History Mode Guide - Ally Rescue 9

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
The Interspace Lv. 50 Ally Rescue None Bows
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
4 Controlled, 2 Uncontrolled Warrior Tiki
Allied Captains
Swordmaster, Navarre, Lissa
Target Enemy Captains
Marth, Swordmaster, Fafnir
Minor Enemy Captains
Soldiers, Pegasus Knights, Myrmidons, Manaketes,

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
15:00 2000 80%


This mission will pose an immense challenge. As you are constrained to bows, you will likely only have Takumi and Sakura at your disposal. Defending three allied captains with only two units is an immense strain, and the map has a very nasty trap it will throw at you early on. It is highly recommended that Sakura have the Topsy-Turvy attribute on her bow at this point, else you will have little answer to the incredibly sturdy Manaketes scattered around the map; the Dracoslayer attribute is even more welcome, as it can eliminate Tiki swiftly as well. If you have access to Anna or DLC bow users, you'll have an easier time with this mission, but it is doable with just the two Hoshidans.

The allied Swordmaster will be attacked by Soldiers and the Fafnir, so he's the highest-priority target to defend. This is Sakura's time to shine if she has Topsy-Turvy, as she should be able to cut through all of them without too much trouble and can heal the Swordmaster if he gets hurt too much. However, you must be ready to pull Sakura back at a moment's notice due to events that will transpire soon- in fact, she may want to stay close to the allied base for now, capturing the proximity forts and letting the Swordmaster fend for himself. In the meantime, Takumi should be sent northeast to defend Lissa from the enemy Swordmaster; she has a weapon type disadvantage, so she won't last long. Navarre, meanwhile, can put up quite a fight against Marth and his posse, so he's the lowest-priority target.

Before long, the enemy will spring a trap; a trio of Fafnirs will appear in the northeast and advance south directly toward the allied base. If Sakura is still protecting the Swordmaster, give him a quick heal and then rush to the Fafnirs as fast as you can; with how much power they pack, if they even set foot in your base you'll lose the battle. As soon as the three of them fall, Sakura should head back to the Swordmaster if he's still in danger, or go assist Takumi otherwise. The allied base will not be attacked any more, so it's safe to go all-out on offense.

Once Lissa and the Swordmaster are both safe, you may as well unite Takumi and Sakura. Even though they're both bow users, the ability to switch between physical and magical damage mid-battle is a boon. Navarre should still be standing pretty strong, but either way it's now time to help him out (and heal him, if necessary). Once Marth falls the enemy base will open. If you have time to spare you may consider capturing the enemy forts to reduce their morale, but you need to hurry as the allied commander will launch an attack on Tiki; if he falls, the mission is failed, so make sure he's not left alone against her for long.

Anna's Memento


  • Condition: Defeat 1,000 enemies
  • Location: E Wastes fort


  • Condition: Defeat 75 enemies with Dual Specials
  • Location: S Outrealm Fort