History Mode Guide - Pincer Escape 10

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Aytolis Castle Lv. 41 Pincer Escape None None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander Rogue Commander
4 Controlled, 2 Uncontrolled Warrior Lissa Tiki
Target Enemy Captains
Minor Enemy Captains
Archers, Wyvern Riders, Manaketes
Target Rogue Captains
Minor Rogue Captains
Archers, Wyvern Riders, Manaketes

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
15:00 2000 80%


Ideally, you want a sword unit to deal with the Wyvern Riders, perhaps wielding a sword with Dracoslayer to take out the Manaketes as well (but only if the weapon is powerful). Magic users are useful for handling the Manaketes to take advantage of their lower Resistance. Bow users are also great for shooting down the Wyvern Riders. Basically, you have loads of tools to work with.

From the start, Sakura will come in from the eastern side of the castle, near the Allied Base. You have plenty of time to dispatch a strong warrior to take her out. Likewise, Camilla will leave her position near the north-west corner of the map to fight your Allied Commander. Don't bother going to her, unless you're quick; let her come to you, then shoot her down with a bow user etc.

During the battle, a Villager will spawn near the Allied Commander. Successfully defeat a lot of enemies and he'll eventually Class Change to a Fighter to assist you. That said, he won't be particularly useful, so don't worry too much about him.

After Camilla falls, the enemy (red) base will open. From time to time, Manaketes will spawn by the enemy base and march towards your Allied Commander, going along the south-most route. Intercept the Manaketes with magic users or Dracoslayers and send a sword user after Lissa. A buffed Manakete will appear north of the enemy base and make preparations to assault the main base.

Once Sakura is gone, the rival (yellow) base will open. From here, Wyvern Riders will spawn occasionally and start heading towards your main base, via the Central Hall. A Fafnir may spawn towards the north-west corner of the map, near North Hall, and start to reclaim any captured forts.