History Mode Guide - A Slippery Axe

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
The Interspace Lv. 60 Targeted Elimination None Fates Heroes
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
4 Controlled Swordmaster Celica
Allied Captains
Lissa, Fighter
Target Enemy Captains
Tiki, Elise, Camilla
Minor Enemy Captains
Wyvern Riders, Manaketes, Mages

S Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
15:00 2000 80%


With Wyvern Riders and Manaketes aplenty, a Dracoslayer would be very good right now, though it does not naturally occur on any of the Fates Heroes' preferred weapons. If you do not have one, your best options are bows and magic. You'll also need a solid physical weapon to deal with the Mages, and you may want Hinoka for eliminating Celica.

Regardless of how you decide your team, be prepared to defend your home base. Elise and Camilla will arrive in it very shortly after the mission starts, and Tiki will begin a long march to it as well. A whole bunch of Wyvern Riders and a couple of Mages will accompany them, so be prepared to unleash those Dual Specials. A Fortifier Captain will also appear in the north and try to fortify the nearest base, but it's unlikely you'll have the spare manpower to deal with that given the three captains attacking your base.

Once all three captains are dead, Celica will open her base. Some of the surrounding enemies will advance on the Allied Base, and two Warriors will spawn to go after the Allied Commander. Your allies, Lissa and her Fighter, will also advance on Celica, but don't expect them to accomplish much.