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This guide is a work in progress. A computer program known as LackeyCCG allows anyone to play card games online or create their own card game, thanks to the use of their templates. Thanks to Tuvillo, a working plugin exclusively made for Cipher was developed and through the use of Lackey's servers, it is possible to play Fire Emblem Cipher with other people around the world. If you would like to get started playing Cipher online with a bunch of us, follow this simple guide to install Lackey and the plugin itself.

Getting Started


To start off, you'll need to download LackeyCCG. You can do this by going directly to their [website]. The download links are to the side of the website as displayed in the picture to the right. Then when your download has finished, open LackeyCCG and go into the Plugin tab (the tabs are at the top of the screen). In that tab, there is a blank area next to a button named "Paste AutoUpdate URL". Paste the update link URL in that blank area ([Update Link]). After that, click 'Install or Update from URL!' and LackeyCCG will automatically create folders for the Cipher plugin in your Lackey folder (your Lackey should look like this after you've installed the Cipher plugin).


Our LackeyCCG Discord

It is hard to find someone to play with unless you've already organised a game with someone, so why not join our friendly neighbourhood [Discord channel?] We discuss a lot of Deckbuilding, strategy and arrange our own little Lackey tournaments so come say hi!

We also have our own LackeyCCG Avatar pictures you can use for yourself. Other players will only be able to see your Avatar picture if they also have it in their folder. Also included are tons of characterized Playmats, and Deck Zone images.
[LackeyCCG Resource Pack

How to Build a Deck


In the Deck Editor tab, after you've installed your Plugin, your screen should look like this.
To start off, just use the quick search function to search for a specific character you intend to use in your deck. For example, you can type "Anankos" and it will come up with all the possible "Anankos" you can play in the game.
Just remember that you can't have more than 4 of the same exact card in your deck unless the card itself states otherwise. When you locate the card you wanna use, just hit the "+4" button if you want to use 4 copies of that card, or click the "+1" button until you're satisfied with the amount you want to use of that card.
After you've finished the deck, name it so it's easier to remember and then click "Save Deck". On the top of the screen you can see the dropdown bar next to "Browse..." and "Open Recent" to check the decks you've created.
If you wanna use a Deck to play against another person with, you simply load that deck in your Deck Editor, and then click the "Load entire deck to your.." button, which will automatically load the deck to the game for you.

How To Play


After loading your deck for you, Lackey should have brought you back to the playfield itself automatically. After this, click the Deck tab shown in the picture in that menu, Right-Click the Deck tab, hover over reveal to Owner, and then click All. This is shown to the right as an example.


To start, find your intended Main Character that you want to use for the game, hold left-click over that card and drag it out onto the playing field.
After this, you can hide your deck to yourself by Right-Clicking the Deck tab again, hovering over Reveal to Owner and then clicking none (this is shown below). After this, shuffle the deck by Right-Clicking Deck and then click Shuffle.
You can mark it with a Red / Blue lord counter or spawn a colour token to represent that character (mentioned later in this guide).
Decide who starts the game, then draw your hand and simply begin playing.
- If you want to drag a character out onto the field, just hold left-click over that card and drag it out.
- If you need to drag a card into your Retreat Area, simply left-click over that card and drag that card to the "Retreat" tab.
- If you need to search your Deck for a card, simply do the same method as revealing your deck to yourself like you did with your Main Character.
- If you need to select a card from your Retreat Area and place it in your hand, hold left-click over the card you want from the "Retreat" and drag it to your "Hand" tab.
- If you need to discard cards randomly from your hand (e.g Leo5), you can do so by right-clicking your "Hand" tab, then hover over "Discard X at random" and click over the number you need to discard. This may put your cards into the Orb Area, but not to worry. All you have to do is check your "Orb" tab, then drag the cards to the right-most of the cards in the selection to the "Retreat", which will be your discarded cards.
- If you want to check the amount of cards your opponent has in their hand, check the amount of cards in their Orb Area, or check their Retreat Area, just click the Left or Right arrow to shift the player views.
Sometimes the opponent's Retreat Area can be hidden from view, but all you have to do is right-click the Retreat Area -> hover over Reveal to Others and then click All.
- If you want to flip a card in your Orb Area face-up, click the "Orbs" tab and drag the card you want face-up into the "Face-Up Orbs" tab.

Tips for Ease of Use

- You can remove the English pop-up box for cards by unticking the "Always show text over card image viewer?" option. You can find this in the Preferences tab -> Appearance -> Card appearance preferences (displayed in the above image). If you've done this, you can hold the ~ key (under Esc key, or next to 1 on the keyboard) to get the card text to appear when hovering above a card.

- You can find others to play with by clicking the Server tab at the top of the screen, connecting to the game matching servers, then either host a game, or join someone else's.


- These are a few of the buttons in the Fire Emblem CIpher plugin currently being used.
"Draw" places the top card of your Deck into your hand.
"Support" places the top card of your deck on the play area.
"Untap All Units" reverses all your units into the pre-action state (this is usually done at the start of a turn). Note that if you place your cards onto the field to the side and have that be your Bond Area, you can right click them and click "Mark as Bond", the "Untap All Units" button won't untap your card.
The "Roll Die" button automatically rolls a six-sided die for you. This is mostly only used to decide player turn order.
"Add Orb" automatically places the topmost card on your Deck into the Orb Area for you.
"Take Orb" automatically places the last card placed into the Orb Area recently and places it into your hand.

- You can use the "Blue Lord" and "Red Lord" buttons to mark your Main Character after right clicking your Main Character, but you can also type "/Spawn (Red / Blue / White / Black / Green / Purple / Yellow) Token" to get the intended token you want (e.g, if you want a Red Token, type /Spawn Red Token). You use this token to signify your Main Character.

- You can type "/draw6" or "/6" to automatically draw 6 cards.

- If you see the wrong images on cards, it means theres a chance either you or another player has an older version of the Fire Emblem Cipher Plugin.

Finding people to play with is hard, so why not join the Cipher Discord Group? We mostly talk about the game, and arrange Lackey games!

[FECipher Discord]