5 This sure beats gold! ... Wait, no it doesn't.
6+ If only my profits grew this fast!
0 to 1, capped Minds are like wallets. They only hold so much.
Class Change Everything must go!
Olivia 0 to 1 Don't look so disappointed...
2 to 3 I learned some new steps!
4 to 5 You know, I think I'm really helping!
6+ Everyone's staring! How embarrassing...
0 to 1, capped Dancing sure brought the best out of me.
Class Change Um, could you turn the other way?
Cherche 0 to 1 Oh! Shame on me.
2 to 3 All in a day's work.
4 to 5 I'd say I've made quite a bit of progress.
6+ I feel invigorated! How about you, Minerva?
0 to 1, capped Oh my... these muscles! None of my dresses fit.
Class Change I have aways been fairly adaptable.
Henry 0 to 1 Nya ha! I hardly learned a thing!
2 to 3 Ooh, wow! When did I grow that?
4 to 5 My body's pulsing! I wonder if I'll explode!
6+ I'm a hex of a lot stronger now, GET IT?
0 to 1, capped I'm done growing... but still no sixth finger...
Class Change This looks so silly! Can I keep it?
Say'ri 0 to 1 Fie! I've little to show for my effort.
2 to 3 I must do more!
4 to 5 I shall use this power for the people!
6+ Rarely have I felt such a surge of strength!
0 to 1, capped I´ve come this far with the help of my friends.
Class Change Every sword must be tempered in its time.
Tiki 0 to 1 At 3,000, it gets harder to learn new things...
2 to 3 I feel a little stronger.
4 to 5 I miss being in the heat of battle like this!
6+ I must protect this world my friends saved.
0 to 1, capped There's not much more I can learn this century.
Class Change Our journey together continues, I see.
Basilio 0 to 1 What do you expect? I'm already perfect.
2 to 3 Ha! And I thought I was past self-improvement!
4 to 5 Don't count me out of the action just yet.
6+ Take a leaf out of THIS book, sprogs!
0 to 1, capped Once you hit my age, you've grown enough.
Class Change This brings back some of the old fire!
Flavia 0 to 1 Hmph. This isn't like me at all.
2 to 3 Like I say: rap on some foes, reap the rewards.
4 to 5 I know I've made bigger strides than this!
6+ Who wants to get destroyed first?
0 to 1, capped I'd say I've pushed myself as far as I can.
Class Change Ha ha! I feel younger already!
Legacy Characters 0 to 1 ……
2 to 3 …!
4 to 5 …!
6+ …!!!
0 to 1, capped …!
Class Change …!!!
Children Characters
Name Stats Gained Quote
Lucina 0 to 1 I cannot settle for this!
2 to 3 Good. I must stay this course.
4 to 5 This strength serves more than me alone.
6+ I will not watch another Ylissean life be taken!
0 to 1, capped All this strength means little unless I succeed.
Class Change Perhaps change is my best hope.
Morgan (M) 0 to 1 Hrm... Gotta say, that's kind of a letdown.
2 to 3 Nice! Getting stronger, one step at a time!
4 to 5 That's a big step closer to achieving my dream!
6+ Whew... I'm catching up quick as I can, Mother!
0 to 1, capped All right... Now to focus on getting wiser, too!
Class Change Do I... Do I look like my mother in this?
Morgan (F) 0 to 1 Hrm... Gotta say, that's kind of a letdown.
2 to 3 Nice! Getting stronger, one step at a time!
4 to 5 That's a big step closer to achieving my dream!
6+ Whew... I'm catching up quick as I can, Father!
0 to 1, capped All right... Now to focus on getting wiser, too!
Class Change Do I... Do I look like my father in this?
Owain 0 to 1 Sinister forces conspire to hinder my growth!
2 to 3 I'd expect no less from the hero of an epoch.
4 to 5 Heh... My true power has been unleased.
6+ Hnngh?! P-power... surging uncontrollably!
0 to 1, capped I've surpassed my final limit. ...I am complete.
Class Change Behold the scope of my newly awakened powers!
Inigo 0 to 1 Please don't let any girls have seen that...
2 to 3 Ah, another solid step in the right direction.
4 to 5 All right! Luck is on my side tonight!
6+ Please let all the girls have seen that...
0 to 1, capped I'd say that's strong enough. Bulk is...tacky.
Class Change Oh, I look good in this. Popularity, here I come!
Brady 0 to 1 Argh. Typical...
2 to 3 Wow, I actually kinda improved.
4 to 5 Am I dreamin' here?
6+ Hah! Bring it on!
0 to 1, capped Wow. Never thought I'd see the day...
Class Change Heh, stand back, world. I'm a whole new man!
Kjelle 0 to 1 I was derelict in my training...
2 to 3 I'll not settle for this... But it's a start.
4 to 5 Growing stronger is life's greatest pleasure.
6+ I'd like to see the man who can keep my pace!
0 to 1, capped I can't expect more strength. But finesse...
Class Change This marks the start of a new training regimen!
Cynthia 0 to 1 Eek... Being a hero is harder than I thought.
2 to 3 A journey of a thousand miles and all that!
4 to 5 Woo-hoo! Feeling good!
6+ Look upon my might, ye wicked, and despair!
0 to 1, capped I guess a long career of heroing has paid off!
Class Change Ooh, that was certainly heroic!
Severa 0 to 1 Excuse me?! I clearly deserve better!
2 to 3 Mmm, yes. An excellent showing. Naturally.
4 to 5 I-I'm not grinning... This is my war snarl!
6+ I suppose this would be nothing to you, Mother.
0 to 1, capped Hmph. No room for improvement, obviously.
Class Change Sorry to disappoint, but it's the same me inside.
Gerome 0 to 1 ...Hmph. Fate is feeling stingy today.
2 to 3 It's a start.
4 to 5 This changes nothing... but it does feel good.
6+ You seem pleased as well, Minerva.
0 to 1, capped I've flown about as high as I'm likely to reach.
Class Change Anything to attain greater power.
Yarne 0 to 1 Ack! If I don't pick up the pace, I'm extinct!
2 to 3 Yes! I'm actually getting better!
4 to 5 Maybe now I can stop being quite so anxious.
6+ The future of the taguel is lookin' bright!
0 to 1, capped I'm the toughest taguel in the world! By default.
Class Change I hope you're watching this, Mother!
Laurent 0 to 1 My sincerest apologies. I'll strive to improve.
2 to 3 A fair result.
4 to 5 It seems I've reaped unexpected gains.
6+ A logical consequence of tireless diligence.
0 to 1, capped By my analysis, I've hit my theoretic potential.
Class Change Truly, these seals hold wondrous power...
Noire 0 to 1 Aieee! I... I don't feel any different at all!
2 to 3 I... I feel a bit stronger. ...Whew.
4 to 5 I never knew I was capable of this...
6+ This growth is... It's unnatural. A CURSE?!
0 to 1, capped INSOLENCE! Why won't I grow still stronger?!
Class Change Eep! A-all I did was touch the seal!
Nah 0 to 1 I'm sorry. I'll do better next time, I promise.
2 to 3 Good. I feel stronger.
4 to 5 Excellent. I'm feeling tougher than ever.
6+ Wow... I feel like I could ravage an entire army!
0 to 1, capped Well, I suppose all the fighting finally paid off.
Class Change Fascinating. And I'm used to transforming!
Spotpass Characters
Name Stats Gained Quote
Gangrel 0 to 1 Bah! A turd would turn more heads than this!
2 to 3 My best? You haven't SEEN my best.
4 to 5 Yes... I feel a bout of nastiness coming on!
6+ Someone pinch me! No - let me pinch them!
0 to 1, capped You want me to get stronger?! Look at me!
Class Change Is this the new me? The old me is asking.
Walhart 0 to 1 Hmph... Barely perceptible.
2 to 3 I balk at no conquest, great or small.
4 to 5 Yes... I am in fine form.
6+ A Conqueror's role is to dominate, after all!
0 to 1, capped Have I conquered... everything?
Class Change I refuse no road to power!
Emmeryn 0 to 1 Sorry... I'll try... harder...
2 to 3 Anything I can... do to...help...
4 to 5 You're safe...with me...
6+ It's my turn...to stand up and fight...
0 to 1, capped I've come...so far...
Class Change Is this...who I'm meant to be...?
Yen'fay 0 to 1 Alas, I have made scant progress...
2 to 3 This blade feels all the keener now.
4 to 5 Potential hides where we least expect it.
6+ I fight on for you, Say'ri.
0 to 1, capped So even a dead man can surpass the living...
Class Change What trickery is this?
Aversa 0 to 1 Not the growth you were hoping for?
2 to 3 I feel more supple already.
4 to 5 Do I look ravishing, or do you just stare a lot?
6+ All this crushing power gets me a bit steamy...
0 to 1, capped I've turned into a well-rounded girl, haven't I?
Class Change I can tell you like what you see. Heh heh...
Priam 0 to 1 Hmm... I'm getting soft.
2 to 3 Still not enough. Nowhere near enough.
4 to 5 Nothing beats the feel of accomplishment.
6+ I intend to grow strong. Stronger than anyone...
0 to 1, capped I've learned all I can from this class... Next!
Class Change A fork in the road to true strength.