History Mode Guide - Gold Rush 1

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Kingswood Lv. 18 Gold Rush None None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
2 Controlled N/A N/A
Minor Enemy Captains
Outrealm Fiends, Oni Savages, Spear Fighters

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
N/A 2000 80%


Gold Rush missions behave almost identically to Timed Onslaught missions; the requirements for getting an S-Rank are the same, as is the general strategy to emply. The major difference is that in Gold Rush missions, you'll also be raking in large amounts of gold, especially by defeating enemy Transporters. You'll also receive sub-missions throughout the battle; first, a Villager will come under attack from a Wyvern Rider. Rescue her to earn 2,000 gold in thanks. Up next is a bounty on Hinoka's head; defeating her will earn you 3,000 gold. As you hit certain gold thresholds, Gold Transporter Halberdiers will begin to appear; each one drops 1,500 gold on defeat. A Ninja will also appear to steal gold, so eliminate him.