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Invisible Ties

The Path Is Yours

The Dark Pontifex

Noble Lady of Caelin

Together to the End

Hero Challenge


Rowan: Let's get in there! To victory!

Lianna: Watch those reckless attacks!

Rowan: I won't lose!

Ylissean Army Challenge


Chrom: If you want a fight, I'll give you one. Come on!

Robin (M): Hold up! I'm joining in.

Frederick: I shall press on!


Chrom: Well, that was more fun than I thought it would be.

Robin (M): No cutting corners, now!

Frederick: Sometimes, a break from duty is called for.

Validar Challenge


Validar: Weaklings like you are merely an eyesore.


Validar: This weakling thwarted my plan?!

Hoshidan & Nohr Challenge


Xander: I can see you're the reckless type...

Ryoma: I'll take you on. Let's do this!


Xander: What spirit! Your bravery is an inspiration.

Leo: That was an uncommonly enjoyable bout.

Takumi: All right! It's about time we got some action around here!

Ryoma: Hah! Now that was a fight!

Iago Challenge


Iago: You will all suffer the same fate!


Iago: Obstructing me? The nerve!

Altean Army Challenge


Marth: I'll be your opponent today.

Navarre: I could use a good thrashing!

Caeda: Are you fully prepared?

Tiki: You look pretty strong, but... I'm gonna win!


Caeda: Mission accomplished!

Tiki: That was fun. Let's play again!

Navarre: That was a good use of my time.

Marth: Maybe fighting like this is good from time to time.

Gharnef Challenge


Gharnef: Mere obstacles in the way of my ultimate goal.


Gharnef: How did they get the better of me?

Lyn and Celica Challenge


Lyn: Who's up for a fight? Because I am!

Celica: No matter how strong our enemy, we will prevail!


Lyn: Now that's what I call a good time.

Celica: Thank you, Lyndis! It does my heart good to see you here.

Final Challenge--Darios


Darios: Bow before my power or be cut down!

Lianna: There's no getting away now!

Rowan: I'm taking you down!


Darios: Tch. To be thwarted by such worthless...

Lianna: I'd call that a win.

Rowan: This is the strength of Aytolis!

New Challenge


Corrin (M): I'll take you on, fair and square!

Robin (F): Let's try to have fun while we're at it!


Robin (F): I like those results!

Corrin (M): There's nothing to fear with your strength on our side.




(Part 1)

Camilla: Ahhhh! You're unhurt? Tell me you're OK.

Corrin (M): Camilla!! Ahhhh!

Leo: Gods! What is that?

(Part 2)

Azura: Corrin?! No... You mustn't lose hold of yourself!

Azura's Song

Azura: Corrin, my song can help. Use it for another chance to attack or take cover. Please...don't hesitate to ask me for help!

Rescuing Corrin


Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves... ♪

Ryoma: Azura! No! Stop!

Azura: Ahh!

Sakura: No!

Azura: Kill me if you want, but...do it as yourself.


Corrin (M): I can't believe what I just did to you. It was like...I had no control over myself.

Azura: Please don't worry about it. That wasn't you. It was the blood of the ancient dragon that runs in your veins.

Corrin (M): Never mind me. What happened to all the innocent people in town? The entire town...devastated. These streets were filled just an hour ago...

Leo: This is all your fault! Camilla...countless others... It wouldn't have happened if you hadn't gone on a rampage!

Azura: Leo...

Ryoma: Enough, Prince Leo!

Leo: This is all thanks to him. He's no brother of mine.

Hinoka: Prince Leo, what are you saying? Knock it off!

Azura: Leo, please. You must listen. If you don't trust me, that's one thing. But Corrin is...

Corrin? Appears

Corrin (F): Welcome, all of you. I've been waiting.

Azura: This can't be possible. You're--!

Xander: Unbelievable! I'd heard the Chaos Dragon could control people, but...

Ryoma: For him to bring her from another world only to be his puppet... Despicable.

Corrin (F): You all must die. Velezark has declared it be so, and I will fulfill his wishes!

Fighting your Family

Corrin (F): I will not allow you to go any farther. If you try, I will kill you.

Azura: No... I won't allow that to happen. Let us pass.

Corrin (F): So you're determined to fight, no matter what? Ugh... Why is it that looking at you... gives me such an incredible headache? No matter. Killing you will make the pain go away. Prepare yourself.

Azura: I knew I might have to be the one to take you down. I'm ready for this.

Ryoma: Vengeance will be mine... Prepare to die!

Sakura: Brother, no! You have to step back! We can't afford to lose you...


Corrin (F): Ah, Azura... I finally...remember. Ughhh... I...I finally remember! I remember...

Azura: You can't! I just got you back. Don't go!

Corrin (F): Azura... Thank you.

Azura: ...She...disappeared... No...

Ryoma: I'm so sorry, Azura...

Xander: It can't be...

Corrin (M): I won't forgive him. Velezark will pay for doing this.


Here and Now

(Part 1)

Azura: I am Princess Azura of Hoshido and Nohr. I demand that both the Ylissean and Altean armies leave this kingdom!

(Part 2)

Marth: You are quite brave to jump into the middle of a battlefield all by yourself. But blindly following your orders will make this a one-sided fight. Step aside.

Azura: I am willing to do whatever it takes to end this here and now.


Caeda: Perhaps we should show her a little deference.

Marth: Agreed. We couldn't possibly attack an unarmed person.

Robin (F): What are your orders?

Chrom: Could you cast aside your weapon while surrounded by armed soldiers?

Robin (F): I don't know, Chrom... No, probably not.

Chrom: She has done something that even I would be hard-pressed to do. For that, we must show our respect.

Chrom & Azura

(Part 1)

Chrom: We know you don't want this fight. Isn't there any way for us to avoid it?

Azura: No, I'm afraid there isn't.

Chrom: Just talk to me! We can find a way!

Azura: Chrom, I see now. It all makes sense. Corrin always spoke so highly of you. You truly are a good person. A shame... It makes what I have to do that much harder. Let's put an end to this.

(Part 2)

Chrom: Why would you seek me out? I won't have mercy on my enemies. That goes for you, too!


Chrom: She's holding out longer than I expected.

Marth: Chrom! There's nothing left for us to do here. We need to retreat!

Chrom: All right. I know when I've been beaten. All units, fall back!

Azura's Wish

(Part 1)

Niles: Lady Azura, huh? It's been a long time.

Azura: Why would you do something like this? We aren't enemies...

Niles: It isn't your concern, Lady Azura. Now step aside before things get unseemly.

(Part 2)

Azura: I will do no such thing.

Niles: Would you really risk your life for Lady Corrin?

Azura: Corrin is very special to me. If I can exchange my life for hers, I'd do it gladly.


Niles: Oh? ...In that case, I wash my hands of this mess.

Azura: What?! You'll let Corrin and me go?

Niles: Yes... But what is it you're after, if you're willing to go to such lengths?

Azura: I only wish for Corrin's happiness. When Corrin smiles, then I can smile as well.


(Part 1)

Azura: I am Princess Azura. Though I am a poor fighter, my song can aid you.

(Part 2)

Sakura: You say you can't fight, but all I can do is heal people...

Lissa: Sakura, you can demolish enemies with your bow! Meanwhile, little ol' me...

Chrom: Hmm. I seem to remember SOMEONE bragging about her axe swings...


Azura: We've won, despite my own weakness. We're lucky the enemy wasn't stronger...

Chrom: A-Azura? You took down more enemies than the rest of us. Combined.

Land of Gods



(Part 1)

Corrin (F): It's beautiful. I had no idea... So do we just...wait around until someone arrives?

Sakura: This is making me nervous...

(Part 2)

Caeda: Mmhmhm...

Corrin (F): Wow, is that the princess? She looks so...serene!

Sakura: We should ask her if she knows anything about Ryoma or Takumi.

Caeda: Welcome. You must be the princesses from Hoshido... Excellent! Allow me to introduce you to my lance!

The Princess's True Form

Sakura: Corrin, we're s-surrounded!

Corrin (F): What are you playing at, Princess Caeda? This is not funny.

Caeda: Well, we haven't even reached the punch line yet. I'm not Caeda.

Validar: Fools! I shall send you into an eternal slumber! Bwahahaha!

Hinoka Arrives

Azura: Corrin, Sakura. Thank goodness you're safe.

Sakura: I'm so glad you guys are here.

Validar: How could you have known?! My Caeda disguise was perfect!

Hinoka: A perfect princess, maybe. But take it from me---those only exist in stories!

Validar: A little too much? I'll remember that... Move in, men. Take them out!

Oboro Arrives

Niles: There are enemies everywhere... I don't know where to begin!

Oboro: You brought them with you! We've lost sight of Lord Takumi, and it's your fault! If not for that, it would just be me and Lord Takumi, relaxing in a hot spring...

Niles: Hey, innuendo is my job. Anyway, we've got some work to do.

Rendezvous with Oboro


Oboro: You're right. We must clear away the enemy! If they've done ANYTHING to harm my master...I don't know what I'll do.


Niles: OK, OK, get ahold of yourself. Corpses are inconveniently tight-lipped.

Oboro: I'd be less bloodthirsty if you weren't here, Nohrian--but I'll leave a few alive.

Battling Validar


Validar: Ah, I see you're ready to die. I'm going to enjoy this!


Validar: Urgh... What was I thinking...

Corrin (F): Game over, Validar. Now, tell us where you're keeping Caeda!

Validar: *cough* *cough* Urk... No...

Leo: Ah, Validar. You've embarrassed yourself for the last time. You're done here.

Corrin (F): Leo! What are you doing here?

Validar: What are you--?! GRAAAAAAAAH!

Hinoka: I've never seen such a display of power.

Niles: Lord Leo is a truly gifted dark mage. He's feared and respected in Nohr.


Oboro: Die, Nohrian scum!

Corrin (F): Hold! I'm with Hoshido!

Oboro: Wait...who are you? You seem familiar.

Corrin (F): I'm Corrin. And who are you?

Oboro: Oh! Lord Takumi's sister! I'm Oboro, Lord Takumi's retainer. Have...have you seen him? We can't find him anywhere!

Corrin (F): Actually, we're search-- Not to be rude, but the look on your face is terrifying.

Oboro: Oh. I apologize--when I even think of Nohrians, I just can't help myself. Even just saying the word! GRRRRRRR!

Corrin (F): Wuhh!

Oboro: But if I keep my thoughts focused on my dear Takumi, I can control myself. I'll do my best to assist you!

Corrin (F): Thank you, Oboro. Good to have you with us.



(Part 1)

Oboro: How did you end up in this fight, Prince Chrom?!

Chrom: ...Somehow I got roped into putting down an uprising in Crimea. And then I ended up with some old friends in the apostle's army...

Oboro: What?! That is hardly a reason to fight!! You're unbelievable!

Chrom: Don't worry over the details. What do you want? To fight me?

(Part 2)

Oboro: I won't lose to someone fighting for such an unworthy cause!


Chrom: Join me, Oboro.

Oboro: Easy for you to say!

Chrom: There is no justice in this war. You know that, right? Come with me, Oboro.

How You Fall

(Part 1)

Validar: Heh heh... Interesting to see how you fall. Like you're trying to catch something...

Caeda: Tsk... I can't believe this is happening. I have to do something...

(Part 2)

Oboro: Everyone, remember what we're up against!

Lissa: Ha! And they'll remember me once I've wedged my axe... Wait... My axe. Where's my axe?! I had it a second ago!

Oboro: Princess Lissa, this is no time for jokes...

Lissa: I'm serious! It's gone, but I JUST had it! It's got to be around here somewhere...

Owain: Even without a weapon, the power of my dark soul can strike at my foes. My sword hand twitches at the thought of calling on the dark power of our bond.

Oboro: Keep to the rear, then, Owain! The battle is nigh!


Lissa: Phew! Thank goodness! Everything turned out all right!

Validar: You will pay for interfering in my designs!

Oboro & Niles

(Part 1)

Oboro: It's you...

Niles: Hey. If you're going to look like that, go stare at a wall or something.

Oboro: You don't think very highly of me, do you? If I ever gave you an opening, you'd seize the chance to jab me right in it.

(Part 2)

Niles: Phew. Nothing gets by you, huh?

Oboro: I try to get along with everyone here. Even the Nohrians. But if you're going to be like that all the time, I won't bother.

Niles: And we wouldn't want that, right? Though now that I'm a little used to it... that gaze almost seems smoldering. It penetrates deep into my core, burning in a way that hurts so good...


Oboro: Quit messing around! I'm only working with you because Lord Takumi ordered it. As odious as it is, as much as I hate doing it, I have no choice. So why don't you make my life a little easier and meet me halfway?

Niles: Heh. You don't beat around the bush. I like that. Luckily for you, Lord Leo also wants we Nohrians to get along with Hoshido. So I'll play along. Excited yet?

Oboro: Ugh...stay calm... Deep breaths...

Oboro & Lissa

(Part 1)

Oboro: The tent looks so much nicer when it's all neat and tidy. I'm relieved that everything is back in its proper place. Especially since this is where we gather for big meetings. I have to polish up everybody's armor. Geez, some of this gear has gotten badly damaged. I'll have to deal with this.

Lissa: Ehem.

(Part 2)

Oboro: Wah!! Princess Lissa! How long have you been standing over there?

Lissa: Oh, a few minutes. Enough to hear you talking to yourself like a crazy person.

Oboro: How dare you call me crazy! I wasn't acting weird at all!

Lissa: Really? I'd be pretty embarrassed if I was caught doing that... It's funny that you want to impress everybody so much. "Oh, I have to polish the armor. Look at me--I'm cleaning the tent!" So adorable. It does kind of make me want to prank you, though...

Oboro: Wh-wh-wh... WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!


Lissa: Whoa, calm down. Your face totally changed just now. For a moment, I thought you'd transformed into a demon. I...think I should probably go. Excuse me!

Oboro: Princess Lissa!! Come back here!

Cold Reception



(Part 1)

Lissa: We can't return until we suppress the Ice Tribe rebellion like King Garon ordered!

Leo: Lissa, why would you say that?!

Lissa: Huh? Wait... Doesn't suppress mean...we ask them nicely to please stop rebelling?

Leo: You don't understand. It's not so simple as all that.

Ryoma: So, your true motives have been revealed. It's just as I feared. You monsters tricked me into helping you in order to infiltrate and harm this village.

Corrin (F): I promise you, that was not our intention.

Ryoma: Do you think me a fool? Such lies do not befit a princess, even one of Nohr. I know well how Nohrians operate. ...So be it.

Leo: Well, this certainly hasn't gone as planned... On your guard, Corrin!

(Part 2)

Ryoma: These are proud people, and I shall not yield and let them be subjugated by Nohr!

Niles Arrives

Owain: My sword hand twitches... It knows our foes are unwitting yet dangerous. We must use the power swelling inside me to claim the golden glow of victory!

Niles: You're a damn weirdo, Owain... You do know that, don't you? In any case, I'm not going to let you take all the glory for yourself.

Corrin (F): Uh... What's going on here? Who are you two?

Rendezvous with Niles & Owain

Niles: My name is Niles. By royal decree of Lord Leo, I am here to serve you.

Corrin (F): Serve me? I would rather you fight at my side as a friend and equal...

Owain: Don't worry about Niles. He's always like this. But back to the matter at-- Ah! My sword hand! It awakens! Fear not, Lady Corrin! I will now use my power to expel from this world those who might wrong you.

Corrin (F): Whoa there! Take it easy... Let's all just calm down, OK?

Battling Ryoma


Ryoma: Hmph. So you are not truly my sister after all. Only a Nohrian. What a shame.

Corrin (F): I am your sister! And I make no excuses for what Nohr has done here... But no matter how this ends, all I ask is that you listen to what I have to say.

Ryoma: Sakura... I never imagined you would take up arms against your own people...

Sakura: Big Brother, please don't say such things! This is the last thing I ever wanted.

Ryoma: It pains me deeply to raise my hand against my precious little sister... But alas, this is how it must be for the good of these people. Gods forgive me.


Ryoma: You spared my life when you had me at your mercy... Why? Explain yourself!

Corrin (F): I would love nothing more than for today to mark a turning point--for all of us. One fueled not by force or control... but by mutual trust.

Ryoma: ...What? This does not sound like a Nohrian proposal...

Corrin (F): Forgive me, Ryoma. I know what I'm about to ask is a somewhat selfish request. But I must ask all the same... Will you agree to halt the rebellion here? In return, I promise to do all I can to let the Ice Tribe maintain their autonomy. But for that to happen, I must ask that the end of violence be reciprocal.

Ryoma: ...I never thought I would say this, but you may count on full cooperation from here.

Corrin (F): Ryoma! I...thank you! I swear to you, you won't regret this.

Ryoma: If King Garon had said the same words, it would have fallen on deaf ears. But you... You are no King Garon. I can't help but believe your promises. Perhaps... Perhaps you truly are my sister after all.


Niles: ...Is there a problem? When can we start inflicting pain?

Owain: Yeah, what's the holdup? My sword hand yearns to release their anguished souls!

Corrin (F): Um, no offense, but you're creeping me out... Please, let's shed no more blood.

Niles: Well, if my liege's royal sibling orders no blood be spilled, I am obliged to obey. I may seem despicable to the unfamiliar, but my loyalty to Lord Leo is unmatched.

Owain: I, too, am a bastion of loyalty...despite the darkness that beckons me. It will be difficult to stay my sword hand--but for you, I'll practice utmost restraint.

Corrin (F): Thank you, gentlemen.



(Part 1)

Lissa: Ah! I can't believe this! Where have you been?! You can't go wandering off without telling anyone!

(Part 2)

Niles: Hrmm! Rude! I wasn't wandering. I just came from scouting the village. While I was there, I ran into a fair maiden fighting with an unsavory man.

Lissa: A second unsavory man? One besides yourself?

Niles: What?! Hmph! No respect...


Niles: Anyway, the man fled when I confronted him, and thus the lady was saved. It seems rescuing damsels in distress is something I was born to do!

Lissa: Hmmm... How did you save her, exactly?

Niles: I ran up to the pair and cried, "Now, now, there's enough of me to go around!" He promptly fled the scene. However, the lovely lady had done likewise.

Sweet Robin

(Part 1)

Robin (F): This is your last warning. Confess.

Niles: You just won't stop, will you? Persistence can become unattractive, sweetheart...

Robin (F): My name is ROBIN.

Niles: Robin, sweetheart--you do nothing for me. Find someone else to chase.

Robin (F): What?! The mouth on you...

(Part 2)

Niles: That's right. And neither it nor the rest of me have anything pleasant to share.

Robin (F): Reverse psychology? Hah...I won't be fooled so easily.


Niles: Ugh... What's a polite way to say "not even if you were the last woman alive"?

Robin (F): Excuse me?!

Niles: Oops! ...That certainly wasn't it. You've thrown me out of sorts, Robin.

Robin (F): Hey! Don't you run away from me! Waaaaaaaaaait!


(Part 1)

Validar: It is always desire that motivates. That's been true since your kind's beginning. You hope, take, give, kill, struggle... All of your needs and your desires give rise to hate and strife.

(Part 2)

Caeda: Even so, people will continue to change. This does make me sad... But it makes me happy, too. It's why I love people so much.


Niles: These people that you love so much... They're selfish. Each and every one. Lives lost before your eyes weigh more heavily than the many anonymous ones taken in war.

Caeda: And that's why we must save those lives. We must not refuse to help each other.

My Robes!

(Part 1)

Robin (M): Niles, you dolt! Don't you see what you've done?!

(Part 2)

Niles: Hey! That's no way to be! I was trying to do you a favor. It's not my fault if I accidentally burned your package lighting my torch!

Robin (M): I appreciate the sentiment, but it was a bit careless of you. My favorite robe was in that bundle! Now look at it! It's been charred black!


Niles: Oops... Those were your clothes? Heh... That IS a shame. My mistake. I apologize.

Robin (M): This isn't the first time either, Niles! It was my robes last time too! I'm starting to wonder what it is you have against my clothes!

A Brush in the Teeth



Niles: Hey, come on, Princess Sakura. We need to get out of here--the sooner the better. Rumor is there are Altean knights at the foot of the mountain. We'll head to them! It's only a bit farther. Just...stick close to me.

Sakura: ...I think I left my rod behind! I can't just leave it... I-its very precious to me... You go on ahead, Niles... Save yourself!

Niles: No way, honey. I didn't flirt with death--and a bandit or two--to give up now. Forget the rod! I'll get it back for you one way or another, all right? Right now I need a little effort on your part. Tick-tock, move that frock!

Recruiting Niles


Niles: Whoa! Stop! I am not your enemy!

Marth: What are you saying?

Niles: I'm Niles--a reformed Nohrian thief who joined up with the Soothsire bandits. But, uh...I'm not one of them. I was after Lady Sakura here--she'd gone missing.

Marth: Hmm...


Niles: Still not convinced, huh? I guess what I'm trying to say is--

Marth: I understand. You can come with us.

Niles: Oh... Well...good. Thank you.

Marth: I'm inclined to trust you. If you truly are no bandit, you deserve the chance to prove yourself. Show me you're ready to help people, and I'll know you're a man of character.

Niles: Rrright. Helping people isn't exactly what I'm known for, but I'll see what I can do...

Rescuing Sakura


Marth: Are you unharmed, Sakura?

Sakura: Yes... Thanks for asking!

Marth: This region is dangerous. My forces will draw the enemy away so you can escape.


Sakura: No, I want to help.

Marth: But...you... What?

Sakura: Please... I'm a Shrine Maiden, after all. I can't just stand by and watch others be harmed when I could be helping them!

Marth: Well...all right... But I don't wish to see you come to harm either.

Sakura: I'll be sure to be careful! Thank you!

Final Battle with Navarre

(Part 1)

Navarre: Will it be tears or blood you weep first?

(Part 2)

Caeda: Navarre! Since when does a swordsman of your caliber fall in with thieves and cutthroats?

Navarre: What? Who are you? Fly away, girl, before someone decides to swat you.


Caeda: Please, Navarre. Why fight for nothing when you can fight for something? Leave this rabble. Lend your sword to our cause. Or, if you will not, then turn it on me now instead.

Navarre: ...No. I'll turn no blade of mine on a woman. ...If you'd pay for my service with your live, then you are the highest bidder. My sword is yours.

Final Battle with Validar


Validar: You must really want to die, coming to the Soothsires' palace unbidden!


Validar: Argh... I'll make you regret this!


Navarre: ...

Marth: Um...aren't you--

Navarre: Navarre.

Marth: The great swordsman they speak of... Will you fight with us, then?

Navarre: You need only name your target.


Navarre & Niles

(Part 1)

Validar: Navarre, take down the enemy!

Niles: This is who you're working for now? Despicable... Lord Marth spoke highly of you, but it appears he was mistaken. Just swinging your sword around without purpose... You're lower than a beast.

Navarre: Purpose? What if I said my purpose... was you?

(Part 2)

Niles: Sorry, you're not my type.

Navarre: You know what I'm talking about. You don't have to keep up appearances... You and I are the same...

Niles: I fight for Lord Leo; that's my purpose. I'm not at all like you.

Navarre: ...Enough talk. Prepare yourself.


Navarre: This is no longer interesting. Do as you please.

Navarre's Request

(Part 1)

Lissa: Hey, Navarre. Is there something I can do to help?

Navarre: No. Don't interfere with my training.

Lissa: Sheesh, you're rough around the edges. You could at least pretend to consider it.

(Part 2)

Lissa: Oh, I know! Navarre! I could heal you up. It'll make you feel real energetic for your training!

Navarre: No.

Lissa: How about if we spar? I bet I could beat you from here till sundown!

Navarre: What?

Lissa: Pff. I'm only kidding! You don't have to glare at me like that! I just wanted to get your attention...


Navarre: Fine. I have one request.

Lissa: Just what I've been waiting for! What is it? Tell me! Tell me!

Navarre: Go away.

Lissa: Oh, you jerk. Fine!

Navarre: Finally.

A Caring Person

(Part 1)

Sakura: Navarre? I can't believe it! It IS you!

Navarre: Sakura.

Sakura: I knew it! But, why? Why are you here?

(Part 2)

Navarre: I'll forget I saw you if you leave now, Sakura.

Sakura: What?! No!


Navarre: ...Follow me. I'll protect you, so stay close.

Sakura: Thank you, Navarre. I knew there was a caring person hiding under that glower.

Clear Roles

(Part 1)

Navarre: Hmph.

Lissa: Hey there! You're looking pretty strong!

(Part 2)

Navarre: Away with you.

Lissa: Hey! Wh-what's that all about?!


Marth: That's just how Navarre is. Chrom, I'm sure that he will be a steadfast ally to you.

Chrom: And you, Navarre? You have no objections?

Navarre: He gives orders. I stab people. Our roles are clear.

Chrom: ...All right, then. Welcome aboard.

Princess Minerva



Minerva: Prince Xander, I cannot abide by these tactics of yours. Let me attack the rebels head-on and keep my pride as a knight of Macedon.

Xander: Ah, you mean the same pride that cost us all those soldiers back in Aurelis? If we're to regroup, we need to buy time. My tactics are perfectly suited. That aside, Minerva, why exactly are you here? You left your post--not very wise. Might I remind you, poor conduct on your part could have repercussions... Lissa's...comfort as our guest remains within your control--at least somewhat.

Minerva: I am aware of the situation, thank you. ...I did not come to make trouble. But...might I see Lissa? Just for a little while? She's a dear friend, and I swore I'd keep her safe...

Xander: Impossible, I'm afraid. She is a hostage, after all--and not mine. I find the whole matter disagreeable, but if you are so concerned...follow orders.

Minerva: I...understand. ...But the Altean knights are smarter than you give them credit for.

Rebel Army Invasion

Leo: Xander! Grave news! The rebel army has been sighted east of Castle Deil!

Xander: What?! Blast... Send word to the main army. We need reinforcements! We must crush them before they get too close.

Minerva: Rebels...? Then Marth has arrived...

Rescuing Lissa

Lissa: Oh! You must be Prince Marth! ...Thank you for rescuing me. Please be sure to tell Minerva I'm free.

Recruiting Minerva

Minerva: Fie, enough! I've no stomach for these cat-and-mouse tactics.

Final Battle with Xander


Xander: Bah! You'll not get past me, rebel!


Xander: They're a force...to be reckoned... with... Rrgh...


Minerva: Greetings, Prince Marth. I am Minerva of Macedon. Lissa's plight forced me to treat you as an enemy when I knew you were not... Suffice to say, I am truly sorry for that... It seems the whole world has gone mad. Most of Macedon fights for Dolhr now. My own brother, Michalis, leads them. And on their hands is the blood of their king, my father... I must stop them.

Marth: When I heard Michalis was holding you and Lissa hostage, I was worried, but... Is it true that he saved you? What in the world happened?

Minerva: Michalis was wounded in battle, and Lissa tended to him. She saved his life. Her kindness, it seems, can touch any heart--even the heart of a man like him.

Marth: You seem pleased by that...despite everything he's done to you both.

Minerva: ...Perhaps.

Marth: I know how it is, Minerva. A bond between siblings is not so easily broken. In any case, clear your head! You need not worry over Macedon any longer. I will need both you and Macedon at full capacity if we're to bring Gharnef to heel.

Minerva: Of course, Prince Marth. It will be our honor to fight by your side.



(Part 1)

Robin (M): Oh, you're, uhh...

Minerva: Minerva. Do you always have this much trouble remembering names?

Robin (M): I'm sorry. My memory gets a little fuzzy at times... Sometimes I get the worst headaches... Like there's not enough room in my head.

(Part 2)

Minerva: ...You're a strange fellow. Or is this some kind of long con?

Robin (M): Oh no, not at all! This is just...how I am. Some people think having no memories means not worrying about the past... But I have my own troubles, just like anyone else.

Minerva: Like what?


Robin (M): Hmm. Well, the other day, I dreamt of turning into a dragon.

Minerva: A...dragon?

Robin (M): I've read about dreams having a deeper meaning. The idea really stuck with me. It's possible that that notion is keeping me from sleeping well lately...

Minerva: I see... That sounds rough, Robin. I wish I could help in some way.

Minerva's Fight

(Part 1)

Marth: My sister and the others are there... And protecting them-- No...it can't be... Is that the Fell Dragon, Grima?!

(Part 2)

Minerva: To defeat Grima, you may have to do the unthinkable.

Marth: You can't possibly be telling me to kill my own sister!

Minerva: I'm saying that it may be the only option available.

Marth: I won't accept that. I'm sure there's another way. And I'll find it or die trying!

(Part 3)


Marth: Grima. No matter how many times you return, humankind will never yield! I will put an end to this long war, here and now!



Easy Enlistment

(Part 1)

Minerva: Are you making an effort to encourage the troops?

Lissa: Yes, of course! And all my hard work has paid off! We're gaining more recruits every day! Just look! See how many there are?!

Minerva: That's wonderful. However, before I forget... We received a complaint from Navarre. He said you won't stop following him...

Lissa: Oh, that! I figured it would make him look too busy to deal with anyone else! Do you know how many new recruits are head over heels for Navarre? It's crazy!

(Part 2)

Minerva: I see... By the way, Lissa. I found this the other day.

Lissa: Huh? What is it?

Minerva: "No experience? No problem! Join the army now and get three meals a day!" This doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the army. It sounds more like an inn... I'd hate to think that one of our own was responsible for this.

Lissa: O-oh? Maybe they only wanted to help...


Minerva: Lissa, I'd like a moment of your time. I need to give you a proper scolding.

Lissa: Don't be silly! Something like that would be wasted on me...

Minerva: Come with me.

Lissa: ...Yes, ma'am.


(Part 1)

Minerva: You refuse to lay down your sword and walk the right path?

Navarre: There are no right paths; just mine and yours. Two that will never align.

Minerva: Then you leave me no choice.

(Part 2)

Chrom: If there's honor left in you, embrace it now. You could still join us...

Navarre: The time for talk is over.


Minerva: I'd love to curse ill fate, but I know my own weakness is at fault. ...Do not worry about me, Prince Chrom. Let us hurry on.

Knorda Market



Robin (F): Marth, have you ever heard of Pontifex Miloah?

Marth: The one who once defended Archanea with the power of Aura? Of course; he and his magic are famous! But...I read that he fell to Gharnef soon after the fiend sold his soul to Dolhr...

Robin (F): Alas, it's true... But his daughter, Linde, lives--and she inherited her father's skill. But no one has seen her since Gharnef claimed Miloah's life. Wherever she is, it must not be pleasant, so please, Marth... Find Linde. With her father gone, you may be the closest thing to family the girl has left.

Final Battle with Owain


Owain: Who's this? You fiends seek to halt my quest for the legendary Mystletainn?

Marth: What? No. I heard you are holding some Archaneans here. Release them at once!

Owain: Huh? W-wait! I-I don't actually know anything about that!


Owain: Why is this happening to me?! Sword hand--I'm sorry!

Rescuing Linde

Marth: Is everyone all right? I know you've been through a lot. Go home to your families. ...Hm? What's wrong, lad? Why don't you go home?

Linde: Because...I have no home to go to.

Marth: You...you're a girl! Why were you dressed as a boy?

Linde: To hide, sir. My name is Linde. My father is--was--Miloah, a pontifex. I wore men's garb to escape Gharnef, but that odd fellow grabbed me as I fled.

Marth: So you're Linde... I'm glad you are safe. We were all worried about you, you know... Well, we're all together now. I promise to keep you out of danger.

Linde: No! Let me fight. With your blessing, and the tome my father left me, I can wield light magic. Let me use it to avenge him. I want to destroy Gharnef myself!

Recruiting Chrom


Caeda: Hail, soldier of Ylisse! Are you the one they call Chrom?

Chrom: Hail indeed! I am Chrom. How can I be of service?

Caeda: An Ylissean woman by the name of Lissa told me about you.


Caeda: She's very worried about you.

Chrom: I see. Owain asked me here to help him find some legendary blade... But if I'm worrying Lissa, perhaps I should call my search here.

Caeda: Then why not fight for Archanea instead? Help us set the world right.

Validar, the Captor

Validar: So the dregs of Archanea have come to challenge my reign, hm? Hah! Do they think none have tried? The dragon-goddess is right where I want her--you'll never disperse my shadows!

Validar's Defeat


Validar: You dare oppose me, fool? You must not value your life. Cover before me!


Validar: Altean prince! I fear you are not quite imposing enough to warrant my staying.


Chrom: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Chrom, captain of the Shepherds.

Linde: I'm Linde, daughter of Pontifex Miloah.

Chrom: Pontifex Miloah? Should I...have heard that name before?

Linde: ...You've never heard of my father?

Chrom: Please excuse my ignorance. He must be a person of some renown.

Linde: He is. There isn't a soul in Archanea Palace who doesn't know his name. He is known as a great sage and is well respected by all. It has always been my dream to be just like him...

Chrom: I see. I would like to meet him someday. Does he live somewhere in Archanea?

Linde: He...passed away. Slain in battle with the vile Gharnef.

Chrom: I see... You have my sincere condolences.

Linde: Thank you. Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Chrom.

Chrom: Likewise, Linde.


Strange Power

(Part 1)

Chrom: More of them!

Linde: Chrom! There's a strange power moving through this area.

(Part 2)

Linde: The energy around here is being disrupted... I don't think we're going to be able to use magic here.

Chrom: I don't know who they are, but it looks like they're after a fight.


Chrom: We beat it. But what was it? After the final blow, its body crumbled into dust.

Linde: When it died... I heard its voice call out... Did you hear it? Sorrow... It was filled with terrible sorrow.

Army's Heart

(Part 1)

Linde: Lord Xander, why not take the whole army with you? If you're going on ahead--

Xander: That's enough, Linde. Can't you see how tired the troops are?

(Part 2)

Linde: ...I'm sorry. You're right. But do you think we'll be strong enough without them?

Xander: My siblings will more than make up the difference.


Xander: Linde, there's someone here to see you.

Linde: Oh? I wonder who it could be...

Sakura: Linde, you saved us.


(Part 1)

Robin (M): Linde, I found some strawberries nearby. They looked ripe and ready for picking. You should try some. They're just as good as they look!

(Part 2)

Linde: Yum! These are much better than the ones I used to get in the palace.

Robin (M): That's the beauty of freshly picked fruit!


Linde: Hey, do you want to go up the mountain together next time?

Robin (M): I don't mind. But...are you sure your robes would be up to it? If they got caught on something and ripped, you'd be n-- Erm... You'd be cold.

Linde: Oh, grow up. And I'd never let anything happen to this robe! It's precious to me... It was a gift from my late father.

Robin (M): O-oh? ...I'm sorry.

Uncertain Prayers

(Part 1)

Linde: Father, please watch over me. Please ensure that no one dies in this battle. Please grant me the magical power to protect my allies. And, um, what else...

Ryoma: Hmm.

(Part 2)

Linde: I want Marth to give me a lot of gold, and I want to get all the good food... and I want to only ever do the fun jobs, and I want a servant who obeys me... and everyone should get along with me, and...uhh... I want us to win unexpectedly easily.


Ryoma: This is quite an unorthodox prayer. Does it go on much longer?

Linde: Lord Ryoma?! Oh... Were you listening that whole time?

Ryoma: I have orders for you from Prince Marth.

Linde: ...Yes, m'lord.

Scion of Legend



Niles: Heh heh... This is it! That treasure's here; I can feel it! It sort of...tingles.

Caeda: I've honestly never heard of any treasure anywhere around here...

Niles: Oh? Has the tingling misled me? Then perhaps we should move on...

The Chosen Warrior

Owain: Halt, fiends!

Niles: And who in the devil are you?!

Owain: A chosen swordsman! See how my sword hand twitches! It hungers...for justice!

Niles: You remind me of someone I know... Someone...similarly annoying.

Chrom: Wait. That stance...

Niles: Rgh... Who ARE you?!

Owain: I am the wolf who howls for justice! The eagle who cries for love! The chosen warrior come from the future to bring hope to a dying world... Owain!

Lissa: Wow, that guy's really weird. ...Wait a second.

Niles: ...Right. I don't know what's going on with this guy, but I've had about enough. I'm going to get what I came for and head straight for the hills!

Legendary Blade Mystletainn

Owain: Not today, ne'er-do-wells! The legendary blade Mystletainn is for my hand alone!

Chrom: ...I am so lost right now. What is he even talking about? ...Never mind. Let's just handle this bandit. I'm sure this will all sort itself out.

Final Battle with Owain


Owain: Control yourself! P-power...too great... C-can't contain it...

Chrom: Um, sorry to interrupt your...conversation? But I have a question about your stance. It's clearly from the royal house of Ylisse.

Owain: By the gods old and new! Another future traveler?! Who are you, villain?! Speak!

Chrom: Um, I'm Chrom. ...Of Ylisse? If we must fight, then--


Chrom: ...Uncle? Never mind that for now. Can you fight? Or do you just talk a lot?

Owain: My mettle in combat is the stuff of legend! Bards sing tales of my-- H-hey! Wait! Uncle Chrooom!


Owain: I have but one request. If you find the sword Mystletainn, please let me wield it! I would use its might to defend my sacred queen and mother!

Chrom: ...You mean Lissa? I suppose I should just be happy she has such a...devoted son.

Rescuing Caeda


Caeda: You're a kind soul to fight for strangers as you do. Here, please take this.

Owain: By the ghost of Ike! I've found it at last! The fated mate to my sword hand! ...The divine blade, Mystletainn!

Caeda: I'm afraid this is a blade of extremely common make... Um... Hello?


Owain: I feel its power coursing through me! At last, my sword hand lays calm. Come, Mystletainn. Destiny beckons!

Lissa and Owain

Lissa: Oh, hey! It's you. Thanks for helping--

Owain: MOM?! I'm your kid from the future! Look at the signet ring upon my finger. Behold, a perfect match to yours!

Lissa: ...Oh, gods. Owain.

Owain: Huh?

Lissa: That's your name. Isn't it?

Owain: Indeed! And none have ever been prouder to bear it! For it is the name you gave me! I've come to part the dark clouds that hang forebodingly over this era!

Showdown with Niles


Niles: I'm on a mission here. I suggest you stay out of my way. Just quiet down, and be a good little girl... For me.

Owain: No one hurts the mother of Owain!



Niles: Blast! No choice but to retreat. Rrah... How am I going to explain this to Lord Leo?

Marth: I'm truly grateful to you for protecting this village from that...suspicious fellow. On behalf of all the villagers, thank you-- from the bottom of my heart.


Owain: Mother, are you all right?!

Lissa: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm... Holy crow! Your arm!

Owain: Oh, right! Sorry. Guess I should have shown you before. It's my Brand. The one carried by House Ylisse. So, no more need to worry, eh?

Lissa: Th-then you know? That I don't...

Owain: That your Brand never surfaced? Yes, you told me as much. You said it always weighted on you... You were so happy the day mine appeared! You were sobbing and laughing for an hour without pause!

Lissa: I was kind of hoping to grow out of the crying thing...

Owain: Yes, well. No more worrying. You really are Chrom's sister. My Brand proves our lineage.

Lissa: Thank you. Just... Thank you, Owain.

Owain: As scions of the hero, it falls on us to ensure my dark future doesn't come true. Let us fight side by side, Mother! ...Urp! Such...passion! Sword hand...hungering!

Lissa: You know, maybe you should have that looked at.


Not Really OK

(Part 1)

Owain: Mother?! Where are you?!

Lissa: Owain...

Owain: There you are, Mother! Are you OK?

Lissa: Not really... But the rebel forces saved me. Did you come to find me?

(Part 2)

Owain: You dare lay a finger on my mother?! You'll pay!


Owain: I'm sorry... I was a fool... You would have been spared this fate had I only listened...

Lissa: It's fine, Owain. All that matters now is that you came to find me.

Owain: I swear to never fail you again.

Lissa: Just promise me that you'll never leave my side, OK? That's all I need.


(Part 1)

Validar: It's tragic that you are ignorant to the futility of all this. You cannot hope to defeat the divine.

(Part 2)

Owain: You're right. You may well be the villain that matches and overcomes my might.

Validar: Then why do you persist?

Owain: I would sooner die in a noble pursuit than yield to a fate of your choosing.

Validar: Simpleminded fool...


Owain: The bottomless darkness that envelops me will expose your true form!

Take My Sword

(Part 1)

Owain: HAH! Look, everyone! Look at this one! He's not Risen! Victory is nigh!

Ryoma: This guy needs to calm down...

(Part 2)

Owain: AHHH! Th-they're here! They want to consume me! How DARE you! Sword hand, let us show them the error of their ways!


Owain: All those bold enough to stand in the way of my dark power shall face oblivion!

Ryoma: ...At least we won. He'll keep things interesting, but does he ever quiet down?

You Heard Me, Traitor

(Part 1)

Owain: NILES! How DARE you!

Niles: Sorry, I didn't quite catch that. Maybe shout it...directly into my ear.

Owain: Oh, you heard me, traitor. You didn't wait for me to name those weapons. You submitted your own--and your names are just plain bad.

(Part 2)

Owain: Just look at these names! Why, every one of them is charmless, rigid, and stiff! Was this some sort of joke?

Niles: One of us had to do something, or we'd both look like fools. You were at risk of missing the deadline.


Owain: I apologize, Niles. Your weapon names are being considered as final choices. I've heard the camp is going to be naming some new armor next. Help me with my names. People love the ol' Niles touch!

Niles: Nope. You're on your own.




Chrom: Don't worry, Robin. We'll make it through and be on the road with Emm in no time.

Robin (M): I hope you're right.

Validar: Welcome! Welcome, insects! We all remember the crimes of Ylisse... Should not their witch-queen answer for them? Executioner! If you'd be so kind...

Chrom: Take out all the soldiers first! We'll deal with Validar later!

Validar: Oh? We've been expecting you, Little Prince. Men! Kill him. Kill them all!

Dark Mage Tharja

Tharja: So we're to kill or die here, simply because the king commands it? Pfft. What do I care of these Ylisseans? We're given no reasons to fight, only orders. What's the point? Besides, I've always been quite good at choosing who to hate on my own...

Wooing Tharja


Chrom: You there! Are you with the Plegians? You seem reluctant to fight.

Tharja: Death comes for all of us eventually. Why invite it early, fighting for a cause I don't believe in?

Chrom: So...I should take that as a no, or...


Tharja: I mean, long live the king and all, but I'd like to keep living as well. And I have a bit of a rebellious streak, I'm afraid. A...dark side.

Chrom: Then perhaps you would rebel now and fight for our cause?

Tharja: ...You would trust me? What if this is all a ploy to plunge a dagger in your back?

Chrom: My sister, the exalt--I think she'd trust you. And I'm trying to learn from her. Besides, I already need to watch my back, whether you're with us or not.

Tharja: Huh. Odd... Usually when I bring up the backstabbing bit, the discussion is over. All right, then--consider me your new ally. ...For now.

Reinforcements Appears

Validar: Where is the damn wyvern brigade?! Quickly! Close off their escape!

Reinforcements Defeated

Chrom: Robin! Their wyvern riders have fallen! The skies are clear! I'm giving the signal!

Validar's Defeat

Validar: Rrgh... F-fools... Destiny cannot...be...unraveled...!

Camilla Appears

Camilla: Still at your little schemes? Or do you just want a soft embrace here at the end? I'm not completely cruel, you know. Come, I have a kiss for each of you...

Tharja: Be swift, Awakener. You must reach her before it is too late.

Final Battle with Camilla


Camilla: Murderers! You will be punished for taking Master Validar from me!


Camilla: Finally...the pain... F-finally...it ends...


Tharja: ...

Robin (M): Tharja? ...Are you following me?

Tharja: ...Maybe.

Robin (M): Maybe?! I've seen you hiding behind tents and wagons all day!

Tharja: So you finally noticed...my love.

Robin (M): Sorry, what? Your...love?

Tharja: Oh yes. I realized it the first moment we locked eyes. "He isn't like the others," I thought. "He's the one I've been seeking!"

Robin (M): Riiiiiiight. Well, um, thank you? ...I guess?

Tharja: That's why I've been watching your every...single...move. You've opened your tome a total of 58 times. You've avoided 23 enemy attacks...

Robin (M): You've been watching me fight?!

Tharja: I thought you'd be grateful.

Robin (M): No, I think "disturbed" is more the word. You mean to tell me you've been following me every single moment since we met?

Tharja: ...Yes.

Robin (M): I suddenly feel very ill.

Tharja: Don't worry. I'll take care of you. ...Veeery good care.

Robin (M): ...Oh gods, this will not end well...


Food for Concern

(Part 1)

Tharja: I can fight... I'm just...very angry...

Sakura: Tharja?! Why are you so angr-- EEK!

(Part 2)

Sakura: Tharja? If you're not up to fighting, we can handle the soldiers... You look a little woozy. Are you sure you're going to be all right?


Tharja: The food here... It was terrible. And there was so little. I will have vengeance.

Sakura: Wait, what?! That's why you're so upset?!

A Spooky Tale

(Part 1)

Oboro: Tharja...

Tharja: Oboro? Are you here for a spooky tale? Maybe the curse of the black snake scales? The victim tried removing them... only to discover a snake eye looking up from beneath!

(Part 2)

Oboro: Urp... No more, please. I think I'm gonna be sick...

Tharja: Heehee... What about the tale of the soldier who heard the snake-scale story? One eve he retired to the restroom and noticed a faint glimmer on his hand...


Tharja: It was a scale! Just by hearing the story, he, too, was cursed!

Oboro: Ahh! I asked you to stop! This is too much for me!

Tharja: Heehee... And yet you listened so intently.

Oboro: Now I'll have nightmares for months-- all because of you!

Tharja: You can sleep in my room if you're that scared. I promise not to curse you. Much.

Oboro: How is that supposed to make me feel any better?!

Peer through Darkness

(Part 1)

Tharja: I shall now attempt to cast the memory-transformation spell...

Leo: Ready when you are.

(Part 2)

Tharja: ...Nmmm...mmm...nnngh... ...What? Th-this cannot be.


Leo: Is something wrong?

Tharja: The hex failed. But while casting, I saw a terrible darkness in you...

Leo: Ah. I tried to suppress it, but it appears I was unsuccessful. My power is always trying to spill out of me...

Tharja: This darkness... It's interesting. There are things I could do with it... I could infuse some powerful hexes with just a fraction of that energy.

Leo: In that case, would you like to continue experimenting on me?

One Good Sneeze

(Part 1)

Ryoma: Tharja! Could I have a word with you?

Tharja: Preferably not.

Ryoma: Ehem. Why did you not keep our appointment at the training grounds? I waited all day and most of the night. ...And I seem to have caught a cold.

Tharja: Tsk, don't feel bad. Cursed colds are harder on everyone.

Ryoma: What? You hexed a cold on me?!

(Part 2)

Tharja: Yes. I'm really very wicked. If I were you, I'd avoid me completely.


Ryoma: Perhaps it's the lack of training discipline that has addled your mind...

Tharja: I don't like where this is going...

Ryoma: Ah...ah...AHH-CHOOOO! ...Ahh. My cold has gone. One good sneeze, and all my symptoms have been blown away.

Tharja: Er, that makes no sense.

Ryoma: Now that I've recovered, we can resume training. Right here, tomorrow. At dawn. And this time, you WILL come. Do I make myself clear?

Tharja: Yes...we'll see about that. Hmm... I was lying about the curse, but how did he shake a cold so quickly? Heh... Maybe next time I WILL cast a hex...

Caravan Dancer



Chrom: Today we put an end to Validar and bring peace back to the land.

Camilla: The enemy has taken the field, milord.

Validar: Back so soon? It feels as though we've only just said our farewells...

Chrom: You are a poison. A festering wound. And I will do what my sister could not.

Validar: Such a clever tongue... But how clever will it remain once it's been removed?!

Reinforcements Appear, Pt. 1

Validar: Yes--draw closer! Charge at me with all your rage! More of my soldiers shall greet you at every foolish step.

Olivia Appears

Olivia: Milord, I have come! ...Am I too late?

Meeting Olivia


Olivia: I don't claim my dance as anything special, but... Khan Basilio says it renews the spirit!


Chrom: Er, Olivia? Is something wrong? You're staring at me...

Olivia: I am?! Ah, SORRY! I mean... Um... I think I left the campfire burning! ...Gotta go!

Chrom: No, wait! Olivia! ...Gods, I'm supposed to be the leader of Ylisse and commander of the army. But every time I try to talk to Olivia, it end in awkward silence... If I can't even talk to my friends properly, how am I going to rule my subjects?

Reinforcements Appear, Pt. 2

Validar: Clinging to your pathetic bonds will grant you pitiful maggots no solace... The boot of fate will come crashing down upon you no matter how you squirm!

Validar's Defeat


Validar: Come, princeling! I've prepared a special suffering just for you!

Chrom: My sister wished for our people to know peace, Validar. But as long as you draw breath, it can never come.


Validar: F-fool of...a prince... Your people care not for you... You are...alone...


Olivia: I'd like to go, too, if I may. The exalt did me a kindness once.

Chorm: She did?

Olivia: Y-yes, sire. It would honor me to have a part in giving her justice! Although all I can do is dance... And I'm not so skilled at that, if we're being honest...

Xander: Olivia is a Feroxi treasure. You will not meet a finer dancer in all the realms! Though she may be a bit overly modest, you would do well to bring her along.

Olivia: You're very kind. But I'm so clumsy, and there's still much that I have to learn.

Chrom: You're doing it again.

Olivia: Oh! S-sorry! I forgot--

Chrom: I do think it's great that you want to better yourself, though. I could take a page or two from your book when it comes to practicing swordplay!

Olivia: Oh, Chrom! Please! You're embarrassing me! I...I was hoping I'd be able to offer some kind of support through my dance... I...I look forward to working together!



(Part 1)

Corrin (F): Olivia?

Olivia: Lady Corrin?! Oh dear! Please stop looking at me!

Corrin (F): What in the world are you doing all the way out here?

Olivia: I...practice new dances in the woods. That way I can perfect them on my own... Gotta be ready for anything!

(Part 2)

Corrin (F): Olivia! It's the enemy!

Olivia: Please, you have to help me fight! We'll all die without you!


Olivia: I'm glad we all made it out alive!

Dance Practice

(Part 1)

Olivia: Well, I think that's enough dance practice for one night! I better get some sleep. Now to get back to camp...

Corrin (M): Oh!

(Part 2)

Olivia: OH!

Corrin (M): AHH!

Olivia: Lord Corrin, is that you? I thought you were an enemy spy!


Corrin (M): You like slipping off in the evening to practice your dances, don't you?

Olivia: What?! You haven't been watching me, have you?

Corrin (M): Would that be so bad?

Olivia: It's embarrassing! Next time you should at least announce yourself.

A Sound Thrashing

(Part 1)

Chrom: We must decide how to deal with this envoy. Olivia, will you meet with her?

Olivia: I believe I must. We gain nothing by refusing to see her.

Leo: Chrom, why don't we go lend them a hand?

Chrom: Are you feeling all right, Leo? It is unlike you to offer help without prompting.

Leo: A chance to put Hoshido in my debt? I'd be a fool to pass that up.

Chrom: I should have known you'd have an angle. What do you want to do, Marth?

Marth: I don't approve of Leo's motivations, but I agree with his methods.

(Part 2)

Chrom: Then that's what we'll do. Will you be all right on your own, Olivia?

Olivia: You're doing the right thing. I wouldn't dream of stopping you. I know those pirates are no match for your strength. Give them... Give them a sound thrashing!


Leo: Huh... You're starting to sound like one of us, aren't you?

Grow a Backbone

(Part 1)

Olivia: One more pirouette, aaaaaand... Hold for applause!

Xander: When you dance, you radiate a confidence I don't normally see.

Olivia: Oh...but... Aah, stop it! This is so embarrassing!

Xander: ...And when you stop, it all just falls away. Then you're a bashful mess. I want to see more of Olivia the Bold! If you won't do it on your own, I have no choice but to provide guidance.

(Part 2)

Olivia: Uhh...OK. What do I have to do?

Xander: Go to town, approach the first stranger you see, and make their acquaintance.

Olivia: Huh?! No way!


Xander: I know it seems like I'm pushing you into the deep end, but it's a proven method.

Olivia: B-b-but...

Xander: Don't give up on me already! I've put considerable effort into planning my aid. We cannot have all that effort go to waste now!

Olivia: I can't believe he's making me do this...