History Mode Guide - Lesson in Love

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Castle Sol Lv. 62 Arena Triangle Amplification None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
2 Controlled N/A N/A

S Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
N/A 17 80%

Arena Enemies

Round Enemies Reward
1 Armored Knight Lv. 63, Swordmaster Lv. 62, Ryujin Lv. 62 1000
2 Master Rider lv. 65, Great Ryujin Lv. 63, Master Rider Lv. 63 2000
3 Cordelia Lv. 67, Falcon Knight Lv. 64, Great Ryujin Lv. 64 4000
4 Ryoma Lv. 65, Great Ryujin Lv. 65, Samurai Lv. 65 + Xander Lv. 69 8000
5 Oboro Lv. 67, Swordmaster Lv. 67, Swordmaster Lv. 67 + Elise Lv. 72 12,000
6 Chrom Lv. 72, Great Ryujin Lv. 72, Great Ryujin Lv. 72 + Corrin Lv. 82, Lucina Lv. 72 24,000


Between the large number of dragons and the stupidly-powerful Corrin faced in the final round, this mission is just asking to be battled with a Dracoslayer weapon; a sword user such as Chrom, Lucina, or Marth can defeat all the dragons easily without any weapon modifications, but a lance user with Dracoslayer applied to their weapon has a better advantage over the sword-users. Your second controllable character needs to be able to take on the fliers in the third round, so bows or axes are recommended; this is very important, because Cordelia will use medicine to heal. As with all Arena battles, the greatest danger is the foe healing faster than they can be hurt, so hitting her hard is essential. Bow users can eliminate Cordelia faster, but axe users have an advantage over Oboro in the next round.

Besides Cordelia's medicine, the reinforcements that arrive in the last two rounds will also affect the battle. Elise will rain lightning bolts upon the map, making the arena treacherous, while Corrin will rally everyone else's morale.