Lehran (Cipher)

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Lehran - Series 22

Lehran: Fallen Light
Class Bird Tribe (Fixed) Cost 2
Symbol Medallion None Affinities Male Fang Flier Beast None
Attack 20 Support 20 Range -
Quote "This world does not need beorc. And the laguz... are deeply flawed. Awaken! Oh, Goddess. Awaken... and judge."
Skill 1 Manipulator of History ACT [ Tap This Unit ] Choose 1 enemy with a Deployment Cost of 3 or lower who is in the Back Line, and move them.
Skill 2 "Bring destruction upon the world!" ACT Once Per Turn Choose 1 card from your Retreat Area, and place it at the very bottom of your Deck. This skill is only usable if you have an ally with the Unit Name "Medallion".
Card Code B22-060N Illustrator Setsu