History Mode Guide - Arena 4

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Aytolis Castle Lv. 42 Arena None None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
2 Controlled N/A N/A

S Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
N/A 17 80%

Arena Enemies

Round Enemies Reward
1 Mage Lv. 42, Swordmaster Lv. 42, Archer Lv. 42 800
2 Sniper Lv. 45, Sage Lv. 43, Sage Lv. 43 1500
3 Marth Lv. 47, Swordmaster Lv. 44, Sage Lv. 44 3000
4 Corrin Lv. 45, Sage Lv. 45, Myrmidon Lv. 45 + Robin Lv. 49 6000
5 Xander Lv. 47, Sage Lv. 47, Sage Lv. 47+ Leo Lv. 52 9000
6 Validar Lv. 52, Assassin Lv. 52, Assassin Lv. 52 + Navarre Lv. 62, Niles Lv. 52 18,000


The foes here are primarily sword users and magic/bow users. Having a lance user is ideal, but if they're a Pegasus Knight, you have to keep them away from the bow users, which can be hard. Alternatively, you could field your own sword user or an axe user with Anti-triangle.

Starting from the 4th battle, additional enemies will appear as reinforcements. Leo will sporadically cast lightning bolts on the map, so watch your footing when fighting him. For the final battle, you'll be ambushed by Navarre and Niles who attempt to buff their allies.