History Mode Guide - Shadow Elimination 6

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
The Interspace Lv. 41 Shadow Elimination None None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
4 Controlled, 4 Uncontrolled Swordmaster Robin
Target Enemy Captains
Mage (x2), Robin Shadows
Minor Enemy Captains
Archers, Mages, Sage, Sniper, Great Knight, Guardian Knight

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
15:00 2000 80%


Though an infinite horde of Robins may sound like a dream come true for Tharja, it will be a nightmare for you if you don't have some high-Resistance units guarding the base. A Pegasus Knight such as Caeda might seem like a good idea, but among the enemies assaulting the allied base will be Archers; if you can have one of your other units pre-emptively eliminate all Archers from the map then a Pegasus Knight is a solid choice for defending the base, but with how many other targets you're dealing with it may not be worth it. If you cannot deal with the Archers, then any physical attacker with access to healing magic such as Rowan or Corrin will suffice. There are only a scant few enemies on the map worth using magic on, and they can be dealt with by any sword user, so all of your controllable units should be using physical weapons.

At the start of the mission, a Summoner will appear and begin summoning weak enemies around your leader, but this is relatively harmless- in fact, they can be useful for racking up KOs or building up your Warrior Gauge, so consider the Summoner low-priority. The Rally Captains and Priests are less welcome, as they will power up and heal the Robins if they're not dealt with.

Check in on your base often, as the Robins and Mages can rip both the base and the commander to shreds if left unaccounted for, and the stray Archers and Great Knight can pose threats in their own right. Once all the summoning Mages and remaining shadows are eliminated, the enemy base will open and expose the real Robin. For some reason your allied commander will decide to attack, so have the unit previously assigned to guard the base escort the commander; the enemy is done attacking, so you can leave your base unattended as you focus your energy on slaying Robin.

Anna's Memento


  • Condition: Defeat 1,000 enemies
  • Location: NE Ruins


  • Condition: Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials
  • Location: SW Ruins