History Mode Guide - Shadow Elimination 1

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Castle Sol Lv. 50 Shadow Elimination None Swords
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
4 Controlled, 4 Uncontrolled Swordmaster Lissa
Target Enemy Captains
Mages (x2), Lissa Shadows
Minor Enemy Captains
Fighters, Soldiers, Mages

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
15:00 2000 80%


You are constrained to swords until you clear the mission with an S-Rank. There are many enemy Soldiers on the map, especially the eastern side, so Antitriangle is a recommended Attribute.

As with all Shadow Elimination missions, you will be harassed by shadow copies of the enemy commander. Thankfully, Lissa uses an axe and thus is disadvantaged against all of your sword users except any with Antitriangle. At least one of your units should stay behind at the allied base to defend it and the commander, preferably one who can use healing magic. Your other units should focus on capturing keeps and eliminating the Mages that produce shadow Lissas. Priests and Rally Captains will spawn periodically to heal the shadows or rally morale, and should be defeated quickly.

During the mission, a Villager will appear and request that you defeat many enemy troops. Completing this side mission will cause her to promote into a Pegasus Knight and defend the Allied Commander.

Anna's Memento


  • Condition: Defeat 1,000 enemies
  • Location: East Ballista


  • Condition: Defeat 75 enemies using Dual Specials
  • Location: East Hold