History Mode Guide - Celica's Chaos

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
The Interspace Lv. 64 Arena None Female
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
2 Controlled N/A N/A

S Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
N/A 17 80%

Arena Enemies

Round Enemies Reward
1 Manakete Lv. 65, Assassin Lv. 64, Mage Lv. 64 1000
2 Sage Lv. 67, Fafnir Lv. 65, Fafnir Lv. 65 2000
3 Darios Lv. 69, Fafnir Lv. 66, Assassin Lv. 66 4000
4 Tiki Lv. 67, Sage Lv. 67, Mage Lv. 67 + Marth Lv. 71 8000
5 Leo Lv. 69, Fafnir Lv. 69, Fafnir Lv. 69 + Celica Lv. 74 12000
6 Gharnef Lv. 74, Assassin Lv. 74, Assassin Lv. 74 + Velezark Lv. 84, Iago Lv. 74 24000


The final Arena map of the game pulls no punches. You're constrained to only women, but that's fine, as you have all you need in Lucina and Hinoka. Lucina can take on the huge amount of dragon enemies with her Falchion, and Hinoka can take on the enemy sword combatants. You should know the drill by now; reinforcements start coming in for the fourth round and beyond, and certain enemies trigger special effects in the arena. Darios, the medicine user, is the benchmark for whether you're strong enough to continue or not; if he regenerates his health faster than you can damage him, you're still too weak to do this mission. Celica rains down lightning upon the arena, and there does not seem to be any morale boosting captain this time.

That being said, the round six reinforcements are not a mistake; Velezark really will show up in the arena, and he's just as durable as ever, so prepare for a lengthy final fight if you want the large cash prize.